There’s no Madison in Italy.

Best Friends Julia and Madison

Tonight Julia wept. She’s heartbroken that she won’t see her best friend Madison for 3 weeks while we are on our family vacation in Italy.

The sting of the 3 week separation has been heightened because for the last few days I’ve kept them apart since Madison had a cold and I didn’t want Julia to get sick before we had to fly.

Julia desperately wants to play with her beloved Madison and the thought of not seeing her for such a long time was more than she could bear tonight. As she lay on the couch and we talked, she suddenly thought of Madison and burst into tears.

Her tears were not from a tantrum or rage over a stolen toy, her tears were sincere sadness over missing her precious friend that she loves dearly.

As I stroked her head and told her about all the wonderful things we’d see in Italy, she looked at me and said, “But there’s no Madison in Italy.”

(She’s soundly sleeping now and I know tomorrow when she’s not so tired, she’ll again be excited that she only has one more sleep before our trip.)


  1. says

    Yes, Carrie. She is sooooo sweet. She truly loves her friends.

    And to make her feel better we talked about what gift we could buy for Madison in Venice. She got all excited about bringing her back a purple lollipop.

    Apparently, a lollipop is the BEST gift in the world!

    And she plans to buy a black lollipop for Madison’s Daddy, a purple one for Madison and pink ones for Madison’s Mommy and her little sister Avery.

    I REALLY hope Venice has some kicking lollipops!!!

  2. Julie says

    So sweet. Of course when Madison and Julia are the subject of your writing I am very interested! I love the picture and the way you tell this story brings tears to my eyes when I remember my little friends and know that Madison and Julia really do love each other as a staple and positive part of each others lives. So sweet!

  3. says

    Julia is a precious little girl with a gigantic heart filled with love. Can’t wait for her to get home and see Madison and she hasn’t even left yet. lol

  4. says

    It’s so hard to leave your best friend! What a fantastic picture of the two girls, hopefully Julia will be happy with a print of it to look at whenever she misses Madison…

    Have a wonderful trip.

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