Wordless Wednesday — Julia Snuggling Her New Stuffy

Julia snuggled into her cozy bed at the Four Seasons with the precious stuffed animal the hotel gave her.

Julia and Sophia came with me to the Mom 2.0 Summit at the Four Seasons in Houston, Texas. We could not believe what a family friendly hotel it is.

Julia’s favorite part of our trip was receiving this little stuffed horse as a gift from the hotel. (They give all children staying at the hotel one of these toys and they do everything you can imagine to make the children feel at home.)

Watch a cute video of Julia and Sophia at the hotel.

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  1. says

    Some of my favorite pictures of my kids are those of them sleeping peacefully, with their “must have” stuffed animal held tight. In our house, it was always a monkey and a little brown dog. Love your photo!

  2. says

    My daughter has a horse just like that, but we made it at one of those Build-A-Bear-like places. I love the little face on it, and the little face holding it!

  3. says

    She looks so peaceful! The last time we were at the Four Seasons Journey dragged around the cowboy bear they gave her for a really long time. It is such a small, but big gesture on the part of the hotel. The kids really love getting a gift!

  4. says

    That is so sweet. I laugh when the kids ask me why I have so many pics of them sleeping. I tell them that’s when they’re most peaceful 😉


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