Are You Teaching Your Kids To Count To Five?

Yesterday Julia and I were watching a Signing Time video (the 6th in the series) and they had a clever song about eating your “5 Fruits a Day”.

My first thought was what a cute song and then I started to think hmmm… we should probably start teaching Jackson to count up the number of fruits and veggies he eats in a day. I think it would be a fun way to help encourage him to eat healthily.

I went and checked out the website and noticed all the fun tools they have to help teach kids about nutrition.

It also made me think of the samples of FruitaBu organic fruit flats that we were sent to test recently. They’ve been designed with kids in mind. They’ve got a fun name – FruitaBu Organic Smoooshed Fruit – and fun packaging that attracts kids attention.

I’m happy to see that some companies and even the government are starting to make positive marketing decisions to help promote health for our children.


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    Thanks for the great post. That’s one of the reasons we carry all the Signing Time products. They do a great job of teaching kids about healthy living, exercise, fruits, vegetables. Our little girl loves her veggies because she can sign them, sing songs about them and it sure makes it easier for us to introduce new foods to her. Great information and thanks for the 5aday reference.


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    What a great idea! I can see a chart or game (wink) being developed in our home in the near future. I LOVE Signing Time videos. We just have the Baby Signing Time and keep saying we have to purchase the regular Signing Time videos for our girls. Soon . . . soon . . . soon! :0)

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    Susan, thanks for noticing! As a mom, when I write songs for Signing Time I always try to incorporate postive habits and behaviors. I am always thinking, “What messages do I want MY kids to hear?” And it’s a pretty safe bet that other parents would prefer having television support their family in things like eating right, asking to be excused from the table, setting the table, helping around the house and being kind to others. You can count on Signing Time continuing to include such messages.

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