Getting the camera turned on us!

Just moments after our production crew packed up at the end of filming our BlogHer interviews, Amber Scott from Capessa grabbed Susan and me and turned her camera on us!

Outside in the San Francisco streets, with blaring buses and raucous street performers, we had a fabulous time chatting with Amber about 5 Minutes for Mom, life as work-at-home-moms and e-commerce store owners, and working with each other.

Amber and the Capessa crew did such a fantastic job with the interviews and accompanying post. We love them – thanks guys!

You can watch the two interviews here – or even better – jump over and watch it at Capessa and read the accompanying post.

While you are there, make sure to take some time to view some of their other great videos. They produce excellent, informative content. It is online time very well spent!


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    Wow! How wonderful is it to be able to see and hear and learn from both of you in front of the camera instead of only via email or behind the camera.

    Capessa did a great job.

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    You guys did wonderful! I love how you emphasized how hard working at home actually is.

    Great Video, it turned out very nice.



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