A rather profound 3 yr old Sunday School lesson…

Last Sunday I volunteered to help with the 3 year old Sunday School class… but I think it was ME that learned the most.

The message we were to share with the children was:

“God wants us to make the right choices.”

Perhaps it was because last Sunday I was coming fresh off of making a couple of not-so-right choices, but this message knocked me over with it’s simplicity.

Really isn’t that was life is all about? A series of choices… and we make good or bad choices and then we live with the results.

As a parent, I desperately want my girls to make the right choices — today, tomorrow and every day after. And when I think about that, something else comes so clear…

I still love my girls the same immeasurable amount whether or not they make good choices. And I think that is the most amazing part of the message… God wants us to make the right choices, but He loves us the same whether or not we do.

When I stop and think about that, it blows my mind.

Written by Susan, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom
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  1. says

    Oh wow! God has been talking to me about choices today – I think. And this just serves as confirmation. Thank you so much.

  2. DebbiesDigest says

    Great post! Soooo True. Modeling making right choices and helping our children learn to do that is challenging. Thanks for the simple, yet hard to carry out, reminder.

  3. carmeno says

    my four year old and I had this conversation this week:
    Son: mom, junionr asparagus lied. and he got a really big fib
    me: Really? That was a bad choice, wasn't it?
    Son: yeah
    Me: what would have been a good choice for him?
    Song: um………..(lots of thought)…………catching frogs and lizards.

    not quite what I had in mind. lol

  4. says

    Yes, we love them the same no matter what. But didn't our heart ache if they made the wrong choice and we had to discipline them for it? I never liked putting my kids in time out or taking a privilege away, and I know that they didn't either, lol!

  5. jackieashton says

    so true. and one of the most amazing things about the unconditional parent-child love. your parents might be the only people in the world who will truly love you, no matter what you do.

    and thank goodness for that! ; )

  6. dewhoz says

    He loves it so much when we respond. And made in His image, we love response too. Guess that's why He gave us our own will, our ability to choose. So He can enjoy who He made us to be.

    Our choice ability is more about diversity and difference though …. what moves Him is the motive behind our choices.

  7. sarahhub says

    I volunteered at VBS, and I think I learned more than the kids!

    It is amazing that God loves and cherishes us, despite any choices we make!