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I Tackled the ER…

Once again, I have no housework projects to show off.

(Although this weekend my hubby and I did tidy the house and get it back under control before our cleaning lady came. Woohoo! Please don’t look down on me because I have a cleaning lady! For years I refused to do it. I hate to think that I am spending money on something we can do ourselves. But this last year it just got too hard to get everything done. So I now have a lady come in for a few hours twice a month for the bathrooms, vacuuming, etc. I still have to clean in between her visits – I wish I could afford her every week – but it is so wonderful to have that help! I would rather spend $60 on my house getting cleaned than on going out for dinner. I loathe cleaning!)

Today, I spent the entire day in the ER waiting to get an ultrasound – which turned out fantastic! My baby is alive and I am reeling with excitement!

So I don’t have any tackle projects to show off. But I am pretty sure you will all forgive me. 😉

PS – For those of you who read my post earlier – I did go to bed. I was so tired I literally felt like I was going to have a panic attack! But I only slept for an hour and then I woke up. So I read Jackson his bedtime stories and ate some dinner. I will rest for while on the couch now and then I will attempt to go back to sleep.

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  1. says

    Not only do I not look down on you, I am totally jealous of you! I wish that I could have someone come in and do those things at our house too. I have health problems, and I say, do what works for you and don’t worry about what works for other people! :)

    Glad to hear the baby is alive!!

  2. says

    Hi Janice

    Thank God your baby is okay! Wow – what a scare.

    I also have a lady in to clean once a week. Then again, here in South Africa, it is custom and I am frowned upon because I only have her once a week. Strange!

    I say, do whatever works for you. I also do without other things (less eating out) to have her because I hate, hate, hate ironing!!! I don’t mind kitchens and bathrooms but the ironing….no, thank you!

    Strange – I’m actually blogging a system I use for my cleaning lady tomorrow for WFMW.

    Have a great day!

  3. says

    I would be jealous of the cleaning lady, but honestly my house is such a mess I wouldn’t let her in the door if she *did* show up here! Hehe

    WOOHOO for little fluttering heartbeats – and here’s hoping the dr’s visit is just to tell you to eat more stuff with iron or something like that. I hate how the messages they leave are so cryptic – would it kill them to say “Hey, things are okay, but we want to talk about your iron levels – can you come in?” I mean, seriously. They’re stressing out pregnant women with these messages, they should know better! 😛

  4. says

    Jumping up and down here for you an the baby! Who cares about a cleaning lady? We got more important things to talk about! (although, I would do it too!)
    You should rail just a tiny litte bit to your ob-gyn desk people/nurses/dr about the criptic message… or maybe just call her house and leave an equally cryptic message… hmmm Maybe something along the lines of “Hello, this is Janice at my home, I’m just calling to ask you to have the stirrups warm on Wednesday…” or something… I’ll work on that! :) for you and @ for the baby

  5. says

    Janice, that’s great news about the baby! I’m so pleased and I’ll keep on praying until we hear that the little one is here and safe in your arms!

  6. says

    Praise God!! I am so happy all is well with the baby!! I am taking a break from bloggin this week, but will still read others and comment.

    Have a great Tuesday!

  7. says

    Janice, I am so happy about the baby! Please try and get some rest. You sound so stressed and now I’m worried about you. I have a “confession” to make. I have a cleaning lady coming for the first time this Thursday. I just couldn’t handle it all anymore. I swore I would never do this, but the stress got to me. I’m only having her once a month (wish I could afford more), but at least it will give me some breathing room. She can do some general cleaning and it will allow me to focus on more detailed stuff.
    Take care of you and you and your little one will remain in my prayers.

  8. says

    You were on my mind most all day yesterday (when I wasn’t tackling the kids’ rooms, that is!). Thank goodness your baby IS.

    This is the first time I have participated in a Tackle It Tuesday, and I am STOKED!!

    BTW – none of us looks down on you for having a cleaning lady :-)

  9. says

    I’m so glad to hear your sweet babe is OK. Take it easy today!

    I cleaned houses for a few years. Its not necessary to pick up before she comes. Save your energy for something else. I looked into getting someone to help me last spring. Your $60 is bargain. The quotes I got were in the $200 range for a 4 bedroom, 2 bath house. My husband said to do it but that’s just crazy.

  10. says

    I don’t have a tackle to show for this week either. However, I’m glad your tackle at the ER proved to be one where you saw the baby’s heartbeat. :0)

    It’s nice that you can have a cleaning lady come in and do some work.

  11. says

    Oh, I am so sorry you are going through such a trial. So glad to hear the great news–

    I will keep you in my prayers, we all will!

    And, never, that’s NEVER apologize for doing something so wise as having a cleaning lady! It is a gift to your entire household….AND to us! You have your readers to attend to! Forget those dust bunnies–they could never appreciate you like we do!

    :) Diane

  12. says

    Hello! I don’t have a tackle today but wanted to stop in and say how much I’m praying for the life that grows inside of you.
    PS: I also have a cleaning lady every couple of weeks and it is worth every penny!!

  13. says

    Oh Janice, we are soooo the same! For the longest time I resisted hiring a cleaner but it got to the point when I had to hire for my own mental health and sanity. We too have her come twice a month for a few hours, and I too have to clean in between (and clear up for her because sometimes clutter gets out of hand)…but it’s the best $180 we spend. I too wish she can come every week…but I am thankful for what we can afford right now. So…with this encouragement…go back to bed and have some more rest :)
    P.S. I still have not written my Tackle It Tuesday…would Tackling Anxiety count?

  14. says

    I’m not a “tackle it” participant, unless wrestling my boys to the ground counts, but am jumping up and down in excitement of your news that the baby is alive! BTW I think you’re tackling plenty at the moment…rest.

  15. says

    Wonderful news about your baby! I am so happy for you and your family. We will all be sending you positive thoughts for your Dr. appt. tomorrow and rest of your pregnancy.

    And TOTALLY don’t feel bad about having a cleaning lady. I’ve had one for a while now — same thing, twice a month. I just hate to clean! And she does such a better job than I ever would! There is nothing better than a spotlessly clean house — especially when you didn’t have to clean it yourself — so it is definitely worth the money for me, as well!

  16. says

    Thank God – Praise him! How wonderful – I find myself jumping for joy for you! I have been reading – though find time to post non- constant – but your in my constant prayers!

  17. says

    Oh Janice how wonderful! I understand those words so completely and I’m so glad ! The energy will come just continue to take care of yourself and the little life inside you.
    I want a cleaning lady (whine)

  18. says

    I am sooo happy to hear that you and the baby are doing well. PTL!!!

    Sorry about the double Mikki’s. The first one was an oops of the wrong url.

  19. says

    First – we’re very happy to know your child is okay. Second – about the cleaning lady – we’re all aboard for that.
    My wife likes to keep things, well, rather neat, and she made it clear that if she’s going to spend nine months working on a child, we can spend a few dollars to make sure the house is still clean.

    Beats me doing toilets – so it’s a win-win for both of us!

  20. says

    I am so glad everything looks good on the ultrasound. I will continue to pray for you…it’s so scary not knowing in between doctor visits. I am so happy that the unknown was so great for you! Don’t ever feel guilty about a cleaning lady. Sometimes we all need a helping hand!

  21. says

    Praise and glory be!!! I’m so happy!! The prayers will keep coming. As a matter of fact, I found myself praying for you several times today. I’m glad you have a cleaning lady! More power to you for getting help where you need it. You’ll especially need her now while you need to rest. I agree with you on the preference of that over dinner out! Right on!

  22. says

    I just wanted to say how happy I am to read this update. I wish you and your baby all the best. Take care!

    Good for you for hiring the cleaning lady–wish we could swing it!

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