Podcast with Alex Kendrick, Writer and Director of Fireproof

Can I be honest with you?

I am not the wife I want to be.

Being a loving, empathetic, forgiving wife is incredibly hard for me. Mothering comes naturally to me. Yes, I lose my temper, I loathe housework and I have never even made a batch of playdough, but loving and forgiving my children is easy. It is what I do best.

Offering that same grace to my husband, however, is much more difficult. I seem to hold him to a higher standard than I do for the rest of the world.

It is maddening! I am huge giver of grace. I preach it baby! I love to offer people mercy. But when it comes to my husband, my perfectionism takes over, and I often become a critical, nagging wife.

So, when I watched Fireproof and interviewed Kirk Cameron about his starring role in this beautiful movie about saving a marriage, I was beyond inspired. I was challenged. I wanted to learn more.

Fortunately, I can delve deeper into the issues and lessons from Fireproof through the teaching materials that couples can use to transform their own marriages, such as The Love Dare book and The Love Dare Bible Study.

I got the opportunity to interview Alex Kendrick, co-author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller, The Love Dare, and director and co-writer of Sherwood Picture’s hit film Fireproof, which stars Kirk Cameron.

Talking with Alex, I could sense his passion for the healing message of Christ. It was one of most inspiring interviews I have ever done. You can listen to our recorded podcast by clicking on the link at the bottom of this post.

I can’t even begin to communicate to you how strongly I feel about Fireproof and the available Love Dare resources — they can help heal and save marriages!

love-dare-bible-study-leaders-kitLifeWay has developed The Love Dare Bible Study and The Love Dare Bible Study – Leader Kit to help couples enrich their marriages.

And now, Alex and Stephan Kendrick’s newest book, The Love Dare Day by Day: A Year of Devotions for Couples, which Alex tells me about in our interview, is available!

If you want to infuse your marriage with forgiveness and passion, I cannot more highly recommend Fireproof and The Love Dare materials.

I hope you are as inspired as I am to take the message of Fireproof to heart and allow God to transform your marriage into a union of grace and unconditional love.

Please click on the arrow below to listen to the inspiring podcast with Alex Kendrick.


LifeWay provided a review copy of The Love Dare Bible Study Leaders Kit.


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    I liked this post. I wished my parents would have had the chance to see the movie and read the book before they got separated. I am a preacher’s kid (PK) and it is double standard when the divorce rates are higher in the church when compared to the world. How can we tell other people to be loving when we struggle so much to demonstrate love with each other.

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    I LOVED Fireproof. We actually did a series and small groups on it at our church. I think ALOT of churches did their own spin on it. But it’s a WONDERFUL resource for anyone who is married or even thinking about marriage.

    It’s crazy how the enemy will use husband and wife against each other without us even realizing what’s happening. And before you know it.. POOF there’s nothing left of your marriage but ashes.

    Grace and forgiveness ARE sometimes hard to give to our husbands. Because sometimes they are just Buttheads. I have to remind myself Very Often that Right + Rude = Wrong and completely defeats the whole purpose of Grace.

    In the words of MJ “You are not alone”

    I could tell you an incredible story of how God chose to Enlighten me on Grace and Forgiveness specifically towards my husband but it would be Way Too Long and I’m now trying to write a monologue in your comments 😉

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    I’ve watching this film and it’s so inspired. And there is supprise story at the end. His father make a conffession about his life with his wife.

    This film trully inspired me to love my wife forever and long time.

    Thank you for your review 😉

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