Gwen Bell Talks About Marketing to Moms at the Mom 2.0 Summit

Gwen Bell is the queen of branding, social media and creativity. And she is THE life of the party.

You likely know Gwen as one of the fabulous Kirtsy girls and if you’re on Twitter, you’re probably following her @gwenbell. (If you’re not, quick, jump over and start following her now.)

Well, we managed to pull Gwen from the dance floor of the Mardi Gras party at the Mom 2.0 Summit to get her take on marketing to moms.

Gwen Bell Talks About Marketing to Moms at the Mom 2.0 Summit from 5 Minutes for Mom on Vimeo.

So now we have a question for you…

Tell us… how often do you use Kirtsy? Do you submit your own posts? Browse the site and read others?
Have you clicked “Kirtsy This” at the bottom of this post? 😉

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  1. says

    Isn’t Gwen so fun?

    Hey that’s funny, I thought I saw her eye shadow sparkle on that interview.

    Holly, I KNOW! Gwen has THE most amazing energy and it is so infectious.

    And yes, ya’ll we need to Kirtsy, Kirtsy, Kirtsy!


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