Wordless Wednesday –Where Has All the Candy Gone???


Could this stash be gone already???

Are your kids’ Halloween candy stashes disappearing yet? Have you helped the pile get a little smaller?

What is your post-Halloween plan to deal with all the candy? Do you throw some of it out? Do you “help” by eating some of it too? Or do your kids hoard it away for weeks and weeks?

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Written by Janice, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom.


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    The candies with peanut / peanut butter were swiftly consumed by Dad (we have one with an allergy). Most of the other chocolate was swiped by Mom. The rest is ….you know what? I have no idea.

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    I was very proud of myself and did not make a single dent in my kid’s stash. Instead, I brought them to work the next day. As for my kiddo, I let him pick out four candies (he’s four), so he can have one each day. By the third day he already forgot all about it (so yes, there is an extra Hersheys candy in my cupboard should I *really* need a fix!).

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    The candy fairy comes to our house a week after Halloween (or Easter or 4th of July) and takes the candy to feed her babies. She leaves behind a little toy, the kids are more excited about her coming than eating the candy!

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