Do you know who should win the Kodak Father of the Year Challenge?

Kodak is turning to the blogosphere to find the deserving winners of their unbelievably exciting Father of the Year contest.

Kodak Father of the Year Challenge

Kodak has always been about using pictures and video to capture moments that strengthen and preserve our relationships. This contest is a way for Kodak to join us in celebration of fathers and the importance of family relationships.

And they have made it GOOD! You haven’t seen a contest like this before…

Here’s the deal:

  1. Write in and tell us (in 300 words or less) how your relationship with your father has shaped your life and why he deserves the Father of the Year award.
  2. Kodak and 5minutesforMom will select 10 entries as Finalists and award each a Kodak Zi6 pocket video camera!
  3. Those Finalists will then submit a short video bringing their story to life using the Zi6.
  4. One of these top 10 entries will be selected to win the Grand Prize — a trip for two to the Children’s Miracle Network Golf Classic in Orlando Florida!

Yes, you read that right… here at 5 Minutes for Mom, thanks to Kodak, we will be awarding:

One Kodak Zi6 Pocket Video Camera to each of 10 Finalists.

One Grand Prize valued at $2,220 USD to one winner selected from the final video entries submitted by those 10 finalists. The grand prize package includes:

  • Accommodations for the winner plus a guest (one room) for the duration of the Children’s Miracle Classic
  • Two tickets for each day of the Children’s Miracle Network Classic tournament
  • Roundtrip airfare for two to Orlando, FL
  • Round of golf for two at a Disney Golf course
  • Kodak golf-related product package

We are so excited to share this fantastic contest with you — our loyal readers of 5 Minutes for Mom. The only other site partnering with Kodak to run another edition of this contest is’s Geek Dad. Geek Dad will be simultaneously running their own version of this same contest. But they will be selecting and awarding their own winners and handing out their own prizes.

The only entries competing for the prizes listed above — 10 Kodak Zi6 Pocket Video Cameras and 1 Trip for Two to the Children’s Miracle Network Golf Classic in Orlando Florida — are those submitted here at 5 Minutes for Mom.

Who Can Enter?

This contest is for US residents only, but we’ve heard that a Canadian version may be run soon on another site. We will let you know if we find out more about a Canadian Kodak contest.

Entrants under 18 years of age must have parental permission prior to entry.

Only one entry per household.

For example, if you are a mother and a wife, you could choose to enter a submission recommending your own father OR your child could write an entry about his/her dad (possibly your husband) — but NOT both because only one entry is allowed per household.

Yes, you are allowed to assist your child in creating a submission recommending his/her father. But remember, when it comes to the video portion, that child should be involved in the video too.

So let’s talk more about how YOU can win!

There are two rounds in this contest.


You leave a comment on this post with 200-300 words describing why your father deserves the “Kodak Father of the Year Award.” Official entry period for round 1 will end at 12:01 AM EST on 6/21/2009.


A panel of Kodak representatives and editors will select 10 finalists from the pool of initial entrants.

If you are one of those 10 finalists, you will need to film a two to three minute video bringing your initial Father of the Year Award entry to life. Kodak will give you one (1) Zi6 Pocket Video Camera — the delivery is planned to be on 6/22/2009. You will need to submit your final entry to be posted on 5 Minutes for Mom by 7/31/2009.


All eligible entrants will be judged by a panel of Kodak representatives and editors. Winners will be announced on 8/14/2009.

As you can imagine, judging the entries will be difficult and subjective. Please recognize the spirit of fun in the contest, and do not get upset if you disagree with the judges decisions. Remember that the selection of winners is in the sole discretion of the sponsor (Kodak), whose decisions are final and binding.

Read the Official Rules Here.

Key Dates:

5/17: Contest starts and entries open for Round one
6/21: Round one ends
7/31: Round two ends
8/14: Final winners announced

More about the Video Cameras

How cool is it that Kodak is giving the 10 Finalists each their own Kodak Zi6 Pocket Video Camera to shoot their final entry and then keep the camera forever!

Kodak Zi6These little HD cameras are perfect for tossing in your back pocket to make sure you don’t miss anything. As parents, we can’t schedule our kids’ cutest moments so we need to be prepared. With the Zi6 on hand, you’ll be able to catch those adorable moments, upload them right away to YouTube and boast about your kids to everyone you know all over the planet.

Kodak sent me a camera so that I could test it out and let you know what I thought.

I didn’t know much about the Kodak Zi6 before I received it. But I soon discovered one of the best features of this HD pocket size camera — that sets it apart from other brands of pocket video cameras — is that you are not limited in the amount of video you can shoot.

There is an expandable SD/SDHC card slot that can hold up to 32 GB. So if you fill up one memory card, you can simply slide in another card and keep shooting. If the batteries run out, just slip in two new or recharged AA batteries.

Although this ended up being my favorite feature, it did catch me off guard. I pulled the brand new camera from it’s box and headed out to the aquarium with my kids without realizing I needed to bring a memory card with me. Since the camera only has 128 MB of onboard memory, I couldn’t shoot much without a memory expansion card. Oh well, my kids fussed most of that trip anyway so I didn’t miss much and now I know to always be prepared with a memory card.

And I even (accidentally) tested sturdiness of the camera. Yes, I dropped it on the tile floor in the aquarium. The batteries fell out, but no damage was done. Yay!

So, even if you’re not one of the 10 winners, you’ll want to pick up one of these Kodak Zi6 cameras. These cameras were made for moms!

Go For It!

Okay, it’s time for you to start thinking… and writing.

How did your relationship with your father shape your life and why does he deserve the Father of the Year award? Or talk to your kids… maybe they think their Dad should win. Then get them writing.


  • Only one entry per household is allowed.
  • Your entry has to be short — 300 words or less.
  • You submit it as a comment on this post.
  • You can read the Official Rules here.

Don’t be in too much of a rush to submit your comment as you can only enter once and will not be able to edit your entry after it is submitted.

Have fun! We can’t wait to start reading…

UPDATE: Entries are now closed and we will announce the ten finalists after we have contacted them. Thank you so much!


  1. says

    i would like to nominate my daddy. he is the best daddy ever. He goes to school and works to help take care of me and my brother and sister. He always makes sure that he has time for us, no matter how busy he is. I was just a newborn baby, but my mommy and daddy have both told me, he was in the army for 4 years, and served 2 years in iraq. He doesn’t like to talk about it.
    I’m very proud of him for it though. My daddy didn’t get to see me for my entire first year, beacuse of that. He is smart funny handsome. The best daddy ever, and i think he deserves this award, for being so dedicated to my family.
    Thank you daddy and I love you

    written by McKenzie age 4 with help of her mom

  2. says

    My Daddy is the best daddy in the whole wide world. Everyday he wakes up with me so we can play before he has to go to work. I love to eat breakfast with Daddy. He makes the best eggs. Sometimes he even gets to take me to school! My favorite part is when we sing in the car. When Daddy gets home from work he always gives me a big hug and a kiss, picking me up so the doggies don’t step on me. We always eat dinner together. Mommy makes dinner better, but Daddy eats it better. After dinner, we PLAY! Daddy always has time to play at night, sometimes we dance and sometimes we have tea parties with my babies. When it is time to go to bed, Daddy gives me a bath. Then it’s story time. We read books and then turn off the light. This is when Daddy tells me a story he makes up. I like those stories the best. My Daddy sometimes falls asleep before I do (and he is noisy!) but, that’s ok, because I like to snuggle. Me and my Daddy are best friends. I think he can fix anything that breaks and he will make everything better. My Daddy is the best Daddy in the whole wide world.

    Written by Lucy age 2 1/2,with signs and words and some help with words in between. Translated by mom.

  3. says

    To say my daddy, Keith, is father of the year would be an understatement – and yes, even at 26 years old, I still call him daddy. I grew up in a less than typical house and thanks to my parent’s unique roles I had the unusual benefit of having a stay at home dad.

    He’s the man that taught me how to read with the morning newspaper, held my hair when I was sick, took me on nature walks in the woods, and chased off the boys he knew would break my heart. He was and still is an amazing role model and mentor in my life.

    He’s my best friend.

    Now that I’m a mother, he’s not only still an amazing father that calls me every day to just talk about life, he’s the best grandfather to my kids I could ever ask for. When I’ve had a bad day, he’s there for me when I need a hug, a listening ear, or just to take the kids off my hands for a minute of rest.

    What makes him father of the year?

    He’s the only 5 ft 11 in, 165lb, and 56 year old man that is always there to welcome 3 grandkids (7, 2, and 3 mos) plus his 26 year old daughter (myself) all piled onto his lap just to read a storybook together.

  4. says

    One year ago, my dad was given a death sentence. He was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer that had spread to his liver and his lungs. They told him that even with treatment he would not survive longer than a few months. He started the treatment anyway, a clinical trial, and today, a year later, he is in partial remission and the cancer is all but gone from his colon and his liver and tumors on his lungs are still shrinking!

    Why is he father of the year? Because he had the will and the drive to fight cancer and is winning! I know that his kids and his grandkids are what helped give him that will to fight and he is living like never before. He is more involved in our lives, appreciates every moment with his grandkids and his spirit is alive like never before.

    I wasn’t a “Daddy’s Girl” growing up, and until last year, I never truly understood or appreciated my Dad’s impact on my life (aside from the obvious). It took him being near death for both of us to realize how precious and fragile life is, and that we want to take advantage of the time we do have with each other. This year, like no other, we will celebrate my Dad. His life, his determined spirit and the fact that no matter what, he will always be “Father of the Year” to us.

  5. says

    My name is Jenna, I’m 17 and I want to nominate my father for Father of the Year.

    He is shaping my life to help me be a better person. He taught me that everyone deserves a chance. It doesn’t matter what a person looks like, what color skin they have or how much money they have. For example, as a little girl, I would accompany my father to the VA hospital. Sitting there, surrounded by men and women with varying disabilities, my father gave me a very important lesson in life, he taught me that it doesn’t matter how many limbs a person has, or if they can see out of both eyes, it didn’t matter if they could hear, or had to use sign language, it didn’t matter if they could walk unassisted, or required a wheelchair, they were human beings and deserved the dignity that you or I deserve. I take special effort to reach out to those who need help. Because of my father’s influence, I chose to work in a nursing home and assist the residents in all areas, but specifically in the dining room. I think nothing of sitting down and helping to feed someone or help a resident go to the restroom.

    This is why I feel my father should be Father of the Year. He works hard to provide for us, but it goes beyond putting food on our table, it’s putting love in our hearts and teaching us right from wrong. His guidance, unconditional love and support help me to hopefully be a better person, each and every day. I love you Dad!

  6. says

    My own dad lost his dad when he was 10 years and essentially became the man of the house at an early age. It was at 10 years of age that he took a job working on an ice truck with a family friend to earn a little extra to help his mother.

    He worked full time hours in high school at a burger joint while completing his education and immediately took a factory job after graduation. He also served a few years in the Army, returning again to his job once his time was up.

    My dad is now 67 years old. He’s finally retired and I never once while growing up heard him complain about his job and he also never missed a day of work. He did this job for 42 years. His work ethic has made a lasting impression on me, and I thank him for bringing me up in a stable, loving home with the routine and predictability all children need to thrive.

  7. says

    My father Daryl, started truck driving 20 years ago. This took him away from home many days out of the week and so we cherished all of the time we had when he came home and arrived safely. My dad has sacrificed his time, energy, and his life to see that our family’s needs were met. It is hard for him to be away-especially from my mom, who suffers from Lupus. Whenever he was home we did things together-played board games, got into water fights, listened to Oldies music, my parents teaching us to dance and camping. He encourages us in everything and told us to keep working harder at what we wanted. He would try to schedule his loads around our sporting events to be present. He is the best listener to my problems and wisely gives advice. Being a dad to four girls and one son, he learned it was best to let us vent and gently give guidance afterwards. Even though circumstances have kept them in debt, my father is the most generous person I know. He will give and give, even when he has nothing. He hates to see people suffer and is very compassionate. His family is his joy. As a grandfather, he schedules his loads to visit us as often as he is able, since my siblings and I live in three different states. He will drop everything for us and is always there when needed. He has tremendous love for his children, eleven grandchildren, and our extended family. We seldom missed family reunions growing up. I have learned most from him; patience, determination, service, working hard and being honest-even if it means you are still going to be behind. Most importantly I have gained the understanding of how family relationships are built.

  8. says

    My name is Alex and I am 8 years old. My mom has given me permission to enter this contest. My dad is the best dad in the world, because he plays football with me and goes to my football practices and games every week. He has helped me improve on my multiplication tables this year and this has helped me get straight A’s in math. He always goes to my awards ceremonies at school and cheers for me. My dad tucks me in every night and says my prayers with me. He always makes time for me, even when he is tired after work. We go fishing in the summer. My dad makes me laugh when he is too scared to take the fish off of the hook. I am not scared of fish, so I help him! My dad works very hard, so we can go on a fun vacation every year. He even went back to college so he can take better care of my family and I. My mom is able to stay home with my brother and I because of my dad. I love my dad for caring about me so much. My dad is the best dad out there!

  9. says

    I don’t think, I know, my dad Brad IS father of the year. I don’t need a contest to prove that. I do want to share with you why I KNOW this to be true.

    My mom married Brad when I was 6 years old. I didn’t see my real dad much and well let me say that the initial getting to know you – while it should be hard and trying. WASN’T – Brad (dad) never ever made me feel like I was the thrid wheel. He never excluded me from anything. He never made me feel like I had to fight for my mom’s attention. He was nice (not overly nice) he was thoughtful and he always included me in their plans. Most importantly he was very sweet and loving to my mom and I knew he was the guy for her.

    11 years later my parents are going strong and they are still in love and he is the best dad anyone could ever ask for. He is who I want to be like one day.

    thank you,Dylan 17

  10. says

    I grew up in a interracial family in a time when that was not widely accepted! My dad is incrediable at explaining and making my brother and I understand who we are and why we are special. He is the type of dad who is always there for you. I mean if I needed him to drop my daughter off somewhere he would gladly drop everything and make the 45 minute trek to do that for me. He and my mom have overcome enormous obstacles and are preparing to celebrate 30 years of marriage. He has been our backbone of support and taken care of her with a rough battle with cancer. He is a wonderful person. He works out of a home office so he has the flexibilty to be with his wife and family whenever he wants. He is a great grandfather and I’m thankful we have him!

  11. says

    He has always been the strongest man I know, and he is in his 70’s.

    He has accomplished everything he ever chose to do.

    *Written five books
    *Mountain climber
    *Hockey Player
    *Rode his mountain bike until he was 65
    *College professor
    *Has his doctorate
    *Learned 9 languages
    *Adopted 3 children
    *Maryknoll priest until he was in his 30’s
    *Survived polio and left side paralysis in his youth

    I can not imagine a better role model, a funnier inspiration and YEARS of stories that my friends still share amongst one another.

    He taught me how to love others, how to look at life through their shoes. He spent months in Bolivia in the Andes every year, studying and researching, looking for a cure to AIDS.

    My father deserves this award, because he can still laugh over dinner with me, he has that youthful twinkle in his eye that reminds me of the Dad who took me to the museum, zoo, or thrift store every weekend since I can remember.

    Thank you for this chance, I think I’m going to call him now.

  12. says

    I always thought my Daddy should have been Father of the Year. Here is a man who raised 9 children, yes I said 9. He served his country in WWII in The Pacific Island and Korea as a signalman onboard a Navy carrier bringing planes in to land on the carrier and sending them off again with prayers. He also sent messages to the other ships and to shore. He taught us that our Military servicemen deserve our respect on Memorial Day and everyday. He gave generously to all branches of the service, and to anyone in need. He was well loved by everyone who met him, but especially by his 9 children who strive to be like him: kind, generous, loving, dependable. Though he passed away in February of 2007, his influence on my life and the lives of so many others lives on. He is my hero and my Daddy, and certainly a Father of the Year winner to me!

  13. Lauren says

    My name is Lauren, growing up my Dad wasn’t around much. He was literally always work in construction(for 25 yrs he’s only 39) I’m 21 now & when I look back instead of looking back at empty moments I see my hero instead. I remember watching cartoons on Saturdays, going to Home Depot for supplies & just simply riding in the car with him. Now I’m grown with my own son & my Dad adores him even though I live across the country. I always said growing up I hated him but I realized he didn’t choice to not be around, He was protecting my brother & I by working. My Dads my hero. He’d do anything for me. He regrets not being there for us but he gave me my favorite memories! I know he deserves Kodak Dad of the Year, it will show him I still think he’s an awesome Dad. Hey he’s my hero!

  14. Alex Steger says

    My “dad” Aaron is the best Dad in the world because he didn’t have to be MY dad. My “real” dad left me when I was only one. It was just me and my mom for a very long time. I gave up on ever having a father. My mom did the best she could but she is no man (that’s a good thing!). I am 11 now, we found my dad when I was 6.

    I guess I am lucky because I remember the day I met my dad. Most kids don’t get to remember the minute they felt like a family and I do. I was in 1st grade when my mom and dad met at work. I remember the first time he came to get my mom she told me to stay in the other room with my Nana because she wasn’t ready for us to meet, something about me not getting let down if things didn’t work out. I knew then though that he was my dad, I had never seen mom so excited about meeting a guy, ever. I snuck into the living room and he was SO nice to me. He looked so cool. He wasn’t like a lot of the dorky dads, I knew I could be proud to take him in front of my friends and my class at school.

    He is still cool. We like ALOT of the same things. He taught me how to play the guitar, throw a football and act wild and crazy. We also like to say how pretty girls are (don’t tell mom).

    I am so lucky. He is so busy. He says all the time he wants a better life for us. I guess he is trying to get us a better life because he works ALOT and he goes to school too. I don’t really know how our lives could get better, we’re so lucky we found each other.

    Last year I was scared he would quit wanting to be my dad. I was afraid because him and my mom were having a baby together. He (mom too of course) was worried I would feel bad or left out or something. He made a special reservation to take me to a fancy dinner so they could tell me FIRST about my little brother being in moms belly. He also made sure EVERYONE knew I was his son first and my little brother was his second child. He was so cool about it. He made sure I was the ONLY one allwed to be there when mom had my brother (I got icked out and went to the waiting room) and refused to let anyone but him and mom hold him before I got to hold him. He said it was my right, this was our family. I knew then he would never forget or replace me. He showed me what a great dad he really is! I think we might spend MORE time together.

    He protects me too. After my “real” dad left I was always afraid someone would do something bad to me or my mom because she is so small. She thinks she’s tough but she is just silly. Once my dad came into the picture I wasn’t afraid anymore. He lets everyone who messes with me know that if they choose to mess with me, they are going to get him, (he calls himself the 300lb gorilla, he isn’t 300 pounds though?)

    I started out by saying I was lucky to remember when we became a family. Its funny though, I don’t remember a time when he wasn’t my dad. It feels like he was always here. He says the same thing. Mom says its because we had each other in our hearts before we found each other. I think sometimes she can be kind of silly and mushy but I think she is right about this one. We are a PERFECT match because we were puzzle pieces trying to fit together but without each other we couldn’t make the pieces fit. Once my mom and dad found each other the peices started coming together and making a picture. Now that we all have each other and my baby brother came we are a perfect picture. My dad is the greatest dad ever because without him my picture doesn’t make sense. He always knows what to say and do. He’s still cool. He still plays guitar (he rocks! he was in a real band!!) and is going to teach me more things he likes to do. He’s the greatest dad because he is MY dad, even though he didn’t have to be my dad, he is all mine (well I do share him with my brother) and he will always be here, he’s a great man and an even better daddy!

  15. tyrie says

    I would like to recommend my dad. He has taken on the responsibilty of raising me and my sister even though he’s not my biological father, he is my Dad in every other way. I look up to him because he reminds me everyday how much he loves us. He has a bad knee, and a bad back but won’t get it fixed because he worries about taking the time off, He works at a job that he hates to support our family. I can come to him because he is the strongest man i know. He has taught me to be strong, independent, loyal, dependable, loving, cautious, considerate grateful, and too just me me. To never settle and to go out for all my dreams. I love him and because of him I will do all that I want to do in life. He sacrafices so that I and be.

  16. says

    We are Samuel MinHo and Johanna MinJee, see we are only 21 months old but we have been through so much in our short life. We were born very early to a very special woman in South Korea. That woman placed us for adoption, before long the doctors in Korea said there was something wrong with Johanna and in order for us to be adopted together they would have to find a very special mommy and daddy. The agency went straight to our mommy and daddy and they said yes, and that is when our daddy left his comfort zone to come to Korea for us. Our daddy does not like to leave his comfort zone and well a trip to South Korea to eat food that was not bland and plain as well as meet people who didn’t speak English all so he could fall in love with us, makes us feel very special. Our daddy is already planning our first trip back to Korea, so we can meet that special woman. We have been with our mommy and daddy for almost 8 months now and our daddy is amazing! He really did change our lives as we would have been split up and Samuel would have been adopted by one family and Johanna would have most likely spent her life in an orphanage for very special boys and girls or at best been adopted by another family far away from Samuel but our daddy took a chance and fell in love with us and the way he tells the story we all changed each others’ lives. Our daddy has changed our lives in other ways but we only had 300 words so we picked the best way! We love our daddy!

    (P.S. Our mommy helped us write our entry so that it would fit the word count – the P.S. is not part of the 300 words just to tell you that our mommy helped us because well we cannot type but rest assured we love to help mommy with the regular camera and video camera if we were to be in the top ten!)

  17. says

    My father has helped shaped my life in so many ways. He has made me who I am with his wonderful example! He is the most Selfless, Kind, Loving, hard-working, loyal and most caring man you will every meet! He has been a dedicated police officer for over 30 years now. Which isn’t the easiest job! He has been wanting to retire for over a year now but has just been recently diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and has had to take some time off for surgerys or treatment. He Still puts in his 40 hours a week at the police station and has second night job he works during the week as well to help pay the bills. He takes Fridays off to relax and play some golf! His most favorite sport in the whole world! Through all this he has been a tremendous example to his family and friends with his amazing attitude he is so positive and happy all the time! He has helped us keep a positive attitude with this cancer and that he can and will beat it! He always says that “miracles happen every day” and is determined he will be one. Any other spare moment he has he spends it with his family and grandchildren who he adores! He would do anything for any of us at anytime we needed him. My father has worked so hard his WHOLE life and deserves a break. He is a wonderful man! He is not on my dad but he is my idol and my best friend! I love you dad!

  18. Barbara Leatham says

    My daddy came into my life when I was 3 years old. My mama and I had been on our on for a year following her divorce. When Mama and Daddy gor together, I was always included in everything and he was my DADDY from day one. I was never left out of anything. We went on dates together and when they were married, Daddy gave me a pretty necklace and even said some vows to me. He promised to always take care of me and to be there for better or worse. He is the BEST daddy in the world.
    Daddy is a chef at a retirement community and he makes sure his residents are taken care of every day, Then he comes home and cooks dinner for us and plays with me. He never misses a school play, a karate class, basketball game or practice, and he even takes time to volunteer at my school. Mama has lupus and Daddy takes care of her too. He never fusses about having to do things that Mama can’t do. He just loves us. My daddy is also a good Christian man and he goes to church with us and is very active in the music ministry there. I’m one lucky girl, and I thank God everyday for my daddy. I love you Daddy. You’re the best!
    Love Ally–10 years old

  19. RayJ and Bailey s. says

    Our Daddy is our BFF! Sometimes he has to travel for work . It makes us sad, but Daddy tries to make it fun for us. He takes our stuffed animals and takes pictures of them at the airport, driving is car, in the hotel bathroom , etc. He send them to Mommy on the phone for us to see. It makes us laugh!
    Our Daddy has also started a bedtime story for us. We create a “Hall of justice” story every night. We get to choose our characters and come up with riddles from the Riddler to

  20. RayJ and Bailey s. says

    Our Daddy is our BFF!
    Sometimes he has to travel for work . It makes us sad, but Daddy tries to make it fun for us. He takes our stuffed animals and takes pictures of them at the airport, driving is car, in the hotel bathroom , etc. He sends them to Mommy on the phone for us to see. It makes us laugh!
    He takes books with us to read over the phone. He also leaves us notes to find that tell us he loves us. Our Daddy has also started a special bedtime saga for us. We create a “Hall of Justice” story every night. We get to choose our characters and come up with riddles from the Riddler to
    He takes the time to listen to us when we are scared or worried and tries to help us feel better. He kisses our boo-boos and plays Wii with us. He works with our baseball teams, goes with us to cub scouts, and goes to all our school functions. He loves to be silly and makes us laugh. He is patient when we want to help him with tools and yard work.
    We think our daddy should win because he is awesome. We know we are the center of his universe (and Mommy too)and he isn’t afraid to tell anyone that will listen about us. Hey, you know he is the best when he is willing to kill a spider for us ( which he has a phobia of) and willing to have a hanster in the house (even though he calls them “yucky rodents”).

  21. RayJ and Bailey s. says

    Our Daddy is our BFF!
    Sometimes he has to travel for work . It makes us sad, but Daddy tries to make it fun for us. He takes our stuffed animals and takes pictures of them at the airport, driving is car, in the hotel bathroom , etc. He sends them to Mommy on the phone for us to see. It makes us laugh!
    He takes books with us to read over the phone. He also leaves us notes to find that tell us he loves us. Our Daddy has also started a special bedtime saga for us. We create a “Hall of Justice” story every night. We get to choose our characters and come up with riddles from the Riddler to
    He takes the time to listen to us when we are scared or worried and tries to help us feel better. He kisses our boo-boos and plays Wii with us. He works with our baseball teams, goes with us to cub scouts, and goes to all our school functions. He loves to be silly and makes us laugh. He is patient when we want to help him with tools and yard work.
    We think our daddy should win because he is awesome. We know we are the center of his universe (and Mommy too)and he isn’t afraid to tell anyone that will listen about us. Hey, you know he is the best when he is willing to kill a spider for us ( which he has a phobia of) and willing to have a hanster in the house (even though he calls them “yucky rodents”).

  22. Cooper says

    Although I am only 6 months, my daddy is the best daddy because he took care of my Mommy and me when we were both very sick. My mommy became very sick while she was pregnant with me and after I was born. I was in the intensive care nursery, and she was in the intensive care. My daddy still worked all night then came and stayed with us all day. Now, we are both healthy and we enjoy Daddy so much. I spend my mornings with Daddy doing chores, my favorite is to ride in the back pack and mow the lawn. At night my daddy works and when he gets home at midnight, he lets my mommy sleep and feeds me and changes my diapers, or if I don’t feel like sleeping, we play or “chill on the couch”. My daddy is also already teaching me to read and to speak spanish, he knows how important education is. Please think of my Daddy, Solin, when giving this cool award out! Thanks so much, Cooper David Sandoval

  23. Amanda H says

    There are no words that could possibly describe how amazing my father is but I will try. When we were younger, he always took my twin sister and I to the park. By the end of the day, he had every kid in the playground asking if they could join in on our game. And he never turned anyone down. While every other parent was sitting on the benches, my father was leading the playground game of HIDE N SEEK. Everyone has always loved him within a minute of knowing him.

    He was my basketball coach from 5th grade until college. He gave up his nights and weekends to teach my sister and I the game he had loved his whole life. We bonded immensely in our love for the game and even got to play at the Boston Garden in the high school state tourney. After we lost, he didn’t treat us like a Coach, he was back to being Dad; providing a shoulder to cry on. And this picture was taken after the game, it won an award in a New England photography contest.

    Dad is my rock in life, he’s been there for every major event in my life.. car accidents, knee surgery, leaving home for college, etc.. I leaned on him for it all.. but ironically as much as he is the rock in my life, he’s the softest person you’ll ever meet. He cries every time my sister or I give him a greeting card. He never leaves the house without saying I LOVE YOU to each of us. He has the hugest heart and is always doing for others. He has always called my sister and I “pal”..and it’s so fitting because he’s not only my Dad but my best friend.

  24. Quinn K. says

    I would happily like to nominate my daddy as the father of the year! Right now, he works as a soldier in the Army. He’s been in the Army for about 13-14 years, except for the 2 year break he took after he came back from Iraq. He’s going to Iraq once again this year for one year, and we won’t see him except for the one month vacation he has throughout the whole year. But he’s doing something that he loves to do and it helps America as well. It’s a win-win situation! My parents are now divorced, but he works as hard as he can to pay for the house and the food that is put on our table. He does this because we have trouble paying the bills without him. He lives in New York, so we don’t get to see him that often, but when we do, he is just as smart, handsome, and fun as usual! He loves us kids more than anything on earth and would do anything for us, just as I would for him! He is always there for us, in the good times and the bad times! This is why I think that my daddy is the best daddy in the world and deserves “The Father of the Year” award! I love you daddy!!!

  25. says

    I would love to nominate my father for Father of the Year. Even though I am a grown woman, I am still very much a daddy’s girl. To me, my dad is the epitome of what the perfect father should be. Strong, but not harsh. Incredibly smart, but not unapproachable. Supportive, but not overprotective. Giving and generous while instilling a sense of value and work ethic. But more than that, he helped me to be independent, while knowing that I could always turn to him to offer sage advice when needed. He taught me to make my own decisions but was always there to comfort me when those choices occasionally (and inevitably) turned out to be mistakes. I could not have asked for a better father in my life. He is not only an amazing dad, but an overall amazing man. Words can’t express how thankful I am to have him in my life. And now I have the extreme privilege of watching him with my son. Being able to watch the whole process again from the outside. Seeing my dad teach the same lessons to my son that he taught to me. And seeing the same look of adoration in my son’s eyes that I still have to this day.

  26. Katie Kriemelmeyer says

    My dad is the kind of Dad that every little girl wants as a father. He has taught me quite a bit and influenced my parenting style more than he even realizes. He gives unconditionally to everyone he interacts with on a daily basis – starting with a smile.

    To me, as a child, he could do no wrong. He did everything with me from Indian Princesses and our campouts to teaching me to ride my bike and tending my cuts when I wrecked.

    To me, as a grown woman with kids of my own, I’ve learned that he must have been doing it by the seat of his pants (like I do many times). Yet, somehow he always chose the right answer. I think it is his calm nature coupled with a compassion for others learned from his wonderful parents that really sets him apart as a Father.

  27. Jeanne Levy says

    Not many people would choose to live alone in a hot desert country with little modern amenities for several years so that his daughters back home could live in a great neighborhood with excellent schools and receive private art, music, and piano lessons. But for my dad, who lived in Saudi Arabia for four years while we lived in Korea, this was pretty standard. Time and time again, he sacrificed so that we could have better. You would never know it from watching him – always with a smile on his face, my dad never complains. Need the garage cleaned? Kitchen remodeled? Floors put in? Yard mowed? Encouragement at work? Count on my dad. He loves me in a quiet and steady way. A golf vacation is a perfect prize for this wonderful father! He loves golf so much that he has a private practice area in his backyard complete with a mirror, but refuses to play more than once every two weeks so that he can save all his money for his family and retirement. O, you should see him practice his swings every chance he gets – in the line at the grocery store, in my living room, at church. He’s truly the tops!

  28. Maitland says

    My dad, wow, I don’t know how I can write about him in 300 words or less! My mom has a heart condition, she used to get sick alot. My daddy always took care of her. He would carry her out to the car when she couldn’t walk and always stayed with her at the hospital until it was time to come home and take care of us. My daddy always makes time for me and my brother and little sister. Even though daddy is having a hard time at work right now, because he is not making much money, he still always finds a way to give me what I need, he even found money to send me to church camp this summer. I love my daddy. I love his big bear hugs and when he tries to sing like Elvis Presley, he is so funny!! I thank God every day for my daddy!

  29. says

    When my father wasn’t there for me, my step-dad always was. Since I was 8 years old he was the man who took care of me. He took me into his life as if I were always there. He made me the woman I am today and treated me no different from his biological children. Being a step-parent isn’t an easy task, but my dad always made it look easy. I wasn’t always nice or appreciative, but as an adult I see things much differently.

    When I woke up crying at night, it was my step-dad that talked to me and comforted me. When I needed clothes, food, and shelter, it was my step-dad that provided those things for me. When I needed direction and discipline, again, it was my step-dad who helped me find my way and made me understand right from wrong. My biological father wasn’t half the father that my step-dad is…thank you for loving me DADDY!

    I will forever be grateful for all the things you have done for me throughout my life. I may not tell you enough just how much I love you, but I do.

  30. says

    I’m so proud of the devoted father that my husband is to our two boys. They call him Papa.
    Every morning Papa prepares their breakfast and allows mom to sleep in as long as possible.
    When our second child was born, it was a number of weeks before I changed a single diaper! I know I am so lucky that Papa is so hands on!
    When he returns home from work in the afternoons, the boys are crazy with delight to see him. Usually the 20 month old wants a car ride around the neighborhood, and Papa obliges.
    This summer we will be apart as Papa works overseas; 4-year-old Jojo is already sad about that separation, but I’m secure in the love and commitment that Papa has in putting the needs of our family first! Happy Father’s Day, Papa!

  31. Danielle says

    To teach my three siblings and I right from wrong, to teach us good work ethics, to help us to give back to our community and to help us to be all that we can be is the goal that my father instilled in our family. He had always worked hard both at work and at home to create a loving home for my family. After a hard days work he helps with homework, school sports, my horse, administering advice or just lending an ear. He is the back bone of our family and does not hesitate to lend himself to create a better environment for others around him. He is an amazing man who gives 100% of himself to all that he does and attempts to ensure the wellbeing to all those around him. He is by my side no matter what I do and I want others to know what kind of a dad I am Blessed enough to have. If all dads were like mine what a wonderful world we would have. He is my friend, my mentor, my guidance counselor, my spiritual advisor but most of all he’s my Dad. My brothers and sister think the same as me. We don’t know how he does it but he is always there, even with the hard time with employment in and around Michigan, he has a smile and heads off to make sure his family knows what is important. We are all honor roll students, excel at our chosen sport and enjoy working with LifeHorse and the children there and all because we know my dad is right by our side to encourage us all the way.
    Vote for my dad because we are all better because of him.

  32. Justin and Ryan says

    Like our sister Danielle, we want to nominate our dad for father of the year. He has taught us to be better people and mentored us every day. He is a great dad and we want everyone to know it. We as well as our friends are better because he believes in us. He is showing us what it is to be a great man and father and his teachings will make our roll as fathers much better. What a legacy he has left to us and we hope we can be half the man he is. Thanks dad for all you do.

  33. says

    My father should be nominated for Father of the Year because is the most unselfish person I have ever known. Throughout his life my father has served others constantly…whether it be through small things like helping a friend with their plumbing, giving Christmas gifts to a family in need, or helping his own children with their math homework…he is always doing for others. My father has become successful in all that he has set out to do in life. He became a successful money manager and someone that his clients could rely on for honest hard work. He has served both in his church and community. My father has stood by and supported both his wife and his younger daughter (my sister) as they battled cancer, glaucoma, and lymphoma. He has always taken the time out of his days to talk to his children to give them advice or help with things that they need. My father supported me financially as I attended college and has never asked for anything in return. I appreciate everything he has done for me in my life and I hope I could give him a small glimpse of all he has given me and others.

  34. says

    On behalf of my two year old, I would like to nominate my husband for the Father of the Year. He is Army and his job takes him away from us a lot, but his relationship with his sons, 2 and almost 1, are of utmost importance to him. He cherishes our boys and spends all of his free time with his family. The three of us adore him and appreciate how hard he works and would love for him to be honored.
    I interviewed our 2 year old about his Daddy and why he thinks his daddy is the best. It was edited only slightly for clarity of thought.

    Mommy: Why is Daddy the best daddy?

    Judah: Daddy best daddy.

    Mommy: Why?

    Judah: Daddy just best. Daddy-o. Dadda. Daddy. Daddy show me school bus. Yeah. 1, 2, 3.

    Mommy: Why else is Daddy the best?

    Judah: Daddy and Judah best.

    Mommy: What does Daddy play with you?

    Judah: Daddy play with me. Daddy outside. 1, 2, 3 push up!

    Mommy: Did Daddy teach you to do push ups?

    Judah: Ya. Daddy and Judah do push ups.

    Mommy: Does Daddy pray with you?

    Judah: Ya. Daddy pray. Pray for airplanes, rubber bands, cookie, Wezzy (brother), white juice (milk), money and E-ee (monkeys).

    Mommy: How much do you love Daddy?

    Judah: Love Daddy much. Love Daddy playing outside.

    Mommy: Can you tell me more about what makes Daddy the best Daddy?

    Judah: Daddy cook with me. Nice cooking.

    Mommy: What has Daddy taught you to cook?

    Judah: Daddy cook eggs. Daddy cook pizza. Judah cook with Daddy.

    Mommy: Did Daddy let you eat the pepperoni and cheese while you put it on the pizza?

    Judah: YEAH! Pizza yummy. Pizza cheese.

  35. Ashley M says

    Growing up I thought of my Dad as the strict disciplinarian. He believed in a strong work-ethic , commitment to family and a faith based life. I respected him, but I also feared him. I am a strong willed woman, and as the “old-fashioned” Southerner, he and I have rarely agree. The truth is there were many times where I misunderstood his actions and thoughts, and discounted them as provincial and controlling.

    There is a country song about the Small Town Southern Man that is the soundtrack to my memories of my father. Now my recollections include someone who worked and traveled often but also never missed a sporting event or school event. He is a prankster and loves to tease. He is happiest in South Georgia, but insisted my brother and I travel across the United States and sent us to Europe. He hitchhiked to go to college, but made sure my brother and I attended the college of our choice – far from home.

    Now in my 30s, with two children, I have developed a deeper understanding and appreciation of my father – without fear. I understand that he was scared, like I am scared about the job of parenting. He wanted to do the best he could for us, and he did. We live almost 1000 miles away, and he visits us at least every two months. I now ask him for advice on parenting, finances, life without fear of judgment. I see him guide his grandchildren with patience, love and an appreciation for how swiftly time goes by. His joy in fishing with my daughter, rolling on the floor with my son, gardening with me, and just being present with his family is a gift for us all. He is father of the year and grandfather of the century!

  36. Amanda Black says

    I am sure that most people believe that their father should win the Father of the Year award. I do believe though that my Dad, my Daddio, is one of a kind and really deserves this award.
    I have admired and looked up to my Dad my entire life. He is not only my father, but he is my friend. Since I was very little he took me to do whatever I wanted and always made sure I had whatever I needed. I played soccer for many years and he was ALWAYS the one to take me to whatever state we were going to, and was my biggest fan while out on the field. Those are some of the best memories I have of him. He has been there for me through my tough teenage years and never judged me, just was always there to help and talk to me. I recently got married and he gave me the wedding of my dreams. My husband and I are so grateful and never will we be able to pay him back for the wonderful memories that he gave us. Now my husband and I are expecting a daughter and I cant wait because I know he is going to be the best Grandfather.
    My Dad works full time and has for his whole life, and at times when our family needed him to, he would work two jobs no issues about it. He always took us for a family trip every year and because of him we have been all over the United States. He also has been going back to school while working, and of course taking care of his grown up children too and my lovely mother. :) He is a great father and just a wonderful human being. Please, he really deserves this!!

  37. Desiree Dykstra says

    My name is Desiree’, I’m 15-years-old and I would love to nominate my father for the Father of the Year Award!
    It took me 15 years to realize what an extraordinary influence my father has been on my life. He’s an ordinary person, seeking extraordinary things. My Father has endurance, an eye for nature, vast curiosity and good humor. There’s never too much and never too little about him. My Dad fulfills this statement, based on his non-judgmental qualities, and the fact that he looks beyond outside appearance to expand his knowledge in getting to know someone. I love my Dad very much and this is why he deserves the Father of the Year Award.

  38. says

    (Typed with mommy’s help) My name is Jaedyn Emma and I’m one year old. My daddy without a doubt deserves the Kodak Father of the Year Award! Why, you ask? He works full time and goes to school full time (school at home, online) and always makes time for me and mommy. He never makes me feel like I’m in the way, even when he’s distracted and stressed – I regularly go visit him when he’s studying and secretly I think I’m a great help. Daddy also leads worship at our church and lets me help him practice – oh, and he has a guitar all ready for me when I’m big enough to learn to play! Until then, I dance to his tunes and enjoy hearing him sing praise to God. Daddy has always been quick to help take care of me (and change my diapers much to mommy’s relief) and reads to me every night before bed (my favorite is “Goodnight Moon”). Then right before mommy carries me into my own little room she hands me to daddy for a goodnight kiss – I don’t think I could sleep without that last kiss from daddy. I love him so much, and so does my mommy. He deserves the Father of the Year award because he’s always there for me and mommy, and isn’t afraid to show how much he loves us!

  39. Lori Knapper says

    “It’s been one year since Dad’s surgery. Care to join us for dinner to celebrate?”, said my brother.

    I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

    Our family was typical American – Dad, factory electrician; Mom, family manager. At 16, I felt sorry for myself. Responsible, active, religious, and smart; yet strict rules for the sibling example-setter, expected to respect elders and do my best in everything. Fearful of failure, why didn’t Dad trust me? It came crystal clear at 47 watching my dad fight the biggest battle of his life.

    Transparent were all his lifetime experiences. He’s the second of eleven children; the twins died. Grandfather didn’t always bring home the whole paycheck, which led to bacon-lard sandwiches, street fights and my Dad’s family being gone one day after arriving home from school.

    The Milwaukee County Children’s Home had a lot of rules. He and his siblings quickly learned consequences for lack of respect, chores and doing their best. No parental arms to guide them through the emotionally-developing years. When 16, his Dad died. With brother now in the service, Dad was the man of their family.

    This and much more led to the over-achiever that he is in school, sports, marriage, and parenting each of his children to be the best that they can be in life . . . despite what life throws at you. I am forever grateful that it was my dad that learned the hard way so he could simply share life lessons with us.

    I have a wonderful husband, family, home, faith-life, career, education, talents galore and zest for life. I now know that you can do anything you want if you just try hard enough – even survive cancer. This is why my dad deserves the Father of the Year Award.

  40. says

    Where does a daughter even begin?
    Growing up my dad worked very, very hard to provide for his family. I didn’t see much of him, he would work 60 hours or more a week, just so me and my brother would have basically anything we wanted. We weren’t very close though, as far as having a bond, until December of 1997, the day after Christmas, my dad almost died. My dad was 50 years old and informed that he had Congestive Heart Failure, and only 25% of his heart. He spent over a month in the ICU, at that point, I realized how special my Dad was to me, and how much I really wanted to get to know him, and have a Father/Daughter relationship. After my Dad got sick, he had to retire from his job, times were hard, but we were happy. Dad and I spent alot of time camping and fishing, going out to eat together, talking about school and boys. Now as a Mother myself, he is a excellent Grandpa. His grandson, Tristan, is the light of his life.
    My Dad deserves to be nominated for so many reasons, that it would take much more then 300 words to tell you why. God gave me the best Dad any daughter could ask for. I hope to have many more wonderful years with my dad.

  41. says

    Of course, my father should get this award (what father does NOT deserve such an award, if he was indeed a good dad?) My Dad has always been there for me and my 6 other siblings and my Mom. He has always provided for us and never had us do without. We always went on family trips and outtings together and we each got our allowance once a week. I don’t know how my Dad did it, but he did and all I have is wonderful memories of my Dad and still do today. He is a little slower and gets a bit more tired now adays, but my Dad will always be my hero and my best friend! Thanks!

  42. Maelisa Sanchez says

    Why my husband is the father of the year. When we found out we were having a kid it was the happiest time of our life at the same time it was scary because we had no idea how to have kids we were young our selfs. But when we had our daughter it was the most amazing time of our life. Mallorie was born with a disablity that was so uncomon to see that not many people could tells us alot we ended up having thousand of dollars in medical bills the first years and we were at the hospital at least 5 days out of the week and my husband didn’t quit he still held on and support us and he didn’t get any sleep he was always on the go staying up with her and rocking her to sleep so that way she could sleep well without having sleep apnea and breath at night and he would go straight from the hospital to work and back and he never stopped and he made sure that I got to relax before he did. Still to this day with my daughter turning 2 years old he has contiune to work hard and give her a life that is amazing he takes her fishing and to the park and with her being deaf and only hear with a hearing aid he has tough her music so she can listen and he has brought so much joy to our life. He is now a father of our son who he has done just the same thing with. He makes sure that he is there when they wake up and he makes sure he feed them there breakfast and give them there bath and plays tea party with Mallorie and even though she is a girl and like girly things he bites his tongue and makes sure he does everything he can. It hasn’t been easy with only one person in the house being able to work and having a child who is disabiled and always in the hospital with tones of medical bills it has been a struggle but he has worked and did everything he can and still is.. That is why my husband is the greatest father in the world and I wouldn’t change him for the world.

  43. Meredith says

    My father is one of the greatest things in my life. He has been not only a father to me but a best friend, a coach, a shoulder to cry on (and I have way too many times), a rock, and so much more.

    Most parents go away on vacation to get away from their kids but last week, my mom felt the need to call me and tell me how lost Dad looked in the pool without my sister and I there to race against and toss around.

    I’m actually the twin sister that Amanda H is referring to (and am on the left in that picture she attached to her entry).

    Our Dad means everything to us and neither of our entries do him enough justice but I guess you’ll just have to take our word for it! He really is the best.

    Thanks for giving me the chance to let everyone know how special he is!

  44. Ashley says

    Dad, Daddy, and Pappaw. My dad goes by all of these names.

    He’s got the biggest heart and hands so large that he can easily hold a newborn. Arms so strong that they could probably lift a small car; but those same arms have always been open for hugs from his 3 beautiful daughters and his one granddaughter.
    My dad represents everything a True Dad should be. He has worked as hard as he can, sometimes even harder, to provide for his daughters and his loving wife. And now, he even works to spoil his first grandbaby.
    My dad has done so much for me and my two sisters. He has helped support my oldest sister, her husband, and their daughter through the hardest times, even if his own business isn’t doing very well. He is always finding time to do special stuff with his daughters and will drop anything to help us. He is willing to do anything to make sure that we have a great home and loves spoiling us rotten. :)
    Although my dad did not have the best childhood growing up, that has not stopped him from being the best father today. He has done so much and will continue to do alot for me and my 2 sisters, along with his first granddaughter. It is these qualities that make him the absolute best father!

    And as a bonus::::HE LOVES PGA! :) lol

  45. Caitlin Young says

    What makes my Dad the best is that he plays the role of “Dad” and “Mom” since he has raised me and my older sister as a single parent. He works so hard every day, he has his own business, but he still makes time for ball games, dance recitals, track meets or whatever my sister and I are involved in. We can tell Dad anything. He listens to us vent, he hugs us when we cry, and he corrects us when we need it. Our house burned in December, but my sister and I knew that when Dad said it would all be ok,it would be ok. We knew our dad would work non-stop until he had it built back, and that’s exactly what he did. We know if we need anything, he will make it happen. He’s a “dad” to all our friends as well. They all call him “daddy Matt”. His girlfriend has two boys who he also treats like his own children. We have all become like one big family, and he is the Dad who loves us all. He does everything from play playstation with them to coach them in wrestling or train them at the gym. They would say he deserves the “Dad of the Year” award as well. He also takes care of anything his mother needs since she is a widow. He cuts her grass, takes care of her car, whatever she needs. He is the most unselfish person on the planet! He does all this and still manages to also be the best cook ever! My dad is the best!

  46. Megan Gaskin says

    My Dad deserves to be “Father of the Year” because everything he has taught me in life, even when I thought he was being strict, has made me become and realize he was preparing me for the future, the real world and wanted what was best for me. My Dad and I weren’t “that” close while I was growing up, but over the past few years, my Dad and I have gotten very close and he has been there every step of the way, in helping all that he can do. Even at 26, I still feel like “Daddy’s Little Girl,” and I know I will always be. One of my favorite memories of my Dad and I, is getting up early on Saturday mornings and sharing a cup of coffee, while Dad read the newspaper. Every time I come home to visit, we still continue to have our morning cup of coffee together. He taught me to be a good person, to know the difference between right and wrong. He also instilled in me that education was extremely important; I always struggled through school, but he was always there to help me and was there to keep me from getting discouraged when I didn’t understand. Years have come and years have gone; I have been taught a lot about life by the wonderful, loving, caring, supportive man, that I am happy to have as my Father. I love you Dad and Thank You for all that you have done for me throughout the years. Love Your Baby Girl!

  47. says

    Humble. Kind. Gentle. Loyal. Honest. Generous. Affable. Fair. Sincere. Grateful. These are the words that best describe my father, my dad, my daddy. He grew up in a one- room farmhouse where my grandparents raised him along with his four brothers and sisters on the plains of South Dakota. They were extremely poor and lived in one of the last houses in the Dakotas to get electricity. My dad tells stories from his childhood, such as sleeping with snow coming through the windowsills onto the bed he shared with his brothers as if they were the best times of his life.

    He does not complain when life gets hard, but rather lives life with joy and purpose. This was tested a few years ago when his wife died from pancreatic cancer. He stayed by her side and cared for her until she passed away. My father was never bitter. He chose to live life and every time I talk to him, he mentions how grateful he is for everything that he has.

    As a child, his gentleness and sincerity won me over. My father never raised his voice. He didn’t need to. When I faltered, a mere look of disappointment could bring me to tears. As an adult, his sense of fairness and his wisdom make him the first person I seek when I need counsel. You see, my father is the best simply because he is a truly good man with a heart that loves his children and his grandchildren deeply. He is a man who has taught me how to live with character simply by being who he is. In truth, the words above fall short. They don’t honor my father, who has been my “Father of the Year” each year of my life, nearly enough.

  48. Danny Clifton says

    I really want my father to win this father of the year award because he is the best dad in the whole entire world he is generous, nice, kind, helpful and most of all the best dad I could ever have he picks me up from karate, he helps me with my school work almost every single day, he takes me to basketball, he takes me to boy scouts, he takes me to soccer, he takes me to run, he takes me to football, taught for my football class, he has went to all of my boyscout camps, he plays catch with me outside whether it is baseball or football he always helps me whenever i am sick or tired, he taught for my basketball for almost 5 years, he comes to some meetings I have at school, i love my dad till the day I was born till the day I die he is so cool he is the best dad in the whole entire world and I would really really really be grateful if my dad got the father of the year award because whenever need someone he’s there.

  49. Shannon Morris says

    Our dad is the father of the year. Without any doubt. As a stay-at-home-dad to four young kids (Julia, 9, Anna, 7, Adrian 5 and John 3) he has mastered pony tails, laundry, potty training, cooking with Rachel Ray, homework and housecleaning. He gave up his career as a high school math teacher so that mom could focus on hers, and never once acted like he should get an award for it. He shows up at the pool with the kids and chats with all the moms, he makes pumpkin bread for the attendance office, he makes conversation with moms at nursery school drop off, he signs up for snack duty and is proud to get savings from coupon Our dad teaches us every day that family comes first and, in his own extraordinary way, delivers guidance, passion, sincerity and tolerance daily. He finds time to be the best soccer and softball and baseball coach while covering off on every need as the dad to three growing girls and one little guy. The role model he is – never giving our children any doubt that both dads and moms are capable of making the house a home – is one that is award worthy. He applies his professional expertise as teacher, his BA in finance and MA in administration in ways I am sure he never imagined possible. The end result? Father of the year.

  50. Tori Bowen says

    My husband and daddy to my children is without a doubt father of the year and the best dad anyone could have. The kids dad passed away when they were 1 and two, it was a really rough time for all of us, at the time I never could of imagined being blessed with such an excellent husband and father to my children. My daugher Tyanna is now 6 years old and my son Darren is 5, we met their daddy three years ago and he has blessed our lives since then. He treats the kids as if they were his own, he loves them, plays with them, takes them to school, attends all of the event in their lives, and is the best dad a kid could ask for. A little over a year ago we added a new addition to our family, my husbands 5 year old grandaughter Ahlaya. We learned through other family members that she had been having a rough life, her mother had been using drugs, and she had been abused. We quickly stepped into action and got legal custody of her. Leon (my husband) treats all of the kids as if they were his own, he is an excellent role model for them, he helps them with homework, plays with them on the trampolene, and teaches them to have respect for themselves and others. He is the Father of The Year!

  51. says

    My dad loves the Lord and lives for Him. His memorization of Scripture has inspired me to actively hide God’s Word in my heart. His passion for evangelism and fulfilling the Great Commission is one of the things I admire most about him. Because of Daddy, I share that passion; it will be with me throughout my life and I cannot thank him enough for instilling it in me!

    My dad loves my mom, my brothers, and me unconditionally. He shows it in his words and actions. He does everything he can to protect us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

    My dad is a wonderful steward of the resources God has given him. He has taught me the importance of not living for the pleasures of this life but of having an eternal perspective. He gives generously to missions and to the poor. His example has made a lasting impact on me.

    My dad is diligent. Not only he works hard outside the home to provide for us, he also works hard at home. He does yard work and takes care of the house’s maintenance. He is good at fixing things and improvising. For example, how many dads can kill bugs with a rubber band? By the way, it’s fun to watch!

    I enjoy spending time with my dad. He has a great sense of humor and makes us laugh a lot.
    Even work can become fun when I’m doing it with Dad. He taught me how to play piano as well as basketball, baseball, soccer, golf, and badminton. Daddy is always there to help me whether with math problems or with my fears.

    Honestly, no essay can fully express how blessed I am to be my Daddy’s daughter. He is already Father of the Year every year to me.

    ~Alyssa Liljequist, age 15
    (with my parent’s permission)

  52. crystal says

    From an early age my dad was always a hard worker. Even on Christmas evening(80’s) if they called him in for overtime snow plowing ,he would have to leave us and make money so we could eat.
    As a teenager my dad showed me about being healthy like exercising and vitamins.He worked out every weekday after work!!
    Present time,my dad retired last year. He rides his Harley and although i know his Bike is his baby, i will always be his baby girl!!


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