Wordless Wednesday — Heading to Grade Two


“Can’t catch me!” — Trying to get a shot of my 2nd grader.

Now it’s your turn…

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Written by Janice.
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    I love your “can’t catch me” caption – his expression says it all! :)

    Mine is also first day of school related this year – first and third grade for us. And preschool for Becca next week – can’t believe it!

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    Congrats to your 2nd grader. My lil’ guy goes back to school tomorrow. We are very excited for k4. Great teachers and some friends from last year are in his class. Happy WW and take care.

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    Awesome! I love first-day-of-school photos! :) Ours have to wear uniforms … I wish I could send them to school all dressed in clothes that reflect their personalities! That’s a great photo!!

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    He is very cute! I have a third grader, so I know about catching those pics! LOL! Anyway, I am playing along, but my blog is private. Would love to add you as a reader! Just email me!


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