Tackle It Tuesday — Tackling Holiday Photos

Tackle It Tuesday

I am terrible about getting my photos sorted, edited and freed from the confines of my hard drives. Seriously. I am really, really bad about it.

I always procrastinate and get overwhelmed, leaving myself in a constant state of frustration that the images I want in photo books, on my walls, and sent to family and friends are trapped inside my laptop and external hard drives.

But, because I have to get photos up here at 5 Minutes for Mom, a handful of photos do escape and at least make it online!

On Christmas Eve/Christmas morning, I posted shots of my kids I took before we left for dinner at my in-laws. You can see those photos at our Holiday Photo 2011 Link Up post.

On Christmas Day, when Susan was over with her family, I grabbed some sweet shots of her girls.


So, before it is Christmas 2012, I am going to send off these photos to their grandparents – and hey, maybe I will even get some printed.

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    I’m tackling my annual review for myself once again. It seems a bit overwhelming this time, however, I just keep working on the review one piece at a time.

    My mom took a bunch of pictures of my kids at their Christmas concerts on Friday. I teased her about getting the pictures off the camera before the kids graduate. However, I do have to admit to not having posted holiday pictures of my kids anywhere, just ones from our trip to play with the Giant Tinkertoys at the Franklin Institute.

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    You definitely have sweet daughters there. I guess we are in the same situation. I am really good at taking pictures but the problem is that my ability ends there. The photos (which are mostly my three kids) are usually left in the oblivion of my hard drives. I hope I can have the will to sort and print them.

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    I recently discovered a great way to maximize my digital photos and turn them into a present for grandparents. I took my new son’s photos and turned them into a book online. There are a few different options out there for doing this, but most seem to do a pretty good job on the software end of things. The end result might be a little overpriced but it was quick, easy and my parents loved it! And it does allow you to take advantage of having your photos already on your computer as the book is digitally assembled by you before they mail you a physical version.


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