Win your very own Epson Stylus NX515 all-in-one printer!

I think one of the biggest “must-haves” for any family, and especially for stay-at-home-moms, is a good all-in-one printer! We use ours all the time and would be lost without it. I actually had to go a few weeks this summer without my all-in-one after a big storm fried mine. Those long few weeks made me realize how much we truly rely on our all-in-one printer!!!

From making copies of paperwork for school to printing pictures to send to grandma and grandpa, the all-in-one printers have dozens of uses. Sure, you could always do your printing, copying, and faxing at the library or a copy store, but if you’ve ever tried to do that with kids in tote you know how much of a hassle that is! And, with all-in-one printers being so affordable these days, why not have all those capabilities right in your own home?

Recently I had the chance to try out the new Epson Stylus NX515 and absolutely loved it!

The Epson Stylus NX515 was so easy to set-up. In a matter of minutes I was connected and printing. And the printing — SUPER FAST! Even my impatient daughter appreciated the printing speed when I was printing pictures for her to color from her favorite websites.

I was especially impressed with the quality of the prints it produced. The DURABrite Ultra Ink produces crisp documents and vibrant photos. Because the ink instantly dries I was able to take my photos from printer to frame without waiting and without fear of smudging. You can even run your prints under water and the ink won’t smudge! I tried it….it didn’t smudge!!!

The Epson Stylus NX515 also features:

  • A large 2.5″ LCD screen
  • Up to 5760 x 1440 optimized printing dpi & 2400 dip scanning
  • Superior photo printing from memory cards and digital cameras
  • BorderFree photo printing in 4″x6″, 5″x7″ and letter sizes
  • Scan documents and photos directly to email
  • Edit and enhance photos without needing a computer – This is a very cool feature! Not only does it correct red eye with one click but it also adjusts the exposure of the photo and can distinguish people from the scenery, ultimately giving you the best print of your photo!!!
  • Acrosoft Print Creations software for creating personalized greeting cards, invitations, calendars, etc.
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems

All of those features are really great but my absolute favorite feature is how you connect to the printer. The Epson Stylus NX515 offers three connection options: Ethernet, USB 2.0, and Wireless. Yes, WIRELESS!!!

With the Epson Stylus NX515‘s built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, your printer is capable of connecting to your home network, allowing you access to all of your printer’s functions without actually connecting your printer to your computer. This is a huge feature for my house because, with my laptop, I am rarely near my printer when I actually need to print something. My husband and I can both access the printer from our laptops without waiting for the other to unplug and I can keep the printer safely hidden away from my toddler’s curious fingers!

I was surprised at how compact the printer actually was, as I remember not too long ago having a huge printer taking up most of the space on my desk, and was even more surprised at the price. Remember before when I mentioned how affordable these all-in-one printers are now? Well, the Epson Stylus NX515, with all of it’s great features, is amazingly affordable!!! The Stylus NX series offers four different printer options ranging from the entry-level NX115 at $69.99 to the extremely fast flagship NX515 at $149.99. Why the different printer levels? Because everyone’s printing needs are a little different. Realizing this, Epson wanted to offer affordable and quality all-in-one printers that would fit anyone’s needs and budgets!

All this to say, I am very impressed and very pleased with the Epson Stylus NX515. It offers quality prints and copies and an unbeatable price!!! This is definitely a Back To School item you must have!

As part of our Back To School Giveaway event, Epson is giving away a Stylus NX515 (retail value of $149.99) to one of our lucky readers! What an amazing way to start off the school year than with a brand new all-in-one printer! Thank you so much Epson!!!

This giveaway is part of our 2009 Back To School Giveaway Event. Simply leave a comment on this post to enter (US addresses only please) and, please, be sure to read our Back To School Giveaway rules.

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Written by 5 Minutes for Mom Contributing Editor: Stacey Lynn


  1. traymona says

    When my harddrive died, so did my printer. But my printer was nowhere as nifty as this printer.

  2. brandy3 says

    i need a printer for my office, this would be so great and very helpful with school work

  3. carlyncanady says


    Sorry … that was a little too much like Donkey from Shrek. But I would like to win a printer!

  4. Fran Welch says

    This printer looks good, especially since my current one is ready to start collecting retirement benefits.

  5. degood says

    I would love to win this printer for my kids computer. I hate that they always want to use mine but never seem to copy the right files or whatever to their thumb drive. It would be good to have a printer on their machine also.

  6. says

    I'm in the process of trying to decided which all in one printer I would like to purchase. I just can't decide. Please enter me to win.

  7. says

    We really need a new printer in this house – and the wireless feature would be amazing! Thanks for the chance!

  8. Alicia Webster says

    We don't have a printer, which is a bummer, since it seems that most of the companies that I like only offer online coupons instead of print coupons. I miss out on a lot of savings.
    Alicia Webster

  9. LittleLlamas says

    would love this printer! I also subscribed through google reader! (hope that counts aas another entry!)

  10. Tracey says

    This sounds and looks like an fantastic printer. The scan documents and photos directly to email feature really stands out.

  11. margaretsmith says

    This printer sounds wonderful. Would love to replace the cheap printer that we have. Thanks.

  12. says

    2 Teenagers in High School, 1 in college and a 23 year old living here at home, plus me who often works from home (besides the office) a reliable, sturdy all in one printer is needed in this house to keep up with all we do around here.

    Thank you for the opportunity :)

  13. Vicky H. says

    I'd love to win this. My sister has been going on a photo craze, and this would be very handy for her.

  14. randi says

    What a fantastic giveaway! Perfect to send off to college with our son. Wait a minute, we'll keep this one & send our old one with him!

  15. tally2525 says

    i would love to win this- I am planning on making a ton of decorations for my daughters birthday party and really need a new printer so the images look good- mine is horrible !!

  16. jessicahogan28 says

    I love this printer and it would absolutely what I am looking for in a printer. I already subscribe to your blog and look forward to continuing to read it. Have a great weekend!

  17. says

    I would love to win this and give it to my mom for her birthday because our printer is on the fritz right now and that makes it really hard for her to get her homeschool stuff ready for school when she starts again.

  18. says

    I'm having a hard time leaving a comment. I'm trying again. I subscribe to your feed and your newsletter. I'm also a facebook fan and follow on twitter.

  19. Pamela Callahan says

    I love that this has the screen so you can see what you are printin – You can save a lot of wasted printer ink that way!

  20. jeannilyne says

    I had a nice Epson printer (not quite as nice as this one tho') that I gave to a friend who is starting nursing school and will be doing a lot of studying from home. I felt she needed a printer more than I did. So right now I'm printer-less and a bit lost, although I had planned on picking up a cheapie to get me through the beginning of next month.

  21. sue14625 says

    my printer is old and only black ink works and is not wireless i have heard many good things about the Epson line of Printers

  22. Carol G says

    My daughter could really use a new printer–right now, they have to come over here to use mine!

  23. txgiggles45 says

    I've had 2 printers in my computer lifetime and neither one worked more than a couple times and then they never worked again! It would be great to have a printer! Thank you for the contest!

  24. Deborah R says

    I definately need an all-in-one printer! My current printer doesn't do photos at all well.

  25. Marilyn says

    We have a printer that we use all the time but we could use one that does photos that easily. Please include me in the drawing!

  26. Marilyn says

    I would love to win this printer- we have one but it doesn't do photos this easily. This one looks great!

  27. says

    I need a new printer all in one. I'll have to check this out. I want one with individual ink cartridges so I can change colors as needed. Thanks for a great review!

  28. sweetsue says

    With three computers in our household a wireless would be great! I love how it has an lcd screen too!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  29. freshgirl says

    We do a lot of printing around here, so that would be a great thing to have! thanks for the chance!

  30. housequeen says

    I would love to win this printer. Mine has been torn up for awhile and I need one bad especially to print coupons since we desperately need to save money now!

  31. RachelJenaye says

    This would be nice to have. Our printer isn't working properly right now, and with school starting here soon, we kind of need a printer to get things ready for it.

  32. Janice J says

    I really need a new printer, mine hasn't worked
    for months now, thanks for the great giveaway!

  33. cathief says

    This would be just perfect for us as my daughter in law is now living with us and she always has to come to my computer if she needs anything printed or scanned. Thank you so much for the chance to win one

  34. juau4 says

    This amazing Epson Printer is just the ticket to a successful school year!
    Love that it's wireless!

  35. Nancy says

    Oh Lord do I need this right now! Unfortunately we're without a printer right now, and finances are tight enough to make buying one not possible for awhile.

    Thanks for the opportunity to let me win this one!

  36. her5boys says

    We are printer-less at the moment and this looks like it has a lot of nice features..please enter me to win it!

  37. mckim says

    We currently have an Epson printer, which has been great. It is several years old, and is finally wearing out. Each time we've upgraded computers we haven't been able to afford to upgrade printers also. Our scanner recently quit working, so this would be great to win!

  38. MrsWW says

    I've been without a printer for almost a year & a half & I sure do miss it! Please count me in.

  39. tammerafranks says

    oh my goodness, I am in dyer need of a new printer. I do the church bulletins every week and my printer quit. I am borrowing one right now because I have not found one that I really like. Until now. This printer sounds wonderful. And just what I need. As it is a scanner too. My scanner that I have is for windows 98 (if that tells you anything) lol It took me for ever to find a driver update for it. But it would just be awesome to have an all in one.
    And what, you can edit and enhance photos without a computer. WOW!!!

  40. Robert Lockwood says

    could really use a printer upgrade. have a epson stylus photo 875DCS printer that epson no longer upgrades drivers. should have gotten the cheaper model, that one they support.

  41. says

    I don't see my first post on the list, so I'll enter it again. I'd love to win this so I can have a way to link my laptop to my home network. Our current printer does not have wifi connectivity so I have to use a cord to hook up to the printer every time I need to print anything… what a pain in the rear that is.

  42. Patti J says

    This printer sounds amazing. A fabulous printer is #1 on my wish list right now – I would be overjoyed if I won this!

  43. cag1125 says

    This looks like a really nice printer. I would love to use this at home or in my classroom.

  44. Sandra K321 says

    My oldest son will be starting college next year and this would be a great printer to give him.

  45. Smokeysmom says

    I could sure use this Epson Printer! My old HP is dying on me and I can't afford to replace it right now. I mostly print photos of my granddaughters that my son emails to me. I love to scrapbook, make my own cards and so forth. This is a terrific giveaway. Thanks for the chance:)

  46. meghanthompson says

    i just started grad school but with the constant fee increases, I cant afford a decent printer. would be great to win this one.

  47. susanlanai says

    We were just saying how we needed a new printer because we have an ancient one. Thanks for a chance!

  48. says

    Wow great giveaway and so very timely. Just got a laptop and have to drag it back to the office to print…yuck/ Didn't realize how much I printed and talk about expensive ink. I am so glad Epson came out with a decent printer with low cost ink. Thanks for the giveaway.

  49. risanjax says

    The paper feed on our Dell printer just broke. This would be a perfect replacement with all of the old features and more.

  50. spitfyr323 says

    I could really use this. My current printer is on its way out.

    spitfyr323 at hotmail dot com

  51. chris conanan says

    I could use this. My printer is so slow it seems like it takes all day to print a page.

  52. April1p says

    I could really use this printer. The wireless function is awesome and I wish my current printer had this function as right now I can't print anything from my laptop, no matter how many which ways to Sunday I try to set it up.

  53. kaitlin5m says

    A wireless printer would be great because I am always creating projects for my classroom and a new printer would definately speed things up. Thanks!

  54. mickeyfan says

    A printer that works would be incredible, but add in the scanner and wireless features and I'd be in heaven!

  55. lisaduffy says

    Please pick me. I really need a new printer. I had one similar to this before. They are pretty good.

  56. SeahorseLady says

    We're using a printer now that takes forever to print one page. This would be fantastic to have in the house for all of us to use.
    Thank you for another great giveaway.

  57. luciusxavier says

    I've had Epson printers in the past and they are always top notch in the quality department.

  58. bettyh says

    A printer with wifi built in would be great to have to cut on on all the tangles of cords.

  59. debramills says

    Would love to enter this giveaway. My son desperately needs a printer for school and as a single mom, there is just no way I can afford it. :( I will tweet and fb about it!

  60. DealiciousMom says

    Oh I need this one for my classroom. I always need to print but have no way to do it!

  61. says

    ohhhhhh I NEED this! :) As a homeschool mama and having several home businesses this would be absolutely beyond wonderful! Put me in!

  62. lauravanderstel says

    Gearing up to send all three of my girls to school this year. It's going to be a hard year for me… Hopefully this will allow my photography business to pick up some too.

  63. says

    Thank you all for sharing this! I had no idea there were inks out there like this. Our scanner and printer broke, so I know what I will be looking into buying if I don't win!

  64. wendy wallach says

    Why is it that the printer cartridges always cost more then the printer itself? I wish someone would make a printer with reasonably priced cartridges, especially for children who love to print their artwork!

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  65. kirs10 says

    Just what I have been looking for. This would be perfect for networking my home. I would surely connect wirelessly.

  66. SWEETHOME says

    I would love to have this printer because I receive many e-mail photos from my son in Washington and my printer can not do the things this printer can. I have three grandsons in other states and would love to print out these pictures to keep forever

  67. reginald says

    This would be a welcome replacement for my now 4yr old printer and non functioning fax.

  68. Mary O'Brien says

    We had a problem with our current printer this week, and this looks like a good replacement. Thanks for holding this giveaway

  69. corinasmith says

    wow!! this is an amazing giveaway! we could really use this for all of our upcoming school projects my daughters will have!

  70. betsyw says

    As someone who also runs a business from home, this all in one would come in so handy! Thanks!!

  71. diesel51p says

    I really am impressed with this. My printer smudges things, eats it or skips things while printing.

  72. Aries_Mommy says

    I would love to win this, our printer just went out and we don't have the money to replace it.

  73. Renee T says

    Wow- this printer can do it all. I'd love to win it. It would solve many hassles regarding printing.

  74. Julie says

    This would be great to have. Just in time for school -my kids do alot of printing etc. for their school projects

  75. camper223 says

    My family sure could use this with kids in school taking honors advanced class's plus at home they take advanced honors online class's so the printer we have is getting worn out and my daughter complains about having to plug in and out which is wearing her pc slot out so she has been begging for a wireless printer,

    Thank you


  76. camper223 says

    “I earned an extra entry with today's newsletter.”

    Thank you


  77. says

    Oh gosh, my printer is older than my cat. Each time I use it I fear it will just kaput, the sounds it makes are pathetic. It needs to be taken out back lol. Like the fax machine in Office Space 😀

  78. LillyLillyLilly says

    I own Another Brand of all-in-one printer, and even though that brand is supposed to be one of the best, I've had nothing but problems with it. The paper feed is the worst! I have to shove a piece of paper into it every time because it just won't feed by itself.

  79. says

    Oh, LOL, forgot my main entry! I really need a printer 'cause I don't have one at all right now. This is such a great giveaway.

  80. exotic1 says

    What a FANTASTIC Back to School Giveaway. Thank You Epson and 5 Minutes For Mom~! I Can't believe how wonderful this Epson Stylus all in one printer is~! I have a very old printer that doesn't do much at all and I use my printer every day but I can't print pictures because the quality of the pictures are horrible with this printer. I recently bought my first laptop and my desk top is over 10 years old so I would love to be able to print from my new laptop. This would be perfect for me. Thanks Again for Sharing this review and giveaway :)

  81. exotic1 says

    I already signed up for the 5M4M news letter. Like I said I'm Nosy~! Thanks for the emails~

  82. shellbell574 says

    This would be a life saver. I can't believe how compact & affordable these are now. I'm loving the wireless feature very cool… =)

  83. exotic1 says

    “I earned an extra entry with today's newsletter.” I love extra entries~!
    Thanks for the email about this review and giveaway and the extra entry.

  84. nesta67 says

    I earned an extra entry with today's newsletterI earned an extra entry with today's newsletter

  85. guettel78 says

    Wow, what a great giveaway! I would love to replace my family's ancient printer, which makes the photos we attempt to print look like comic strips, with this nifty alternative. Thanks for the chance to enter!

  86. cvdnurse says

    I would love this printer! It sounds awesome and I would love to get rid of some of these wires!

    PS I subscrive to your newsletter, too

  87. redzulu says

    What a great all in one printer. Perfect for sharing those back to school pictures with family and friends.

  88. BethIngersoll says

    I earned an extra entry with today's newsletter!!

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  89. says

    I could use a printer to give to my brother. He doesn't have one and is always using our printer when he needs to print anything. It would be a great bday present.

  90. bettycd says

    Our current printer is continually having issues – very unlike the Epson we had some years back. And our daughter eventually wants to take a printer to college.

  91. jennifer h says

    This is a really great prize! I have needed a new printer for quite some time, and Epson are top of the line!

  92. says

    Thanks for this great giveaway, I would love to win this printer. And honestly am impressed with the fact that it connects wireless! I am so dying for a wireless connected printer lol!

  93. pamelas says

    Our printer is currently not working, so each time my kids need to print something for school we have to go to the library to do it. What a PAIN! So this would be perfect timing for us. Thanks so much!

  94. heatherjustdoingmybest says

    Great giveaway! I'm thinking we need to replace our dinosaur of a printer.