Wordless Wednesday — Owww!

Now, that has gotta hurt.
(Olivia is constantly beating on timid, tiny Sophia.)

Thanks to Uisce for creating Wordless Wednesday.

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    I’m smiling as I type because this brings back memories of when my boys were younger; I always said my oldest thought his baby brother was his personal punching bag!!

    Sophia will be one tough cookie, I can promise you that :). I imagine she’ll have her share of paybacks, too :).

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    I have to share a funny story that your WW reminds me of. My youngest who just turned 2 last week is quickly learning the names of body parts (especially on the face). Well, Preston usually points out nose and says “nose,” points out mouth and says “mouth,” and then points to the eye just like in your photo and says “ow!” I think he thinks it is called an “ow” instead of an “eye!”

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    Reminds me of the time my cousin’s daughter and Jayden met for the first time. She had just turned one, Jay was about 5 months. She could not help but poke him in the face, lol.

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    My daughter, who is three, picks on her good-natured older brother. She’s so feisty, and I get mad that she takes advantage of his sweet temperament. I’m always trying to remind her why she’s so lucky to have such a great big brother. Maybe she’ll get the message…eventually…

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    Oww is right poor Sophia. Eyes are just so facinating other babies love to touch them. I’ve been poked too many times and each time still hurts…alot.

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    Wow. I can remember a moment just like this one happening to me and my sister. I was on the wrong end of the finger.

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