Tackle It Tuesday — Week 23

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“That’s our house – it’s a messy place.”

So the tackling is working – except in some parts of my house! For example, in the early summer I started to tackle my storage room in our basement and pulled everything out. Then I stalled. So now, to get to our basement playroom we have to step around stacks of boxes.

The other day, Susan and Jackson were downstairs looking for something and Susan complained to Jackson, “I can’t find anything it is too messy down here.”

Jackson sighed and replied, “That’s our house – it’s a messy place.”

They speak the truth those innocent little babes. And yes – my house (especially the basement and the garage) is a messy place. Although I have moments of tidy and organized, things can quickly fall apart.

But every two weeks I have a housekeeper come and do the heavy cleaning for three hours. So the night before she arrives, I run around in a dead panic tidying my house. (Not the basement mind you – I have her steer clear of there. She is liable to break her neck getting down there and I don’t need a lawsuit!)
So this week I thought I would show you my high traffic area tackle that happens every two weeks (or if someone is coming over.)

Dining Room: Before

Tackle It Tuesday

Dining Room: After

Tackle It Tuesday

Front Hall: Before

Tackle It Tuesday

Front Hall: After

Tackle It Tuesday

You will notice Jackson’s hockey bag still behind the front door. I tried to move it, but gave up. Our garage is as bad as the basement, and I don’t want to try and find a place for that right now. We use it too often. So until I can tackle the garage and find a home for Jackson’s new hockey stuff, I think I will let it stay there. When people come over or for “trick or treating” I will move it. In fact I moved it for the picture and then felt too dishonest and moved it back. Blogging is real life and that is where it will be!

But guess what – I didn’t stop there! I also tackled the stuff from my van.

Jackson and Julia’s toy box that I had kept in the van had a bunch of broken glass in it from the van getting broken into. So I emptied it, cleaned the toys and washed out the box.

As well I organized all the other stuff that I took out of my van. When I cleaned out the van to get fixed, I threw it all in the container that I had in the front seat. I am actually not returning that box to the van now. I have gotten much more nervous about leaving things visible in my van!

So I put the CD’s in two carrying cases and will keep them under the seat. Wipes, diapers, and extra clothes are going in the toy box which I am now keeping in the back. Extra sunglasses, hand lotion and other misc. items will be properly stowed away.

Van Stuff: Before

Tackle It Tuesday

Toy Box: Before

Tackle It Tuesday

Toy Box: After

Tackle It Tuesday

So there you have it. High traffic areas had a pick me up, but the hidden disasters in the garage and the basement are still patiently waiting for me to tackle. (I think those will have to be tackle series!)

What did you do this week? Or what are you planning on doing today? Link up and let us know!

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  1. says

    Ah, wonderful housework tackles. Quite a difference yes! I love your dining room furniture, it’s beautiful.

    About my own tackles this week I only say:

    Broke back on the dirt mountain…!!! *lol*

  2. says

    Congratulations on a good round up for this week. I agree, your dining table is sooooo delicious! [yummmo] Funny about the honesty of kids. With thanks to the weekly tackles, my son isn’t asking “Who’s Comming?” so much anymore! 555 =D

  3. says

    Looks good. We have two high traffic areas, the table and the kitchen counter. I work constantly at keeping them cleaned off. Some days are better than others! A tackle is a tackle big or small! A basement is a great winter tackle for when you can’t go out and do yard work!

  4. says

    I keep trying to finish reading your post but baby is having issues. :0) I always think it is funny how a visit from a housekeeper often causes people to tidy up before they come. Okay . . . better run! I’ll be back to visit in quieter moments & read the rest of your post. :)

  5. says

    LOL, love the comment by Jackson! And doesn’t it feel great when you do a whirlwind tackle of messy areas? Makes me all smiles.

    (Oh, and I hope I didn’t offend about the clothing at the pumpkin patch. I have kids who wear shorts when it is cold and sweatshirts when it is hot. They seem to run opposite of what everyone else is doing.)

  6. says

    YEAH! I’m up with a tackle! Not the office, that’s going to take a while. But while cleaning the kitchen yesterday and putting groceries away, I cleared out our “basement pantry”. Still hanging in there. 😉

  7. says

    WOW Janice – can I be more like you – I just dont know how you do it! I am finding myself overwhelmed at the littlest task these days! :) Though the site is taking over more and more time – and here I thought it would “run itself” by now! BOY what I did not know when I started it! 😀

    OHH and I found this gread forum – have you see it? http://www.christianmomsforum.com not sure you want yet another place to visit but its a great group!

  8. says

    Great tackle! You’ve been busy!! I’m going to tackle getting ready for NaNoWriMo this evening by cleaning off my desk…again! LOL!! I’m going to try to take pictures through the week so I’ll have something to post next Tuesday…

  9. says

    Great job! I really need to get involved in this meme. My house (and husband!) would love me for it. But I would probably be mortified to post before pictures!

  10. says

    Great clean up! I aspire to your organization. My bedroom is the area that tends to clutter the most. Whether it is my husband or my children, laundry always ends up in there. I am bad about clearing the rest of the house if we have company coming and dumping it in my room. My tackle was my bedroom, maybe I can keep it neat!

  11. says

    I feel your pain & struggle!! I have three kids ages 16, 14 & 2 & I often feel that I will never be able to stay organized! You are doing a great job & tackling your “hot spots”. I have been on a mission for the last month to get my house organized & in order. As a self-professed “pack rat” I have to admit that letting go of the clutter has been a very freeing experience! There is nothing like being able to find what you are looking for in a matter of seconds because it is exactly whree it’s supposed to be & not buried with other junk! The best advice I can give anyone that is trying to get organized is to prioritize what is truly important for you to keep & ditch the rest! I am almost finished with my house & it is an amazing feeling!!

    I have also just started my own blog & I am looking for some suggestions & help as to what I should put on it! Any help would be appreciated!! http://hopespage-momofthree.blogspot.com/

  12. says

    Wow! You tackled alot! This will by my first one, so I’m starting small. Next week, I’ll be doing hot spots too. I live in a small (1200 sq. ft.) home with 3 little ones and a hubby, so organization is paramount! I’m finally going to try and get it together!


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