Link up in our New Years 2009 Resolution Carnival

What are your 2009 New Year’s Resolutions?

A few of my resolutions (or goals as I like to think of them) are:

  1. Enjoy each day and savor each moment with my girls.
  2. Lose a few holiday pounds and get in shape. (Although I lost all of my baby weight last year, I’m still hopelessly out of shape. Must. Exercise.)
  3. Organize and manage my projects more effectively. (Psst… I’ve got a fantastic solution for this… check back Monday.)
  4. Take more video of my girls. (They’re growing up too fast… I need to capture more.)
  5. Read and comment on more blogs. (I’m so busy that I don’t spend enough time enjoying the blogosphere and commenting.)

Now it’s your turn… what do you resolve to do this year?


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    I want to comment more on blogs too. I do a lot of reading, but usually get interrupted before I can leave a comment. Then I lose my train of thought (or it completely derails!) and I forget what I wanted to say.

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    My goals are all pretty much the same as last year because they’re continuous goals. I just updated them with some new rules/etc. Except for that weight loss one.


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    OK–you got me to make some resolutions. I usually don’t make specific New Years resolutions. But what the heck–I could always use some work on these things.

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    I’m not sure I’ll admit to making any New Year’s Resolutions — since there’s a stunning long track record of abysmal (sometimes public) failure behind (and I do mean “behind”!) me on that road of good intentions! Goals, maybe… and a few plans… :)

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    Too funny. I was just wondering if you would put up a link for the resolutions. I can’t wait to head out and read everybody’s. Good luck with your resolutions. I too hope to capture my kids on video more and to get out and enjoy the blogosphere community.

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    Ooh, I really like Ileana’s plan to focus on one word. It would be tough to pick… Maybe I’d pick “mindful” or “breathe” or just “simplify”. I’m usually too uncomfortable to make resolutions because I’m more afraid of breaking them. I guess it’s a sign of how I’ve grown in the past year that I’m ready to make them this year.

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    I resolve to have more fun this year! I’m always working, or feeling guilty when I’m not. I want to relax more and know that I deserve it. And now that my kids are getting older, I want us to do more fun things together.

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    I haven’t listed my resolutions on my blog yet but mine are very similar to yours. I’m planning on getting more organized with my blog and hopefully increase my readers and visitors. My traffic went way, way down recently so I’m trying a new strategy for 2009. I also would love to get more video of my kids. I agree with you they grow up way too fast. I hope you and your family have a Happy New Year!


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