Fridays actually depress me…

FridaysAm I the only one who gets depressed when faced with a Friday?

I remember when I lived as Dilbert in a cubicle and counted down the days and minutes until Friday afternoon released me. I couldn’t wait for Friday. I lived for the weekends.

But now, it’s all very, very different.

Now I work at home and run online businesses.

My girls are content in their activities during the weekdays and I have help with childcare. We have a weekly routine that flows quite well.

But still there isn’t enough time in each day and the week rips by like an obnoxious teenage driver.

And I’m left reeling on Friday by a sense of failure from a to-do list that never got tackled.

Monday’s high hopes for huge productive leaps forward have disappeared and another week is gone. And I feel like I’m a week older, my girls are a week older, and I don’t have enough to show for it. Not enough work done and not enough time treasured with them.

I try to push away those defeating thoughts and get excited about spending my weekend days with my girls, but I’m still nagged by the work I never completed.

I’m sorry if I sound depressing and like I’m complaining about my wonderful, blessed life. I don’t mean to… I am profoundly thankful. But still, I battle these feelings as the week ends.

Do any other moms feel like this?

~ Susan
While much of my time is spent on fun social media stuff here at 5 Minutes for Mom, I also own two e-commerce stores Pedal Cars and Retro and A Rocking Horse To Love.


  1. says

    Ok Sue, that was a bit depressing :) But I do agree with you. I always get this looming sense on Friday that I still have so much on my to do list that needs to get done and I know they won’t get done on the weekend. I can try but it seems the weekends are filled with other family stuff.

    Also, like you said, the girls and I have a routine during the week. We have our schedules and it works for us. But then the weekend comes, daddy is home during the day, and our schedule gets thrown out the window. Monday ends up being a detox day and “get back on the schedule” day.

    My five day work week ends up being four. And heaven help me when it’s a long holiday weekend!!!

  2. says

    I’m just so glad to hear someone else say that!
    I thought it was just me–I thought everyone else looks forward to the weekends!
    I totally struggle with schedule on the weekend (or the lack of a schedule).
    And then I’m discouraged this weekend because for a month I’ve planned a special outdoor activity for the kids, Dad, their cousin, and Aunt & Uncle on Saturday, and now there is an 90% chance of “precipitation.” :-(
    And I’m sure pregnancy hormones are a factor for me as well. LOL!

  3. says

    I love Fridays because it is the end of my week! Since I homeschool and have all my kids with me 24/7 (which I don’t mind), I look forward to the weekends when my husband is home too and there are two more arms to help me manage all 7 kiddos. We also try to do really fun stuff on the weekends so I look forward to relaxing and just hanging out!

  4. says

    I really try to let go of all the stuff I didn’t get done but I do know what you mean. I LOVE the weekend but I don’t love looking around at my still nasty house and the endless list of things I still need to do. I just to try to free my mind and enjoy my time.

  5. says

    Friday’s are a bit overwhelming for me too. I work for myself and have two little ones at home and a husband who works a wacky schedule so when Friday gets here I look at all the work left to get done and I get frustrated! So I hear you and although I do look forward to my weekend, I sometimes don’t care for Friday :)

  6. Mommy of 4 says

    I am with you sister. During the week the oldest 17 is off to school while I homeschool the 9yr old and watch my youngest 2-27mo & 10 mo. Our homeschool program takes up most of the day and keeping up with the little 2, one of which is potty training. Then with extracurriculars and appointments we stay running. I do good to keep the house and the kids clean during the week so when the weekend comes it is time for everything I couldn’t make time for during the week. My hubby is an owner-operator truck driver so my life is basically like a single mother of 4 with 5 acres to take care of, 4 kiddo’s, the dog, the donkey and the I do love having such a productive and busy life though. Don’t know what I would do with…what is it called…spare time. 😀

  7. says

    Yes, yes jumping up and down!!!
    I’m with you Susan. It’s almost like having a completely different shift. The week runs really smoothly but the weekend is just a hodge podge of more activities and housework. It’s all those things we didn’t get to during the week.

  8. says

    You’re so right! For me the Friday is the milestone of what I did (or did NOT) get crossed off my list.

    And on the other side, whereas Mondays used to be the awful return to reality, now I see Mondays as fresh and new and full of hope (that I actually WILL accomplish something that week).

  9. says

    I’ve started making my to do list on Tuesdays, so that way I can use my beginning of the week energy to knock a few more things off of it! Whatever I can do to make myself feel more productive, I’m all for it. :)

  10. says

    Thank you Ladies!!!

    I’m so relieved to hear I’m not the only one who feels that way.

    Trish, what a fabulous idea! I just might try that.

  11. says

    yes, though my depressed days are either Saturday or Sunday night, because I have so much homeschool planning, plus planning for a class I teach on Tuesday and then cleaning for company we have every Sun. night…and the usual stuff, I never get all the planning done for a perfect homeschool week, so I am feeling depressed that I am doing so much winging it…

    I keep trying,

    tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it…
    and God makes everything new…

  12. says

    I like Fridays pretty well. Like Happy, it’s nice to be at the end of the homeschooling week and look forward to an evening at home with all my boys.

    Plus, I’ve been playing a little game with myself (so far…hopefully people will start playing along with me) on my blog. Every Friday I put up a funny post. If nothing else I’ve enjoyed giggling to myself over them.

    Hopefully it’ll brighten someone else’s day too. This coming week’s post is already half done and definitely worthy of some chuckles.

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