I just taped this on my wall…

It’s okay to need a break.
Breaks are normal.
People without breaks are not nice or healthy.

Erin from It’s Your Movie

I love blog hopping.

I rarely allow myself the treat, but since enjoying the blogosphere more is one of my 2009 Resolutions/Goals, tonight I treated myself to a stop at one of my favorite blogs Adventures in Babywearing.

So, I was over at Steph’s blog, and she mentioned a friend of hers — Erin from It’s Your Movie — You Can Sing If You Want To. I decided to hop over and get to know her a little.

And within her list of “hopeful maybes for the year to come”, I latched on to a profound nugget of truth that I need to embrace.

“It’s okay to need a break.
Breaks are normal.
People without breaks are not nice or healthy.”

I constantly struggle with allowing myself guilt-free breaks.

As a work-at-home mom, I find it almost impossible to ever feel like I can take breaks. I dream of going out for a walk by myself, but never do it. If late at night, I sneak in an episode of a favorite TV show off my TIVO, I feel guilty.

But I must take breaks seriously. My body takes it seriously whether I do or not… as it shouted at me during my November pass-out, throw-up, panic attack.

So now on my wall, next to my monitor, is my reminder.

“It’s okay to need a break.”

Thanks Erin!


  1. says

    Everyone deserves to take a break. We need it for our own mental well being. I just think moms feel overburdened with guilt for thinking of themselves occasionally. Good for you for recognizing this!

  2. says

    I need to remember this…. because the last person to get a break is usually me. I don’t want to not be nice or healthy!

    So, for 2009 I’m going to make sure to make a little time for “me” – a break here and there for a healthy and happy year!

  3. says

    The best way to take care of others and the things you need to do, is to take care of yourself first.

    This coming from someone who never schedules free time for myself at home and at work, someone who eats her lunch in her office while doing work. :)

    I guess we are all guilty of not taking enough breaks.

  4. says

    I could spend all day reading mom blogs. There are just so many interesting things that go on in our lives. I truly get lost in these blogs and if it was not for the house, the husband, and the kids I would be on here all day reading these things.

  5. says

    Maybe I should take a leaf out of your book then, although I seem to have added to my ‘to do’ list recently rather than cull it down to a more manageable size.

  6. says

    What an excellent quote and idea. I agree, everyone needs a break. Sometimes I forget to take one and get crabby which is no good.

    Everyone.. take your breaks!!

  7. says

    I find it impossible to take a break. I feel like there’s always something I should be doing because there’s not enough time in the day to do what I really want.

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