Will Your New Year’s Resolution Win You A Wii Fit?

It’s Resolution Time Ladies…

Did “losing weight” make your 2009 New Years Resolution list?

I’m betting most women have either losing weight or getting in better shape somewhere on their lists.

Yes, losing a few holiday pounds and getting in shape are right at the top of my 2009 list.

Last year, my big resolution was to get rid of all my baby weight. My second baby, Sophia, was born on Oct 12th, 2007, and I still had weight to lose from my first pregnancy!

Gradually by summer 2008, I met my goal and was back to my pre-pre-pregnancy weight.

Since I loathe having my photo taken, I don’t have much documentation of my weight loss. All I can find at the moment is a photo of Janice and me when we were 37 weeks pregnant in September 2007 (we were due 4 days apart) and a photo of us in July 2008.

Sept 2007 – 37 Weeks Pregnant

Susan and Janice at 37 weeks
Susan and Janice

July 2008 – Baby weight gone

Janice Susan July 2008
Janice and Susan

Visual Motivation

I have to admit, I had a rather unique motivating tool that helped me reach my goal. I had the visual motivation of…

My twin sister, Janice — A skinnier version of me!!!

You can see in our 37 week pregnancy photo how Janice (who had been extremely disciplined with her diet during her pregnancy) was still very tiny at 37 weeks. She had her baby at 38 weeks and quickly was back into her old clothes. But my weight took longer to shed.

Seeing what I could look like if I cut back on the banana bread definitely motivated me.

Okay, so we can’t give you a skinny twin sister to motivate you to be thinner… BUT we have found something even better!!!

What we found to help you lose weight is a site called www.weightview.com and it’s all about Visual Motivation.

The idea is simple. And it is FREE! You send in a photo of yourself and tell them your weight loss goal. They modify the photo to show you what you could look like after you reach your goal.

You use that “after” photo to motivate you to lose weight.

And, since support from friends is key to your success, the weightview site has a great community where you can share your journey and have fun while getting healthy.

Testing WeightView.com

We’ve had a few of our readers sign up at www.weightview.com and submit their photos. We’re going to follow these ladies and, at the end of the month, we’ll check in to see how much closer they are to their goals.

Angela — MamaBearGetsChatty

weightview-angelaI am a Christian Stay at Home Wife and Mama. I have struggled with my weight ever since I was young…like junior high young!

The only time I was ever really slender was when I was single and B.C. (before child).

I want to be healthy for my 15 year old son, my 2 year old son (whom we are in the process of adopting), and for my husband.

I’m actually starting a “15% Club”, and have blogged about it at MamaBearGetsChatty.blogspot.com. I’ve invited any woman who wants to lose 15% of their weight or more, to come and join me on this journey to health, energy, and being able to shop for clothes that aren’t “plus sizes”!

Shelly — Write For A Reader

weightview-shellyMy name is Shelly Burns. I am a 35 year old teacher, blogger, and reader. My husband and I live on 9 acres where we raise paint horses.

On my blog, I review books — mostly children’s books, but also YA, and adult titles.

I have never been small, weight wise, but because I am tall I can carry more weight. About 3 months ago, I started to notice that my body was taking on a different shape, and my pants started to fit differently.

So, I decided that, Jan. 1, I was going to do something, anything. That’s when I heard about weightview.com from 5 Minutes for Mom and knew that was the motivation I needed.

Michelle — Michelle’s Family Journal

weightview-michelleI have always had a little tummy but now after my daughter was born three and a half years ago I still haven’t lost my baby weight.

I hope to lose 35 lbs give or take 5 or 10 lbs. I plan to eat more salads, fruits and vegetables and go to the gym while DD is in pre-school or art class. My after picture is the incentive that I need for motivation.

Join me on my weight loss journey as I blog about it at Michelle’s Family Journal

WeightView.com Will Give One of You A Wii Fit

wii-fitSo now… what about you?

Do you want to lose weight?

Would you like to win a Wii Fit or a cash prize of $160?

Okay, here’s what you need to do:

  • FIRST: Sign up at www.weightview.com and submit your photo. It is FREE.
  • THEN: Leave a comment here telling us you’ve signed up.If you want extra chances to win, you may earn additional entries for the following:
    1. Subscribe to our Feed
    2. Sign up for our Newsletter
    3. Add our 5M4M button in your sidebar. Click here for banner codes.
    4. Write a post and link back to this contest on your blog
    5. Spread the word to your friends via facebook, twitter, etc.
    6. Simply leave your additional comments for each of the extra qualifying steps. Your comment telling us you signed up at weightview.com is your first entry, so if you qualify for the additional five entries, make sure you leave six comments in total.

  • This giveaway is open for entry until Friday Jan 16th. We’ll announce the winner on Saturday, Jan 17th.

    Please make sure to check our site and your email address to see if you have won the prize. We must receive your reply within 5 business days.

    (And… heads up… we’ll be running a second giveaway for another Wii Fit in the last week of January. The second giveaway will be limited to participants of this current giveaway. To be eligible for the second giveaway you must first enter this giveaway by leaving a comment and signing up with weightview.com.)

    This contest is open to US and Canadian addresses but the Wii Fit prize option is only available to US shipping addresses. A Canadian winner will only be eligible for the cash prize.

    If the winner selects the Wii Fit prize, the Wii Fit will be purchased by weightview.com and shipped to the winner’s mailing address. (Shipping charges will be covered by weightview.com.) If the winner chooses the cash prize, the winner can choose to receive $160 USD by check or by paypal.

    Please see our site’s Terms and Conditions of Use for a complete list of our Contest and Giveaway Rules. This promotion is void where prohibited.

    All clear? So this giveaway is open for entry until Friday Jan 16th and we’ll announce the winner on Saturday, Jan 17th.

    Then, for the rest of January, stay motivated with your “after” photo and the weightview.com supportive community.

    And in the last week of January, come back here and tell us your opinion of the weightview.com system for another chance to win a Wii Fit.


  1. says

    I must say that your 2008 pictures made me feel very, very jealous. I have not lost the 2007 baby weight. And not for lack of trying. *shrugs*

    Good luck to whomever wins the Wii Fit. We like ours.

  2. says

    I signed up and submitted my photo. I love that you shared this tool. When my daughter is born in late February, I’m hoping to shed at least 20lbs and have another 30 to go after that. My goal is to get to the prepregnancy weight of my first child (7 yrs ago).

  3. Stefanie says

    What a great motivator! I signed up because my goal is to lose my pre-baby (infertility sadness) weight as well.

  4. says

    Well I certainly like the ‘visual’ reference!

    I also like that you all did your before and after photos in the same clothes and didn’t cheat like they do on the telly.

    Wishing everyone all the best for 2009

  5. Jennifer Patrick says

    I signed up at weightview! I can’t wait to see the picture…great motivation!

  6. heather says

    I signed up and can’t wait to get the picture back. Since we got a Wii for Christmas I’d love the Wii fit or the $$ is always good as well! :)Thanks for hosting this!

  7. Jackie says

    I signed up and am anxiously awaiting my virtual nip/tuck results. I need a little extra motivation after all the food I’ve consumed over the Holidays!

  8. says

    I’d love to win a Wii Fit since I’ve just started trying to lose the weight. I’ve had two babies and lost the weight both times, only to gain it back. Can’t seem to keep motivated! Anyway, I’ve subscribed and hopefully I’ll get motivated by the “after” photo! Good luck to everyone!

  9. says

    I just registered and cant wait to see the picture when it comes back!!! After SEVEN babies it has taken a toll on my body…I recenly lost 38lbs and hoping to lose 10 more, but I just cant seem to get it off…Now that it is winter its even harder as I dont get the outdoor excercise. Maybe this will give me the tools to do so.

  10. says

    I signed up and can’t wait for the picture to come back! I NEED the additional visual and helpful motivation. After back surgery 2 years ago, nothing has been quite the same, add in thyroid troubles, another back and foot injury -well you get the idea. I’m really excited about this. And um, I’ve heard TONS about Wii Fit! Thank you and Happy New Year to all of us!

  11. Linda Abernathy says

    wow– I love the Weight View and can’t wait to see what my possible results would be after losing 50 lbs. Now, time to get out there and walk around the block. I would love to win the Wii too! Thanks for this opportunity.

  12. Eloise C says

    I have signed up at Weight View and submitted my picture. I will be very interested to see what I look like, thanks so much for such a great giveaway, I would love to win the Wii Fit.


  13. says

    You know I’m signed up for Weightview.com. Thanks for motivating me! I just told my husband I wanted a Wii Fit…maybe I will win.

    shelcows AT gmail DOT com

  14. Jennifer S says

    I was overweight before getting pregnant in 2006. I didn’t know I was pregnant for the first 5 months of my pregnancy because I was told I couldn’t have any more children. I had many complications, I gained 120 pounds with my pregnancy! I have recently lost 128 pounds within the last 5 months and still have more to lose. Because of my rapid weight loss, I have saggy skin. I would LOVE to win the Wii Fit so I could work out. Thanks for the chance.

  15. says

    I signed up and loosing weight is on my list. I have been hearing great things about Wii Fit. Would love to win this.

  16. Claudia M says

    oh wow, great weight loss pictures !! i would love to win and loose some “extra pounds” myself !


  17. says

    I just signed up with weightview.com

    I am really excited about seeing how I would look a little lighter! : ) Definitely an incentive to get moving!

  18. Betty Shoemaker says

    I have heard so much about this Wii Fit that I would love to try it. I have sure added some pounds since my surgery and really would like to get fit again.

  19. Annie says

    I signed up for weightview! My goal is about 30 lbs, and my husband and I are also competing to see who can lose weight first.

  20. says

    I am so excited to try this out! This looks like a great motivation! I am all signed up, and anxious to lose weight! I am due with baby #4 in just under 2 weeks. I know I need to work hard to take off the weight, and this will help encourage me.

    Thanks Ladies!


  21. clenna in NH says

    OMG I signed up at http://www.weightview.com and sent my picture in! That really hurt. I’m waiting now for the refined pix to ome back. It was a very hard choice to deide between selecting ‘my ideal weight’ and something more reasonable like ’20 lbs’ ( I chose 20 lbs).

  22. Karen says

    I just signed up. I haven’t seen myself thin in more than 20 years so I think it will be a shock to me.

  23. Donna R says

    Just turned 60 after Christmas. Haven’t been at goal weight since I was pregnant with my last baby. . .hmmm. . .27 years ago. I am sick and tired or being overweight and now that I’m a bit older, this is getting really tiresome. Will this be my year? I would love a Wii Fit to help me with this goal. Thanks for the contest.

  24. Melissa says

    I am fed up with being overweight and unhealthy. I want to lose weight so that I can feel better and be a good example for my boys. I just sent weightview a picture and boy, was it hard to look at the before picture. I chose 30 but I’d love to lose more weight than that.

  25. Melissa O. says

    I have signed up and as painful as it was I submitted a photo. I am so envious of you! I gained 55lbs during my last pregnancy and now 9 months later I still have 25 of it on me. I feel gross. I really loved my dark chocolate and now I am trying so hard to get rid of these extra pounds! I hope I win. Thank you so much

  26. says

    I subscribed to your feed. I was 170 pounds before I got pregnant and at my last OB visit about 202. I nursed and ended up gaining, ending up at around 208. My baby was a term NICU baby, with Group B Strep. He’s 10 months old and now I feel like its time to focus on losing! I’m recording food intake on fitday.com and I’m going to join weight watchers tomorrow. At least I’m going to go check them out and then decide. Right now I’m doing Tahitian Cardio every day for my exercise! :) Thanks for the blog!

  27. says

    Submitted a pic @ WeightView. :)

    Would LOVE to win the Wii Fit. Then would just need to figure out how to get a Wii, ROFL! I’ve been wanting both (the Wii for the sole purpose of the Wii Fit).

    Thx for the chance! :)

  28. says


    A. You looked terrific while pregnant! I can’t believe that first photo is of you guys at 37 weeks. You both look “small” to me.

    B. You looked terrific at BlogHer last July! Both of you!

    C. I’m not going to sign up at WeightView.com (I’m not a big fan of uploading my photo to sites on the internet other than my own…plus, I’m currently pregnant), but I think it’s a neat concept.


  29. says

    WOW! you look awsome! all the photos do. I signed up and submitted my photo. EEK did I say that? now I have to lose the weight I just can’t submitt it be judged and do nothing! thansk! No I mean it thanks! I needed the pushing! I have found being a mom to 6 it has been very hard for me to find time for myself and to take care of myself. With a wii fit I could do this with my family, have fun and stay fit! It would be a perfect win!

  30. Alecia Gibson says

    I signed up with Weight View and submitted a photo. Thanks for the giveaway!!

    agsweeps [at] hotmail [dot] com

  31. says

    I signed up on weight view and submitted a photo…I really was disgusted at my photo yuck. Thanks for this resource, I have been trying to loose my baby weight from my 2 kids, they are 18 months apart…

  32. says

    I want one of these! I just signed up with WeightView. It was really sad, I was trying to find a picture of myself but I didn’t have one. The few pictures I do have of myself, it’s with me standing behind my kids. Put things into perspective. I’m excited to see what I could look like when they email me the after picture!

  33. says

    I signed up… and it said “Your photo has been sent to our WeightView.com specialists for a Digital Nip and Tuck.” Hmm, could be interesting. :) Thanks for the chance at this AWESOME giveaway.

  34. Karen H says

    I signed up. What a great way to keep someone motivated!

    Thanks for hosting a great giveaway.

  35. says

    I signed up sent photo and have your newsletter, added a link to my site http://www.prayforbrandon.org and signed up for all of your sister sites. I am in need of something like this and would love to have it. Wii games or for sure good way to lose weight but having a fittness one is great. I want this very badly hope I win.

  36. Summer says

    I signed up at Weight View!! Would love to get a wii fit we just got wii for christmas for the kids this would be awesome to lose baby weight!!!

  37. Melissa Bandixen says

    I’ve summitted my photo to weightview.com and I’m waiting to get back the motivaitonal photo. Sign me up for the Wii Fit

  38. says

    What a great idea! I signed up. I’m anxious to see my “after picture:” My only complaint…they only go to 50 pounds. I want to know what I’d look like if I lost 100 pounds!

  39. says

    Okay, I have been resolved to lose weight for years now but I’ve pretty much stayed the same, way way overweight. I have been wanting the Wii Fit but up until Christmas we didn’t even have a Wii so the fit seemed like a distant dream. Well a sweet family GAVE us one for Christmas and now all I have to do is win the Wii Fit. (Because I still can’t afford to buy one) I’ve known about this contest for a few days but it took me that long to finally take a picture of myself. I have been in denial. So now I am signed up, I’m motivated and now I just need to win the Wii Fit. Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. Samantha R says

    I subscribe to feeds (Oh, and I meant to put in my previous post that I signed my husband Nathan up, not myself)

  41. Kari A. says

    I signed up! Gosh that was hard – taking that photo really showed me that I really do need to get rid of this baby weight. Ugh.

  42. Karen says

    I signed up. Looking for the photo was interesting. I had one that met their requirements already thankfully.

  43. Kim Brown says

    I signed up! That is totally cool. As promised, I got my picture back within 48 hours! Cool site.

  44. says

    Ok, seriously. With an 8 yo daughter in chemo, I did more than a little comfort eating. losing the significantly less than comforting weight that followed is difficult at best because I need to be able to work out at 2 am.


    Well, A) that is the only time slot I have available and B) Heck I am awake anyway, might as well do something about the extra person’s butt that now resides in my pants.

    With a husband on the road all the time, running to a 24 hour gym(is there such a thing?) is out of the question at 2 am as is going out walking or running.

    I want to get back in shape and lose the weight for me but more for my kids, so I can be the best mom to all 3 of them that I can be.

    I would be THRILLED to win this and it would boost my resolve and my behind!!

    I signed up and can’t wait to hear who wins. MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEME, please!!!!!!


  45. says

    This is a great motivator and I can’t wait to see what my after picture looks like. I signed up for the weightview and also subsribed to your email feed.. Thanks for entering me into your contest. I have heard great things about the Wii fit.. Thanks

  46. says

    I’ve just uploaded my picture and am waiting for my results in 48 hours. The suspense! I wish it only took that long to get results.

  47. says

    I am trying (and really want to!) sign up for your newsletter but can’t figure out how!


    This really isn’t that fair-I was going to do most of these things even without a chance to win! :)

  48. says

    I sent my photo in! Thanks for the giveaway; I have been trying to find a Wii Fit EVERYWHERE. My family loves playing the Wii and I really want to take advantage of the Wii Fit; I think it would really work for me! Thanks!!!

  49. Breezi Adkins says

    I just submitted my photo. That is really awesome! I need the motivation so badly.After 4 children I am 120lbs over weight,and I have 2 step children. So with 6 kids in the house I dont eat the way I should….but the kids love it when I use the WII with them. Maybe the wii fit would help me, not only live for my kids, but have fun with them too

  50. says

    I have subscribed and awaiting to see my picture. I have struggled so long with weight only to find out I have medical problems that have been my biggest battle. I am now on track with that I have been trying. It is so hard when you can’t get out to excersice. I have been looking for a way to do this in my home so I will not get stuck out away from help. Thisa would be perfect for me not to mention fun as well. My goal is to lose 75 pounds by the end of the year. But I will be happy with any amount I can manage.

  51. Jennifer M-I says

    I signed up for Weight View. I loved the pic, I’d love to look like that!

    If I win the lottery, the first thing on my list is a Wii and Wii Fit!!

  52. says

    Posted on Facebook! I need time to keep in shape with 5 kids. I am not overweight, but could tone up, and also have a heart condition that this could benefit!

  53. says

    I guess at this point in my journey, I don’t qualify. I have less than 10 lbs left to go. I don’t have any ‘fat’ pictures either. I always hid from the camera. For those who are struggling, check out my blog (although I haven’t posted about my successes last year, I will, and will explain a guaranteed, healthy way to lose it. Now I just need to tone it. Darn, I was hoping to win the Wii for that!

  54. Keisha says

    I signed up at weightview.com! What a cool website Weightview.com is. I can’t wait to get my photo back.

  55. Milissa says

    I am starting to realize that there are a few extra lbs on my backside. I recently starting working in a restaurant and all the test tasting is starting to show. Please send me a WII fit before I get too big to fit throught the door.

  56. Jill Rivera says

    Fitting in my clothes anymore was my motivation. I have been not dieting, for 2 weeks now. I have gotting in some of my jeans but still have a muffin top. I have been watching what goes in my mouth. It takes 3500 calories to burn it off. That is alot of time on the treadmill, ellipical, stationary bike or the dreaded Staircase climber. I refuse to go and spend money on clothes, so to the gym – I go.

  57. says

    I signed up for the virtual weight loss view. Will get the button on my blog tonight and will figure out how to subscribe to the feed and newsletter as well. What a great giveaway.

  58. Heather says

    I just signed up at weightview. I’d love to win the Wii Fit! It was on my xmas wish list but hubby couldn’t find it anywhere. I hope to lose 30 pounds this year.

  59. says

    Just a week ago, I started my “changing my lifestyle” I don’t know what happened in 2008, but I gained a lot of weight. I really need this Wii fit to help me really get to exercising. Gym is not affordable at this time, but a Wii fit would be perfect.

    Thanks for the offer. I’m off to get more points.

  60. says

    I posted the button on my page.

    I apologize if I have an extra set of entries on here. I scrolled through and didn’t see my name so I thought I’d enter. If I missed my entries please forgive me and don’t count these. Thanks!

  61. Sabrina says

    Thanks for the awesome weight loss incentive site. Wow a picture is worth a thousand words. I would love to win the Wii Fit. I wanted one for Christmas and that didn’t happen so this would be so great.

  62. says

    I really would like the WII Fit. It looks like so much fun, I started working out 2 weeks ago, but with 3 very little ones it gets very interesting. Thanks for the contest. This site is great. GO MOMS!

  63. trudee carreiro says

    I tried this at a friends house what an excellant fitness toool it is as if you are not even excercising.

  64. Michelle Simons says

    I signed up. amazing how the photos have the same clothes they had on when they were heavier.

  65. audrey cieklinski says

    I signed up and submitted a photo, cant wait for results. I need to lose the weight, i have been trying for at least 10 years, my kids are teenagers now. I want to set a good example for them, i try different diets with no or very little results i would really like to WII Fit. I hear its really great and i think it would help alot!

  66. nicole guzman says

    I would love to win a wii fit…. a few of my friends have it and they love love love it. It would be a great edition for our whole family. Thanks Nicole Guzman

  67. says

    I added your button to the sidebar of my blog! Tonight (after the kiddos are in bed) I’ll write about the contest!

    I’m so excited! I want a Wii Fit sooooooo bad!!!

  68. Aimee Fontenot says

    signed up and submitted my photo…just waiting for them to email my skinny pic back…LOL

  69. Rita Gonzalez says

    I’ve signed up. I cannot wait to see what I might look like after losing weight! Good luck to everyone and God Bless!

  70. Betty C says

    I signed up. I really want a Wii Fit to help me lose some of this excess weight. I know I would feel much better if I had less weight to carry around.

  71. Nadine L says

    I signed up, I love the site, can’t wait to see my “after” photo. What motivation that will be to stick with this weight loss resolution.

  72. Alexandra Hancock says

    i signed and it is definitely worth it to see yourself 30 pounds thinner. i printed mine out and it’s next to my computer (to remind me to get up and move).

    alexandra dot hancock at gmail dot com

  73. Heather S. says

    yeye, I sent out a ton of emails to get the word out last day!!!…. what a great site. Thanks for all you do.

  74. Heather S. says

    Just signed up for the newsletter…. Thanks for spurring oneanother on to good works…..

  75. Heather S. says

    I don’t have a blog (yet)but I added you to my facebook. I was dreaming about this wii fit.

  76. Heather S. says

    Ok Ok I sent my picture in…. how cool is this! Thanks so much fir letting us know! I am Devouring everything on your site.


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