Win Darling Wall Art From BoscoBear

Our little ones definitely have their own personalities, likes and dislikes. While it can be fun to help our children to express themselves through their bedroom decor, sometimes the painting and repainting, wallpaper removal and shopping for posters and pictures, can be tiring and expensive.

And since our children usually go from fad to fad so quickly, it sometimes feels like they are ready for a new look before the paint has even dried.
Jungle Animals
The beautiful wall art and stickers from BoscoBear, make it easy to bring your child’s imagination to life in one of their favorite places, their bedroom.

It’s incredible how easily a room can be transformed with their wall art sets.

From jungle animals to woodland fairies, BoscoBear’s room art sets are the perfect solution for a fun and creative child’s room without the hassle.

I used the dinosaur set to decorate my boys’ room. Now I have used similar vinyl wall art on my children’s walls before, but as I peeled off each dinosaur sticker from the fun Bosco Bear set, I could already tell the difference in quality.

Not only do they look so much nicer than ones I have used in the past, but they were also so much easier to work with.
Dino Room
In under 45 minutes, my boys’ room came to life with a darling prehistoric scene. When my two-year-old entered his room, he couldn’t hold in his excitement as he shouted, “WOW!”. He then proceeded to roar and stomp all around his room. Talk about a fun way to encourage play.

With 39 wall art sets to choose from as well as growth charts name stickers and other personalized fun, you are guaranteed to find something perfect for your child.

And now that we have inspired you, how about a little bedroom fun for your child?

We have 5 wall art sets to give away to 5 lucky readers. Please specify in your comment whether you would prefer Russian Dolls, Outer Space, Transportation, Under the Sea or Pirates.

The retail value of the room art sets that we are giving away, range from $69.00 to $89.00.

BoscoBear also generously donated several wall art sets to our Under The Tree Program. Thank You, BoscoBear.

Here’s how to enter to win:

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  6. Entries are open from Thursday, November 20th thru Friday, November 28th at 12pm EST.
  7. Our winner will be drawn randomly and we will announce the winner Monday, December 1st. Please make sure to check our site and your email address to see if you have won a prize. We must receive your reply within 5 business days. (If you want your prize to arrive in time — the sooner we hear from you, the better!)
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  1. says

    This has to be one of my favorites of all your giveaways. I love these!

    I really like the Russian Dolls but my girls would probably prefer Space! Thanks so much!

  2. Gina M. says

    My little one would love the woodland fairies! I am subscribed to your newsletter and feed through google.

  3. Angela H. says

    We would like one of these kits for our boys’ rooms. They would enjoy any of them, but I especially see the space one going over well. The little guy would probably also like the transportation one.

  4. Angela H. says

    Here is my second submission since we subscribe to your feed. Thanks for the great contest. We would happily accept any kit.

  5. Angela H. says

    Here is my third and final submission for this contest since we also subscribe to your newsletter. We would be grateful for any kit.

  6. says

    Oh my boys would flip over Outer Space (the 4 year old) or Pirates (the 2 year old) for their rooms. Transportation would be a perfect fit for their little play nook in the basement.

  7. Mandy says

    My boys would love to deocrate their room in the Pirates theme. I subscribed to your newsletter! 😉

  8. says

    I have pictures up in the kids room, but they keep managing to knock them down. This would solve that problem!

    I love the Under the Sea set!

  9. says

    HOW CUTE!!!
    I have a hard time deciding which I like better. For me it’s between the Outer Space and Transportation. Both are adorable!

  10. melissa says

    Okay, this is quite adorable, I’ve been thinking of ideas for my little boys room, exactly what I need!

  11. says

    I really like the outerspace for my oldest. It almost makes me want to paint his walls a dark blue just to make it really stand out.

  12. sara l. says

    Deinitely the Transportation Set for my little man…He would flip when he seen all those wheels on his walls! It even fits our color scheme…PERFECT!

  13. says

    OH wow, that’s so hard to choose! It’s a toss-up between transportation and under the sea… my son adores all things that “go”, but he also really likes animals…

  14. says

    I have a 2 year old that would love love love the transportation ones. He has been in love with cars his whole life SERIOUSLY! i am surprised he didnt come out of the belly with a car in his hand.

  15. Erica says

    My little mermaid would just die for the Under the Sea decorations! What a great idea. I think I need to check out the site and buy some more for my other little girl, too…and maybe me! :)

  16. says

    Love the transportation and the under the sea… hard to choose! I would buy the alphabet set too! Thanks!

    Alyzabeth’s Mommy

  17. sito says

    The Under The Sea set is my favorite. Whimsical and imaginative. I can picture my granddaughter pretending to be under the ocean, collecting shells. Heck, I’d like it for my room!


    would love to have any of these for my children. it would help us change their rooms, and make them nice again

  19. Estelle says

    How neat! My daughter would love the Under the Sea set. I love the Jungle fever set, too. What an inexpensive and fun way to decorate!

  20. Kathy Scott says

    My son loves to look at the stars and to look at books about Space. He would love Outer Space.

  21. says

    The Under the Sea would go great in my little girls island/ocean room…my boys would love the pirate one but the Dinosaur one would look better in their bedroom…Thank you.

  22. Celeste says

    Gosh, it’s a tie between the Russian Dolls and the Transportation…but I guess I’ll go with the latter.

  23. Sherri says

    Never heard the term “darling” applied to the prehistoric era before, lol. Is this stuff vinyl, as in PVC, the poison plasic?!

  24. says

    I love the idea of wall stickers! My boys are really into things with wheels so I’d love to be entered to win the Transport set!

  25. Susan C says

    I love the Russian Dolls-they would look fantastic in my granddaughter’s bedroom!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  26. Kari A. says

    Oh it was so hard to choose one set! But, after deliberating with my staff (husband) we decided on the Transportation collection.

    I have your button my blog.

  27. Catherine KingChuparkoff says

    I do subscribe, and I really love the pink butterflies and Santa Claus of course!

  28. danielle says

    Under The Sea, would be a perfect match for the sea theme my daughter has going on in her room.

  29. Renee We says

    1.4 Mixed Butterflies – Pink and Brown
    REMOVABLE ROOM ART will work wonders in my youngest daughter’s room.

  30. says

    Of those 5, I’d have to choose the Outer Space, but I really, really like the butterflies… Hope I win! I know a family that would love the Outer Space one!

  31. Aura says

    Although my son loves pirates i like the large giraffe best. I tried signing up for their newletter but it didn’t work. I love the accesories they use for the photos- the haba pushing car is the best!

  32. Amanda R. says

    This is such a wonderful idea!! And they are WAY cute!! I would probably go for the “Russian Dolls” set!! They are so cute!! And I don’t have a blog, but I definitely told everyone that I know!! Thanks!

  33. C. Gibbs says

    These are great! I don’t know if I would pick the Pirates or the Transportation set,hard choice!

  34. says

    My 3 year old son & 2 year old daughter share a bedroom, so I’ve had a tough time trying to decide how to decorate their bedroom. I think the Outer Space collection would be PERFECT! I really love that it has astronauts in both genders.

  35. julie dyer says

    I love wall decals but haven’t yet bought any because I have a hard time committing to a design. But if we won these we’d use them for sure!

  36. Judy Bradley says

    What a cute idea! My little grandson would love having his room decorated, so would his sister! I signed up for the newsletter.

  37. says

    SO CUTE!!! Would love to get the transportation for my little boy! I get your newsletter, I posted a blog, and have added a button to my sidebar. : )

  38. Chan says

    I would love to win the Russian Dolls set, but not for my son, for myself :) I have been collecting Russian dolls since I was a baby. They were sure make a cute bathroom theme, Thanks for the giveaway!

  39. Sandra says

    These are such a cute way to instantly update a kids room. I would have a tough time deciding which theme to pick.

    owatz (AT) telus (DOT) net

  40. says

    My girls just moved to a bigger bedroom and we have all this blank wall space. Thanks for always sharing the best products! My girls would certainly enjoy the Under the Sea theme.

  41. Tanya Wilson says

    I am a newsletter subscriber, thanks for the entries and I’m wishing everyone a blessed holiday!

  42. Amy L says


    Hope your thanksgiving is great and you consume fun love and togetherness until you’re quite full.

  43. says

    I would love to win the Outer Space one for my toddler, who has a very plain room right now! (But I’d really be happy with the Transportation, Under the Sea, or Pirates sets!) I put your button on my blog.

  44. Candie L says

    I would love the Pirate set. Our school’s mascot is the Pirates and our children are full of school spirit

  45. Tracey Byram says

    Under The Sea will go perfectly in Liz’s room. I wouldn’t have to change a thing. Since I just painted the room, it needs a little something more and this would be it.


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