Do You Blog?

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Do you have a blog?

Chances are you probably do.
If not, chances are you probably will soon.

I’m not really a blogging expert, but luckily I don’t have to be. Blogging is really easy.

But depending on how and where you blog, how easy and how flexible it is can vary. And obviously, the easiest, free blogging solutions aren’t always the most flexible.

I stalled for such a long time before setting up this blog because I was so incredibly busy with my other websites and because I couldn’t decide which blogging software to use.

Luckily, someone referred me to some great training videos about How to Blog with WordPress.

I had heard good things about WordPress and I could see that many of the top blogs used it, but I thought it would take too much time to learn.

And time is where I run short. I’m a software developer by trade so I’m not scared off by techie stuff, but I’m busy running my online stores and don’t want to waste time.

So, I signed up for the free sampling of the first 12 videos, and after watching the first few, I immediately signed up for the rest.

It’s so easy it’s ridiculous.

I just followed the steps shown in the videos and set up this blog that you’re reading.

I used the Semiologic Theme by Denis de Bernardy. It is SEO optimized and very easy to use and customize.

Sherman also recommends this theme and goes into detail about how to use it in his videos. I was happy that he recommended it so highly because I had heard previously about the Semiologic Theme was trying to decide whether or not to use it. His recommendation helped me make up my mind.

So now I’m happy.

This blog was a breeze to set up and is fully customizable.

After I set up my blog, I saw a blog at that uses WordPress and the Semiologic theme. I figure since her blog is all about “how to blog” and she chose the same software I did, I can be extra sure I made the right choice.

She also explains why she moved from TypePad to WordPress.

Yes, it would have been cheaper to just use a Blogger account or any of the other free blogging sites, but I didn’t want any limitations. This blog will be around for a long time and I wanted to start it on the best platform possible.

WordPress is free so my only monthly cost is my server space which isn’t much. And I will make good use of the WordPress Training as well as the Semiologic Themeas I set up future blogs for myself, my friends and my business.

So tell me, what blogging software do you use? Do you like it?
If you haven’t yet started a blog, what is holding you back?

Talk soon,


  1. says

    And introducing the techie twin…
    Can you tell this post was written by Susan, not me (Janice).

    But really this stuff she is talking about is actually quite newbie friendly. Even I can make my way around it! (But mostly I just make Sue do all that stuff.)

    Thanks for the info Sue!!

  2. says

    Interesting information. I’m kind of swamped and too busy some days to blog (must be cause I do it at work eh?-ha) but if I ever get more time I’ll check it out.

  3. says

    When I was talking to Dave Taylor the Parenting Blog-Meister recently (see his attachment parenting blog), he suggested I contact other mom bloggeres to see if they would help me add content to my babies and parenting blog. His idea was that I could offer these moms some incentives, like cash or free stuff from our Little Giraffe and Barefoot Dreams baby blankets and clothing store, In turn I would get great, fresh content from the very people who know the most and are most passionate about babies and childrearing.
    What do you think? Would any of your readers be interested in an offer like this? I believe that blogging about subjects that we love, like mothering and babies, is great fun in itself, and it sure feels like a way to connect to other moms in this sometimes-lonely occupation.
    If anyone is interested, please email me at

  4. says

    Sure, NOW you tell me! Actually, I just found your blog recently following the Living Beyond Yourself blog ring because I am leading a group of women through that study this summer.

    I just made the change from Blogspot to WordPress. It was a pain. I’m still learning WP – so I may look up these videos you recommend! I’m interested in learning how to do templates myself! I already had a website – and my host sent me an email last summer stating that I had blog space included with my package. Well, going in cold turkey was a jolt. So, I learned Blogspot… and then recently after Blogspot technical difficulties – I decided to make the change. At first, I hated it. But I’ve come to appreciate the flexibility that WP has; but with the flexibility comes a little more complexities – but I’m learning!

  5. says

    seriously, wordpress is free? it was a toss up between wordpress and typepad, but if i’d known wordpress was free, i would have gone that way! besides that one point, i’m happy with typepad!

  6. says

    I thought free wordpress would have to contain the word wordpress in the URL?

    I have been thinking of having a website, but unlike you, I am not even close to a techie.

    Actually, I would like to have a website that could sell my used books off my living room so I can finance more books.

    I want it to have paypal check out and catalog…start out small like only 100 books or so. Can wordpress make that happen?

  7. says

    Hi! I’m so glad I found your blog! I’m a new blogger (one week and counting…) and signed up for WordPress after reviewing blogs from 4 other blogging hosts (if that’s what they’re called). Looks like I made a good choice! =)

    I’ve been putting it together “without reading the instructions” and thanks to your link to the free training site, I’ll become a pro in no time!

    Come by and visit if you’d like and leave me a comment. Constructive criticism (especially from an experienced blogger like yourself) will be much appreciated!!!


  8. says

    I like Blogger, suits me for the time being. I don’t feel limited by it, as basically all I wanted to do was rite in the blog and post a few photos. With everything else that I have to do, watching 12 videos just to blog sounds overwhelming!

    This is an interesting blog, don’t even know how I found it now!


  9. says

    I know that wordpress have many features and very user friendly also SEO friendly. I will try to make one blog with wordpress, but I am now still enjoy using free blog from blogspot.

    Success to you all,

    Baby First Year

  10. says

    I am so glad I found this article. I was just in the developing stage of my blog on BlogSpot when I discovered this! I am going to switch now so I can develop it the right way from the beginning! Thanks for the tip!

  11. says

    After reading this site for months I have been convinced to start my own blog. I’m not sure if I am scared or excited about it but I sure can’t wait to get out there! Thanks for all the great info and tips!


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