Is your BlogHer 09 trip sponsored? Do you wish it were? Link up.

Finding a sponsor to help cover travel and conference costs is a Mom Bloggers dream! (Well, for most… I think.)

And tons of Mom Bloggers have made it happen. We LOVE to see how many bloggers have created win/win opportunities to promote a brand and help cover their conference costs. It is exciting.

But it is hard work. And it can take some trial and error.

Many moms ask us how they can find a sponsor for their trip to a conference such as BlogHer. So we thought we’d offer some advice and then ask you all to add your own tips and tricks.

Okay… here’s what’s up…

First, we’ll suggest some strategies for seeking sponsorship. And if you have already found a sponsor, you can add your link below and share some love for your sponsor.

And… if you are STILL looking for a sponsor for BlogHer 09 (it is sold out, so you must already have a ticket), leave a link in the second Mr. Linky linking to a post on your site telling potential sponsors why you’d be a good blogger to sponsor.

Hint… WE are actually going to sponsor a couple of bloggers ourselves for a new site we’ll be launching just in time for BlogHer 09. (Our sponsorships won’t be huge dollar values because our pockets aren’t very deep… but every bit helps, right?)

How To Find A Sponsor For Your Conference Trip

toshiba-logoJanice and I are so honored and excited to be sponsored by Toshiba for our BlogHer 09 Conference Trip to Chicago.

We’re especially excited because we’ve ensured we can share our joy with you in our Hunt For the Traveling Toshiba. In this fun game, one BlogHer attendee will TAKE HOME a Toshiba laptop. You can read more about it all here.

But when you hear of Toshiba sponsoring us for BlogHer 09 and when you hear of other bloggers partnering with fabulous brands, you might have a few reactions.

  1. You might be HAPPY for the sponsored bloggers.

    I hope you are, but if you have not yet secured a sponsorship, you might also be…

  2. JEALOUS of them. We’re all human here and it’s natural to want what others have. You don’t have to beat yourself up too much about being a tad envious as long as you don’t act out in a negative way because of it. Sadly, I think jealousy is at the root of a lot of the high-school-ish mean behavior that unfortunately creeps into the blogosphere.

    So if you’re feeling jealous. Stop. Recognize that what you are craving is monetary success in the blogosphere. And that is not a bad thing.

    Just move on to step 3.

  3. Figure out HOW you can do it too. This is the tricky part and you need to make sure you don’t do anything underhanded here. There is room in the blogosphere for everyone who wants to succeed. So let’s work together.

Suggestions for Finding Sponsorship

First I must say that Janice and I are far from the most experienced bloggers in finding sponsors for conference trips. Janice and I were NOT sponsored at Blog Her 08, nor have we had much in the way of sponsorship for all the other trips we’ve taken.

I was so impressed with several bloggers at Mom 2.0 Summit 09 who found sponsors using initiative and creativity. The sponsored bloggers ranged in their experience and their blog’s traffic and readership.

So I ask that if you have any tips/tricks/strategies to help your fellow bloggers find sponsors, please share it in a comment!

Some things I think help if you’re looking for a sponsor are…

  1. Determine what value you can offer your sponsor.

    Do you have a dedicated readership? What are your traffic levels? RSS feed subscribers? Twitter followers? Facebook friends? Do you have a newsletter?

    Figure out all the ways you can help promote your sponsor online. Be creative.

  2. Try to think if there are ways you can promote your sponsor on-site at the conference.

    Be very creative, but stay within the conference guidelines and ensure you will not be annoying other attendees. You do not want to be seen as obnoxious, in-person spam — and neither does your sponsor.

    The best part of this approach is that if your blog is still on the newer side or you don’t have a large readership yet, you can still bring great exposure to your sponsor.

  3. Take an honest look at your site and determine what type of sponsor would be a good match.

    This might seem obvious, but you’ll have more success finding a deal if you approach companies who’s target market is your audience.

  4. Be aware of brands that have advertised online already.

    If a company has run a giveaway, there is a good chance they are open to new media promotion.

  5. Stay connected in a positive way.

    Networking with other bloggers is rewarding on so many levels. Friendships we build online are meaningful and profound. And when we are working together to help each other, we can increase each others success.

    Janice and I love making friends online. We just wish we had more time. Sadly, we don’t get out to read enough blogs and tweet as much as we want, but when we do build relationships, we always try to give more than we receive. If you share a good PR contact with a friend, they’ll likely help you in the future too. Put good out there and it will bounce back.

  6. Be personal when you contact a PR representative, company employee or a site owner.

    Follow the same guideline you want PR folks to follow when they reach out to you.

Have you secured a sponsorship? What are your suggestions for your blogging friends? Leave us a comment.

Link Up and Spread Love For Your Sponsor

If you have a sponsor for BlogHer 09, write a post on your site telling us about your sponsor and if you have any helpful ideas for others seeking sponsorship, you can write about that in your post too. Then add the link to your post below.

Are You Looking For A BlogHer 09 Sponsor

If you have a ticket for the sold out BlogHer 09 in Chicago and you’re still looking for a sponsor, write a post on your blog telling potential sponsors why you’d be a good blogger to sponsor. Then add the link to your post below.


  1. says

    Yes, I am looking for a BlogHer sponsor but it might be asking too much because I live OUTSIDE of the US!:-)

    I might try to approach companies based in Dubai who’s willing to sponsor me for BlogHer 2010. But then (mommy) blogging is not so popular here so they might see it strange. I might get a blogging conference -what? type of reaction.

  2. says

    I’m sorry to comment off topic but I need some help in finding a way to break an existing cell phone contract without incurring an early termination fee. I’m at my wits end with this task and am reaching out for advice from anyone willing to add their two cents. Please and Thank you!

  3. says

    I bought my registration while early bird pricing was still available, in the optimistic hope I would be able to find a sponsor or two. Unfortunately nothing has panned out yet, so it would be great to recoup some of my expenses!

  4. says

    Thank you for this helpful post. I’m a last minute Blogher attendee and was able to purchase a ticket from someone that has canceled their plans for attending. I’m beyond excited right now and a tad worried about the financial part of attending. I’ve included my link above and can’t wait to see everyone, even if it means hitch hiking my way to Chicago. :-)

  5. says

    I don’t have a ticket or a sponsor, but i’m holding out on hope that one of those contests I entered will yet come through for me. I really want to go. As a blogger I have so much to learn. I’d wear sponsor’s tshirt and pass out handouts if the opportunity would somehow arise. If not, hopefully next year.

  6. says

    I am looking for a sponsor for my BlogHer ’09 experience. In return, I will promote you, your company, and your products to the fullest extent possible. I can wear your products, pass them out, add your URL to my business cards, run sponsor ads on my blog, highlight you in blog posts, and more.

    When you sponsor me, you will also gain the priceless value of having me be your eyes and ears at the BlogHer ’09 conference. I’ll be bringing my sponsor-only notebook and will provide you with juicy trends, themes, and insights.

  7. says

    I’m kind of in both situations. I have a sponsor who covered one day’s registration for the conference (I paid for the other day), but am still looking for sponsorship to help with hotel costs if possible. This is going to be my first blogging conference and I’m really looking forward to it! :)

  8. Sprittibee says

    I was going to speak on the Homeschool panel at BlogHer if I could attend. They were more than helpful, but I just couldn’t come up with airfare for me and my travel companions. I couldn’t go alone with an infant drinking only breastmilk. :( I also have tried to get sponsors by reaching out online and via email, but I had pretty short notice… So I gave up pretty fast. I love hearing about many of my online friends getting picked up. An especially fun one is Dawn of My Home Sweet Home. She’s now the “Homeschool NAPP evangelist” because of her persistance. 😉 hope I can get a sponsorship to go to Photoshop World with her.

  9. says

    This is a great post and I hope it helps LOTS of other girls find sponsorships really quickly. I was lucky enough to win a full sponsorship from Label Daddy but it isn’t always that easy and I’m well aware of that and I have a lot of work to do for them which I’m really excited about. However I’ve since began working with them as part of the Label Daddy team on their blog and share my ideas with them and we’ve formed a really great blog team. I’m really looking forward to meeting you all at BlogHer! Thank you for the link love.

  10. says

    Oh, I would love a sponsor, however I am too late for tickets to blogher. Maybe next year! Is it in Chicago again? Have fun! BornFit may be giving some bloggers shirts for the 5K. Keep an eye out for them!

  11. says

    This is such a great idea. This site is so thoughtful!

    I’m not going to BlogHer. I’m going to Blogalicious ’09 though. Disney is sponsoring my conference fee (simply because I attended one of their Mom Blogger mixers in the past – which was my pleasure!). I will be looking for tips on securing an air and hotel sponsor that is a natural fit though.

  12. says

    BlogHer 09 is done, so I am thinking to next year! I’ve never been to a blog conference, but I next year I should.

    I was just wondering – how do you find a sponsor, hit Google and found this post. Thanks!

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