Julia and I are Going Digital

I was tired of the static interference.

I do most of my work while my baby sleeps, which means I work with a baby monitor buzzing in my ear. And buzzing is an understatement when it comes to my baby monitor. It makes so much unnecessary noise it drives me mad!

Baby MonitorBut tonight I will work in peace. I have just plugged in my new Philips Digital Baby Monitor and I am thrilled.

It uses something called Zero-Interference DECT Technology to make sure you don’t get any interference and when you do hear a peep, you can be sure it’s coming from baby.

It also has some fun extra features like reporting the baby’s room temperature and playing lullabies. And get this — it even works like a walkie-talkie — which will thrill Jackson to bits. Also, the parent unit is wireless so I can use the neck strap or belt clip and be free to move throughout the house.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love technology?!?

Oh and check out their cute website, A Bedtime Story for New Mommies. It’s a cartoon book telling the story of how mommies used to have to endure all sorts of crazy signals on their baby monitors. It made me laugh.

Now, back to work and the hum of my laptop. I can’t believe I can hear my laptop! This thing is great! :)


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    It’s pretty to boot! We use the Lorex video monitor and love it! It’s rare that X is in bed without us, but I don’t think I could live with just sound again!

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    Hi, Susan.
    Glad to hear you get a help :).

    I remember a friend of mine told me something about her baby monitor. One day while her baby was with her, she accidentally heard something weird from the baby monitor. She couldn’t explain it clearly, but it was like.. umm… something scary..

    Well, hope you never have to experience it. hehe..

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    I came across your article about going digital. My gosh it goes back a few years to 2006. The Philips monitor you mention is no longer available. They do have 3 models that use the DECT technology – still great for the “no static” reception.


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