Would you close the door on having more babies?

veronicaYesterday, Veronica had a tubal ligation.

She says:

… we had decided that our current three-month-old would be our last baby. At Thanksgiving, I found my heartfelt prayer was “Thank you, God, that I am not pregnant.”

Being not-pregnant has felt like coming out of a fog. I can handle the nausea and the heartburn and the sciatica of pregnancy, but the exhaustion overwhelms me.

I can’t say that I will never again want a baby – how could I say no to a baby? so sweet! so wonderful! – but I know with certainty that I never want to be pregnant again.

5 Minutes for ParentingEnding fertility is a sensitive subject, but we’re having a respectful conversation about it over at 5 Minutes for Parenting.

Come on over and read why Veronica chose to stop having babies and tell us your thoughts.

Just remember… be respectful. :)


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    I have 5 children ages 7, 5, 3 and twins that are 15 months old. I would have to agree pregnancy is hard. Although most of mine have been pretty good the twins were very difficult for me. But, being a mother is my calling in life. And if I am healthy I will continue to have more. I use no protection and just go with the flow. I figure Heavenly Father knows what I can handle. I will be only 30 this year so I am sure to have a few more I hope. But every woman is different and that decision should be made between her, her husband and God. It should also be made without being selfish. I had a friend say she was done having kids cause she was not going to drive an suv. That is sad. I feel like I can sacrifice 9 months for a lifetime of another child. What a blessing they are and there is so much more joy than any pain from a pregnancy and delivery.

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    Well I think the children are blessing of the Lord and that He and only He will be in control of our family size how small or big it will be!

    I know not everybody share this opinion but be are welcoming every little blessing God will have plan for us!

    I have to say pregnancy for me isn’t easy I get sick a lot!!!! back problem etc…. not the lucky mama’s that get preggo and feel great!!!

    Our second daughter is only 1 month old and I miss being preggo already! yes I miss the kicking and waiting for baby the big belly (not getting sick LOL)

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    I got my tubes tied after my third baby primarily because of my age. I was 40 when my very much a surprise third baby was born. My special needs daughter was also part of the reason why I decided to do this. If I were younger, I wouldn’t mind trying for a fourth baby. But since I’m now 41, it’s best we stick to three kids. There are times when I’m sad that I won’t ever have another baby, but if God wants it to happen, it will happen.

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