Wordless Wednesday – My Little Carnivore


Unlike her brother when he was her age, Olivia loves “meat.” She even calls chicken “meat.” She wouldn’t eat any dinner, but she grabbed a rib to eat on the go…

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    Ugh – my first comment attempt appears to have gotten lost somewhere…

    Good for Olivia! None of my girls are big meat eaters, other than chicken (and Hannah even complains about eating that). I LOVE meat but unfortunately don’t get it very often.

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    That’s really cute! I think it’s great that she likes meat – it was hard to get my son to eat it when he was little!

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    It’s so hard to get my oldest to eat meat but she loves chicken on a skewer.Maybe she’d like ribs like your daughter, I’ll have to try it

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    I always love pictures of littles eating bones :) I think it is so cute because they are so unconcerned with how they look and just with enjoying each morsel!

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    So cute! I’m pretty sure my son might be a vegetarian because even now at 3 he quite deliberately removes the meat from his food while eating.

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    You always have such cute photos here for WW! I have one of my last born – second son third child … and last .. hubs and I will have no more children :-( He’s getting too big too fast! Hope u will stop by my friends!


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    lol! That is too cute. :) Both my kids call ALL meat, chicken. No matter what it is. I keep telling them, but they insist it’s all chicken.

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    Yum that looks quite tasty. I can see why she’d grab it and eat on the go. Funny about kids and meat. My nephew is going through a no meat phase right now.


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