What Are You Most Thankful For This Thanksgiving?

It’s time for Thanksgiving!

(Well, technically, since Susan and I are Canadian, we had our “Thanksgiving” in October. So while we will most likely be working away at our computers instead of basting turkeys and noshing on pumpkin pie, we will join you in the spirit of Thanksgiving!)

And the best way to have a thankful heart, is to stop and count those blessings we so often take for granted. We may race through our days, like crazed, sleep-deprived WAHMs, sometimes forgetting how wonderful our lives are, but Susan and I are so profoundly thankful for our immeasurable blessings.

And one of our blessings is you!

Because of you and all of our other dedicated readers, 5 Minutes for Mom and our sister sites have grown enough to bless countless families. Through our giveaways, Under the Tree project and our Blogs Can Change Lives campaigns we have been able to experience the joy of helping.

We are also thankful for:

God’s love and grace
Our husbands
Our children — including our precious baby girls who just turned a year old
Our mother — who at 67 is still working with us on our e-commerce stores!
Our homes
Our families’ safety
Our country
An abundance of delicious and healthy food
Trustworthy and loving nannies for our children
Each other
Computers and DSLRs…
and so much more!!!

Are you posting about your Thanksgiving? Pull up a chair (link up or leave a comment) and join us for a bloggy Thanksgiving “meal.”

Your post can be anything from a list of things you are thankful for, to a photo series showing off your fabulous Thanksgiving spread, to a humorous post about your family get together. Whatever you want to bring to the table!

(And don’t forget to invite your readers to join in too! Link back to this post so everyone can find each other.)


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    This is a great idea! I will write a post to this effect this afternoon, but in the meantime, I crashed the Mr. Linky. I’m sorry! I wasn’t paying attention, and I put my WW link in the wrong post.

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    I am thankful that i am home from Iraq and out of the military. I am thankful this year for family. We are not having a good holiday season. Things are really tight and we are asking for help from angel tree but we are thankful we have each other. Our landlord we are thankful for because instead of evicting us she offered us a lower rent house she has. We are thankful for our health and thankful for the little miracles that are happening. We are thankful for helping others. Even in our position my daughter is sending clothes of hers to alabama and oklahoma becuase she has been giving so many by others we are paying it forward to help someone else.

  3. says

    I am thankful for not being in Iraq anymore. I am thankful for our family being together even though we are really struggling this year. I am thankful for understanding children who realize that its either going to be a really small or not at all christmas they know mom and dad needs help. My daughter was given bags of clothes recently more than she can wear so she is donating some of them to a family in Alabama and Oklahoma because she loves helping people and she is only 8 years old.
    I am thankful i have wonderful kids who realize that we don’t have much but we can still help others and understand that the holiday when you are bad off like us can still have meaning by paying it forward to someone else.
    I could not ask for better children they are 9 my oldest boy, 8 my daughter, and 1 year old son.
    I am thankful for the food bank every month to help us out when we need it and for me to help them out and pay it back by volunteering.
    I am thankful for my hard working husband who is trying to be better he got his GED this june and now is in manager training at mcdonalds trying to provide for us while i can not work.
    I am thankful for people like me who will pay it forward to help someone like our family when they are down and just need a wing to push us up. I am Thankful for finding this site while searching for help for christmas your blogs and stories are inspirational when i am down during my struggle to get social security at age 37. To be a former soldier who is hurt both emotionally and physically and struggle to get what is due. I am just thankful for waking up everyday and being given the opportunities to find ways to help my children get something get something in return for their helping others to show them it really does come back to you. I am also on http://www.wishuponahero. I am asking for help for christmas on that site and helping others on that site with even simple wishes such as just sending them a card.
    My wish that i would be thankful for is for people to go back to the old days where people helped people and cared about more than themselves.That is what i would be truly thankful for.

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    Happy Thanksgiving to you! We’re all thankful for you too – for giving all of us a place to “meet” and “connect” online. 5 Minutes for Mom is one of the very first sites that I visited on a daily basis going on three years now! It’s been a pleasure watching your kids grow and watching the site (and sister sites now) blossom and FINALLY getting to meet you two in person. :)
    Have a wonderful day tomorrow and don’t work too hard!

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    I linked on the wrong post. I meant to link on the wordless wednesday.
    I’m sorry. I tried to delete it, but couldn’t figure it out. You can delete it for me if you’d like. Thanks!
    And I’m sorry for the goof, I was going too fast & not paying attention.

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    It may sound cheesy but I am tuly most tahnkful for the good health of my family and I. I have Crohn’s and two years ago had major surgery. It was real scary. Now each day I am always most blessed for good health.

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    Thank you Janice and Susan for 5 minutes for mom and two inspirational sisters behind this site. I love 5 minutes for mom and so happy I found you way back when and love to visit here.

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    I’ve left my link~ it might seem at first that my link isn’t to a thankful list but it is I promise. I figured that this list is exactly what I’m most thankful for this year so I hope it ok that I linked to it. I hope everyone has a beautiful and Thanksgiving.
    Thank you so much.
    ((hugs)) Mechelle

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    I am Thankful for my family, and even though my Husband is in Afghanistan fighting in this war we are in. I am thankful everyday he is alive, and that he is so brave to face what he faces on a daily bases. I am thankful for a Heavenly Father that I know is looking over all of us during this holiday season to help lift our spirits and our hearts while we are away from each other at this time.

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    After 34 years of hosting Thanksgiving, I’ve passed the baton to my DD25 to host the holiday. I’ll still be cooking the turkey and providing most of the trimmings. I’m thankful my DD is happily married to a great guy she met in college; has her own home, and blessed me with beautiful grandchildren. I’m thankful for my healthy family ~ DH, 2 grown DDs, extended family & friends, both in real life & those online I’ve met.

  11. says

    We are thankful for our new daughter, who was waited for over three years!
    We are thankful for our “big” kids and two granddaughters!
    We are thankful for God and Jesus in our lives, grace and forgiveness, love and happiness!
    We are thankful for our jobs, our home and being blessed with family and friends.

    Alyzabeth’s Mommy for Ten Weeks!

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    We didn’t get to spend our Thanksgiving together this year, but Dr. Greene and I always give thanks for our families by toasting with a fabulous glass of organic wine. Happy Holidays!

  13. AB says

    I am thankful for my new baby daughter and for surviving the complications that came with her delivery. I am thankful for my family, their love, understanding, laughter. I am thankful to still be here, still alive, to still have even tiny shreads of hope and people who help me keep my eyes fixed on even the smallest places of hope. I’m thankful for the warmth of the sun, the smiles of my daughters, and the moments of reprieve in the midst of the storms. I am thankful indeed.

  14. says

    It is always people. The people that God given me as my family, has put in my life, dropped across my path and linked me to. I am thankful for relationships. And chocolate. But usually I am eating chocolate with other people. So we are back to people.

  15. Diana Yeung says

    I am thankful for the friends I have. My best friends are someone whom I’ve known literally since in the 6th grade and one in the 4th grade. I don’t have a large number of close friends, but i do know there are alot of good people, near and far, who i can count on, who cares about me,and who want only the best for me. I truly value my friends and will never have “enough” or too many. I have so many blessed friends: Brenda, Catherine, Elizabeth, Bianca, Tamara, and Taylena. They can make me laugh all the time.


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