The Last Perfect Smile…

Look at that smile!

Oh, my baby girl is just so delicious! I grabbed this super sweet shot during our visit to Discovery Cove.

Little did I know at the time, that it would be the last shot I would ever have of her perfect little baby teeth…

No longer perfect, but still just as sweet!

The next day, while her brother and Daddy were enjoying the Indiana Jones show at Hollywood Studios, Olivia took a spill on the concrete steps at the park.

It was just a little, toddler trip — marked only with a two minute session of tears. But later that day I noticed something different about her smile. My little Livie had chipped her tooth!

Honestly I have no idea HOW she managed to chip her tooth! When she stumbled on the stairs, I was right with her and she didn’t seem to even hit anything. But I guess her tooth must have hit the ground. Poor thing.

Liv is an energetic and adventurous girl who has us constantly chasing her. So really, I think her chipped tooth smile suits her. Just one more souvenir of her busy toddler years. :)


  1. says

    My little guy chipped his front tooth after what I considered a relatively minor fall.

    Had him checked out at the dentist and she confirmed it was chipped but needed no treatment – that it was ‘just fine’

  2. says

    My lo chipped her first tooth when she was 9 months old or so…she fell in her crib! Craziness! She chipped the same tooth a second time when she was 14 months old and we have no idea when that happened. I’ll be amazed if she keeps it until it ‘naturally’ falls out!!!

  3. Alane Michels says

    How cute!! At least she’s got teeth left. My daughter lost one of her front teeth at 2 & the other one about a year later. She’s now 5 & we’re still waiting :)

  4. says

    What a great smile, chipped tooth or no chipped tooth. We were at Hollywood Studios last month and we loved the Indiana Jones show. My husband was picked to be one of the extras so the kids thought it was even better!

  5. says

    Awww! Beautiful smile! I know there’s something about trying desparately to keep your kid as perfect as the day she was born, but once the first “blemish” appears, you realize that she’s still perfect anyway!

  6. says

    She does look adorable both ways. I’m so glad she’s okay though! My daughter fell when she was about 18 months and we didn’t realize it, but she had hairline cracks in both her front teeth. We didn’t know until they actually cracked further a year later. :-( The dentists tried to fix them with flouride paint and other things, but the only way to really “fix” it would have been to put her under and put caps on. Oy!

    So glad your little gal’s okay!

  7. says

    Well, she looks very cute with a chipped tooth. A few years ago my friends daughter fell getting out of their car (she was three at the time) and she hit her face so hard her tooth had to be extracted. Ouch!!!

  8. says

    She’s a doll – either way!

    I remember when my daughter did that – she was 3 and was running down the driveway to meet me. Totally wiped out on the blacktop and chipped almost 1/3 of her front tooth. I was so scared at first! We came to love her new smile just as much as the perfect one:)

  9. says

    My son chipped his tooth when he was about 15 months. It was quite an experience and we had to have emergency dental x-rays. Not fun. He was fine though and his tooth was okay, but he did need to have a sealant put on it. It will be strange when he loses that tooth in another year or 2 and gets a whole tooth there again!

  10. says

    Eurgh! Things that happen to the face always freak me out. Maybe because I’ve had so many stitches in mine. My poor nephew (5yrs) just recently fell down the stairs and popped out both front teeth.

  11. says

    When my little girl knocked her front tooth out, I think I was more traumatized than she was. She was only three and is still waiting for the permanent tooth to come in.

    The funny thing is that everybody still is asking her when she lost her tooth. I kindly say three years ago and they are in disbelief because they didn’t notice it before?!? Now I can’t imagine her having a tooth there!

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