Three (Stuffed) Puppies Need Homes – Quickly!

Life Size Stuffed DalmationWe have three adorable stuffed, plush life-size puppies to send to one of you!

These three stuffed animals are from our store A Rocking Horse To Love. They are brand-new and still in their packaging, but the customer who ordered them was from a large company who was going to be using them in some event that was canceled.

We keep the prices soooooo low on these stuffed toys that we can’t afford to be shipping them back and forth across the country… they’re LIFE-SIZE after all! So instead of us shipping them back to our warehouse and then shipping them back out to new customers, we decided to send them ALL to one of our loyal readers.

Boston Terrier Life Size Stuffed AnimalSo, would you like to give one of these oh-so-cute stuffed dogs to your children and give the other two to friends?

Here’s the deal…

We’ve got to find these dogs a home fast! So, if you want them, write up a post on your site and tell us why we should send all three dogs to you.

We need to make sure you’re not Cruella D’Ville. 😉

(Remember, they’re not real, so you won’t have to walk them and pick up their… well, you know what I mean.)

In my opinion, the Dalmation and the Boston Terrier are really, really cute… but I feel a little sorry for this German Shorthaired Pointer… but maybe you can find the right owner who will love him. :)
German Shorthaired Pointer

Okay, so quickly put up a post on your blog telling us why you want to adopt these puppies (or adopt one and find homes for the other two). Then sign the Mr. Linky below so we can go and read why you should get the pups.

In your post, please link to where these puppies can normally be found — our Stuffed Animals section of our toy store.

If you don’t have a blog, you can leave your entry as a comment.

We will choose a home for the puppies on Friday, August 8th.

Here’s the Mr. Linky where you need to link to your post.

You can influence our decision by leaving comments here. So for those of you who may not have a home for the puppies, you can read through the posts and help us select the right new owners.


  1. says

    What a generous offer! I have two real dogs I wouldn’t mind getting rid of so I think I’ll pass on this give-away 😉 Otherwise I’d be all over it…life sized stuffed dogs sound a lot easier and cleaner than the real deal to me 😉

    :–) Nell

  2. says

    Look at that I am first!!! :o) I have three boys that sure would be thrilled if they received these at the front door. I would love to see there reaction!!! Hey I could video tape it and post it on my blog…lol!!! Thanks for this fun giveaway!!!

  3. says

    My post is up. I’m with Shana- if we win, I can totally videotape my three little guys opening the front door to these cute puppies!

    Thanks so much for hosting such a great contest!

  4. says

    My kids keep begging for a dog. My youngest is in love with all dogs and puppies. I keep telling them when they are old enough to help take care of one. Plus we have an older kitty who doesn’t much like other animals. This would definetly be awesome for her and for all of them. They are so cute. Check out my blog and pick me:) Please.

    Thanks for hosting the contest.

  5. says

    Sounds great – but I know my homeboy would be very upset if I tried out and happen to win…as we are in the process of moving right now and not allowed to acquire more items!

  6. says

    3 kids, 3 stuffed dogs…hmmmm?! The coincidence is mind boggling!!! My 3 lovely blessings (6,8,10) can’t agree on where to sit in the van, let alone share a toy! You’re reading the blog of a mom who has to buy three boxes of the same cereal for goodness sakes; because “IT’S NOT FAIR!…” will resonate in my brain for 3 days if they don’t all enjoy the prize…c’mon now? (Not to mention my dog would have 3 new friends and would remove his nose from my face begging for food and walks, hence allowing me more time for blogging!) Gosh, I could go on and on…too funny, never seen the likes!

  7. says

    We can’t give those dogs a home, but I think #10 (Blessed) in the Mr. Linky has a great story with her neighbor she would make happy with the pointer — and her dog-obsessed daughter, to which I can relate. :)

    Of course, #4, Haylee and Tricia, is a great entry, too. How can you argue with a kid who wants to give one to the Shriners hospital? Awww.

    Luckily, I don’t have to make the choice.

  8. says

    You guys really do rock. Its so great that you are able to turn a sad situation into something great for someone, not to mention the three puppies! I’m so excited, even though its 1:24!

  9. says

    Precious. I’m here to help! I will be glad to take these dogs off your hands; no questions asked. I don’t even need to know why the glazed looks on their faces. I just want to help. :)

  10. Liz Cranage says

    Living in a apartment we are not allowed to have dogs and my grandson desperately wants one and there are 2 little boys upstairs that do to. We had a greyhound till my husband took her & dumped her in the middle of the night before we separated & I moved and my grandson still ask wheres ChiChi

  11. Carol says

    I’d love to win these puppies. I had to give up volunteering at my local animal shelter when I became pregnant, and this would be fun to win….it would feel like I was back at my wonderful shelter.

  12. Terra says

    Wow I love them! I am a DOG PERSON!!! Due to my schedule, I haven’t adopted a dog yet. Before I do I want to make sure that I will be able to provide all the time, love, attention they deserve. This would be the perfect way for me to feel like I have a pup before I can get one!

  13. Randy says

    As much as my 2 year old LOVES playing with her real life bulldog Bruce, I know she’d love to be able to play with these life sized dogs when Bruce is worn out from playing with her.

  14. Billie Brannan says

    Hi, these puppies are so adorable! I have a 7 year old niece who loves dogs … but she’s not allowed to have pets at her house. She would absolutely love to have these life size puppies. If I win, these puppies would have a wonderful home at my niece’s house. I can just imagine her coming to me and telling about how her pets are doing. It would be interesting to see what she names them.

  15. Tonya Keener says

    I want to adopt these puppies because it would put a huge smile on my five year old niece’s face

  16. A. Ashley says

    Thank you for the generous giveaway.

    My 10 year old daughter and I would be great owners for these faux puppies because we love animals but can’t have real dogs where we live.
    It would be fun to pretend.

    Also, I’m an artist and I do paintings of animals.
    It would be so great to have models that don’t move or try to eat the paint or knock over the easel while the picture is wet.

    My daughter and I are the kind of people who watch those Animal Police shows and cry when the animals find a happy adoptive home.

    Until we move to a new place and are able to adopt a real, live shelter dog, we’d be happy to give a home to these beauties AND do cute paintings based on them.

  17. Meredith Peters says

    My daughters house was flooded 3 days after she moved in and all the stuffed animals had to be tossed out,including 2 large stuffed horses and a big lion.These were gifts from me and I would love to replace them for my 2 granchildren,ages 4 and 6. Thanks!!

  18. Joanne Schultz says

    Those pups are adorable. I know my niece would love to have one – her father has allergies, so she can’t have a real dog.

  19. Elizabeth M. says

    We have big-time animal lovers in this house but big-time allergies prevent us from having the real thing. Since these are life-size, I really think the kids would get a huge kick out of having these allergy-free pets with us!

  20. Kathy D says

    The kids at work would love these. We have had to get ride of a couple big soft climing thinngs latly because they just wore out.

  21. Tracey Byram says

    My grandchildren would LOVE these. And so would I. My granddaughters just lost their dog that had been with them since birth. This would go along way toward easing their grief. One for each girl and one for the grandson that has never had a pet.

  22. Paula Harmon says

    Why do I want them? They are like works of art to me. The kids will want to play with them of course, but these are so beautiful, I want to stuff all the other stuffed animals away and these can stay out all the time. I cannot believe how real they look. Talented people. I would probably take them for car rides too.

  23. Angie E says

    Your life size dogs are wonderful!!! I especially like the Dalmation! They are resonably priced too, as I would have expected double the price!

    If I were fortunate enough to win, I would set him by my hallway door, as a door prop, he would look great! People visiting would have to do a double take to check him out!! I would give the other two as gifts to some little girls I care for that can’t have a real doggy!

    Your store A Rocking Horse to Love is great! I also really like your Rocking Horses! I have someone who would really like one of those! Christmas is coming I tell her! She says when, when?

    Good luck and thanks for the great giveaway!!

  24. says

    My little guy would absolutely love these dogs. Ok, who am I kidding? I would love them too. I listed the reasons we’re perfect for them on my blog so I won’t repeat myself here.
    I hope these dogs are able to join our family soon. Thanks for the chance to win!
    You guys are so very generous.

  25. Virginia Murr says

    My 12 year old daughter is the biggest animal lover I’ve ever met — and she plans to become a zoologist. She would absolutely love these dogs.

  26. says

    oh my kids have been begging and begging for a dog. I’d love to give them one, but we are rentals on a fourth floor, and it is a no no. My three kids would love them and nurture them and even take them for walks. I know they probably don’t need a walk but however for sure theyd send them on a walk. Oh they would be so excited, because I keep telling them no, I can see the “Oh thank you mom, your the best mom” looks now.

  27. says

    I think Leanne from Tired Momma should win these. They could help convince DH that they should get a real dog. She needs all the convincing she can get! I could just see it now, hubby answering the door and 3 huge life sized stuffed dogs sitting there staring at him. Hint! Hint! Subtle, huh?–a-few-days-ago-i-posted-about-the-fact-that-im-thinking-about-getting-a-dog.html

  28. John Deal says

    I don’t have any really compelling reason to ask for these except that my 3-yr old daughter lives 1000 miles away and I don’t get to see her very often. These would be a really big reminder that her far-away Grandpa loves her a lot. I would ask her to find a good home for two of them and I promise that she would clean up any messes they make.

  29. Carol Harrity says

    It’s love at first sight with these great puppies. I would love to win one for me. Of course if I win one of my great grand daughters will probbably be the lucky owner of a puppy.

  30. Liz says

    My 2 year old saw the pictures of the dogs and was already excited. These dogs would have a happy home here with my three girls.

  31. Cathy R says

    The reason I want to adopt these dogs: I live in an apartment, have for 4 years now, and I have always had animals growing up. It is hard to be on my own without a companion and I dream of the time I will be able to have a dog again. I also have two friends who are currently expecting and I think the other two would make wonderful additions to any childs room and they will be there when the child is old enough to play with them. I have a stuffed animal that I have had since I was a young child and I think it would be wonderful to give a stuffed animal of a quality that they would also want to keep it into adulthood and maybe pass it along to there children one day.

  32. says

    I just realized I’d have to change my blog to read 4 kids 3 Plush Puppies…Kind of Catchy don’t you think?? I’d be so willing to do so.

  33. says

    I just blogged about it and signed Mr LInky to the exact post.

    Please please pick me. You don’t know how happy you will make my almost 2 year old (2 in oct).


  34. says

    We just did a major clean and purge in our house, so my DH would not want me to win more stuff. However, Leanne at Tired Mama (#18) on Mr. Linky, would love to win and I think she should. She has never had a dog of her own, and it doesn’t look like she is going to get one anytime soon and these would really cheer her up!

  35. carol says

    These are so cute…I have 3 grandkids and this would be great for each of them…thanks for the great giveaway

  36. Gail A says

    We recently had to put our beloved Boston terrier Tucker to sleep because of severe medical probllems. Not being able to get anoter dog these would help with the loss we feel. That Boston Terrier looks so much like our Tucker.

  37. Jodi says

    I don’t have a blog, but I know a little girl that would love to have a real dog, but she can’t because her mother has severe allergies. I am sure that she would just adore these stuffed dogs, and give them lots of love, even the German Shorthaired Pointer. :)


  38. bina edwards says

    this would be for my daughter and would perhaps distract her as right now my father is in hospital with cancer (he’s terminal and by the time they caught it he was so far gone that they did not even offer treatment)
    she saw him before she went to camp and he was still good, but now he is on morphine every two hours and is quite agitated as well halucinating..not the dad I knew but I was happy to have some time with him while he was still hisself

  39. says

    my 8 year old is obsessed with stuffed animals I would love to win this for her. I would give the other 2 to one of my students for christmas because I know her family is struggling with money now.

  40. Judith T says

    Hi I don’t yet so, this is my entry. I would absolutely love these for our grandchild, if i can part with them, as I really am a big kid and have lots of display stuff from my store (now closed) in our home! I promise to takr good care of them.

  41. says

    My nephew and his new “step” brother and sister need these. My nephew who lost his mother in a very sad way and lost out on some basic love and care in his first 4 years loves to come to my house. He says there are always treasures here. I dn’t have enough stuff for 3 kids though. I am 63…and keep up really good with what’s going on with kids…but “treasures” always at my house for 3 kids??? I need help!!

  42. says

    I don’t have a blog. I do have a dog rescue group and we could use these to raise money to save the living dogs. I have attached our groups website and you can check out the canine games flyer to see the big event we are having to raise money. There is also a raffle to benefit our group. Thank you.

  43. Cassandra says

    These are so adorable and so lifelike. I would like to adopt these puppies, so that the little ones can have some new pals to play and cuddle up with. They can’t have real dogs right now, so these will be the next best things. Oh, the look on their faces–I can see it now. . .

  44. Jenn says

    I think you should pick Trisha from Her daughter Charlotte would love to have a dog since all they have are cats. Charlotte is the most adorable little girl I know and I can just picture her hugging and loving on these dogs!! Plus Trisha is a super cool mom so you need to pick her!!!

  45. Alicia Gaddes says

    Oh, they are so adorable!! I have three children and this would be so great because they would’nt have to argue over them.

  46. Cindy Miller says

    My 9 year old daughter wants to be a vet and loves dogs. Her birthday party has been postponed several times due to her brother’s baseball tournaments and dad’s travel schedule and my dad having cancer surgeries all summer. This would make up for the delay on her birthday party. I would be her hero! She would like any of them.

  47. Sheila Wanner says

    I would give these 3 dogs to my children. They would adore them and give them such a good home. Our Bulldog passed away last October and our house hasn’t been the same since, these pups would sure liven up our home :)

  48. Brandy Holzapfel says

    My 7 year old daughter LOVES dogs and stuffed animals…unfortunately we live in an apartment where dogs are not allowed and she would absolutely LOVE to have these to cuddle with!!

  49. Susan Ledet says

    I have 3 beautiful great nieces that are all highly allergic to pets. They have always wanted a pet of their own and unfortunately can’t have any because of their allergies. I would love to surprise them with their very own beautiful dogs.
    Thank you for the great giveaway.

  50. Eloise Carlson says

    These would be so neat to have, my daughter would love one of these! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  51. Steph Elias says

    Both of my kids would love all three pups. They are huge dog lovers and take very good care of our two “real” dogs. They would be blown away by this trio!

  52. Anne says

    OMGOSH, I can’t tell you how much I would love to receive one of these puppies. I had to give my dog away a couple of years ago and was devastated.

    I would definitely keep for myself, the Boston Terrier and would donate the other 2 to some needy kids for Christmas.

    Thanks so much for this giveaway!

  53. Jenny says

    My son would love all these puppies! They would have a great home with our family! They are just adorable, love them! Thanks!

  54. says

    You know, Trisha from MomDot would REALLY love these puppies! She even made a video and posted it on the site, showing the five cats that already live there, and her daughter would love a dog but they can’t get a real one, so they would sure love a stuffed dog instead! Pick Trisha!!!!

  55. Jennifer C says

    I’d love to win these for my kids. My youngest daughter is allergic to dogs so we can’t have a real one, even though they beg weekly to get one.



    I’m posting for an entry. We would love to have one of these wonderful dogs, esp. the pointer as we can’t have a real dog as we are gone from our home for 14 hours each day and we don’t feel it would be fair for a dog to be alone that long. Thanks!!

  57. AmandaK says

    We can’t have any real pets due to my daughters allergies and asthma. So, these plush ones would make her feel as if she does have some pets!!

  58. Chris Conanan says

    We cant have pets due to our apt rules and i’ve always wanted a dog so this would be as close to having a real dog. They are adorable dogs

  59. says

    A friend of mine NEEDS one of these stuff puppies, she has cats. SHE really needs a puppy to take care of. She will love it and care for it along with her kitties.

    They are adorable. I would like one myself to give to my boys but seein as how they already have a puppy, I would give it to my friend mentioned above.

  60. donna duarte says

    these are absolutely adorable!! i would love to win these- my family is big on pets, we have two dogs, and three cats- so these cuties would fit right in!!

  61. says

    So many potential adopters for these doggies, their homeless days are numbered! For the sake of my daughter, I’ve signed Mr Linky and added my plea to the list:)

  62. Katie says

    My almost 3 year old son has started asking for a dog and with my husband currently in Iraq, there is no way I would want to take on more responsibility, this would be the closest substitute I would go for.

  63. says

    I’m no longer updating my blog, so this is my entry!

    I would LOVE to win these dogs — one would go to my nephew, who is approaching two years old. He has a real dog already, but she’s huge and very rowdy. Poor baby gets knocked down or whacked in the head by her tail all the time, and he’s starting to be afraid of dogs. I’d love for him to have a stuffed one that looks so life-like, but won’t cause him bodily harm!

    The other two I’d love to donate to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital here in Memphis — they do awesome work for children with cancer, and I’m sure those kids could use a big animal to love on. :)

  64. Les Slsuarczyk says

    Oh they are sooooo adorable! I’d keep the German Shorthaired Pointer for myself ,or rather for when my neices and nephew visit (yeah that’ll be my reason, sure!). And my one neice would love either of the other two. She’s not allowed to have a dog in the rental house they live in and she LOVES animals. My other neice and nephew could keep the third adorable dog at their place whit their 2 real dogs. They have been begging for a third puppy. LOL!

  65. Laura Prosser says

    Oh these babies would be 4-me! My son is leaving for college in a few weeks and I have been a single mom for 18 years & need something else to luv-they look like they need me!

  66. Belinda Shaw says

    I’d give the Boston Terrier to my sister-in-law who has two boston terriers and would really love this one and the other two would go to my grand-daughter (age 3) who just loves animals!
    They are so lifelike!

  67. Gina Stratos says

    My daughter is deathly afraid of dogs which makes visiting her Grandpa very difficult (he owns a lab).. Because of their size, I think this would help her get used to being around a dog. maybe we could actually visit Grandpa at his house some day.

  68. JESSICA G says

    Oh my gosh, these are great. I’d love to win because I’m pretty sure this would solidify my “cool aunt” status when I wrap these up.
    Too bad there is no dachshund,though.

  69. Sharon Seneker says

    Emily, Cooper and Natalie would L-O-V-E these! Great giveaway! These 3 don’t have a dog and really want one so this will hopefully keep them satisfied until they do get a real puppy! Thanks!

  70. ROBI R says

    I’d love to adopt these puppies. I’m sure I’d provie a good home and wouldn’t have trouble getting anyone to play with them. THey really loook like nice quality, what fun!

  71. Mindie W says

    My kids want a puppy sooooo bad. This may be as close as they get until we get our own house with a backyard.

  72. Frank T. says

    So I can give them to my daughter who just had eye surgery on both of her eyes and she is in great pain right now.
    Thank you.

  73. Paula H says

    Oh my gosh, these are cute. My kids really want a dog. Unfortunately, my daughter’s allergies don’t allow us to own a real dog. She’s allergic to the dander of dogs and cats. The kids would love these. I would keep them all for them to play with.

  74. Carissa D. says

    I don’t really have a blog to post this on, so here is my entry. I would be so happy to win this because I could give one (or more) to my cousin’s daughter and she would be thrilled to have her own “doggie.” She loves to visit with our real doggies. Her mom is not up to dealing with the real thing at the moment, so this would be the next best thing. Plus, her grandmother has a Boston Terrier, so I’m sure she would really enjoy that one. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  75. Jenny says

    Our family loves animals but we are all allergic to them! :( We would like some dogs that won’t make us sneeze

  76. Diana Corlett says

    I have enough wonderful dogs for myself, but I know a few youngsters who can’t have the real thing and would be very happy to provide a home for these softies.


  77. Sherri B. says

    I have 3 little ones (my niece, 1 godson, and 1 BF little girl) whose parents keep telling them they can have a dog when they are older. They are 2, 3, and 4 now. I would love to gift each of them one of these. They are used to coming to my house where I somehow seem to take in every stray that wanders up. Can’t help it. My vet loves me. I even called today with a new one. Wasn’t going to keep her, but the puppy dog eyes just got to me!!!!!

  78. Andrea R says

    I want to adopt the German Shorthair Pointer! I just adopted a REAL German Shorthair Pointer last Friday! This would be perfect for us! Please pick me!

  79. KATHY SWENSON says

    Sorry….I messed up and didn’t leave a comment!
    These are so beautiful. I have 2 granddaughters who would each get a dog, but the precious German Shorthaired Pointer would have to stay with me.
    My grandfather got one as a puppy, and Queenie was a dear companion of mine for many years. She had spots just like this dog. Also, my aunt had two of this breed.
    Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  80. christa says

    thanks for giveway, one for me one for son one for special girl a know none of use can have a dog asthma and living in apy thanks

  81. Christy says

    My 2.5 year old son loves dogs but is highly allergic to them. His aunts and uncles all have dogs and he’s never allowed to play with them (including the super-cute new puppy). I’m sure he’d love to have a dog of his own (and my daughter wouldn’t complain, either). He’s also got a couple of friends whose parents aren’t “pet people” and I bet they’d love special friends, too. Every kid deserves a dog, right?

  82. says

    I want to adopt these puppies so they can be the official mascotts of my pet sitting business! And I just want to squeeze them!

  83. Kathy Emerick says

    I would love to have these dogs! they will have a good home.. My granddaughter can not have a pet due to asthma, and she would loves these.

  84. Linda Harney says

    My Mom is 93 & Daddy is 92. They both adore dogs, but cannot have a REAL one. This magnificent trio of “almost real” dogs would bring so much happiness into their lives. I hope I can win them for my dear parents!

  85. Staci A says

    My son turns 4 tomorrow & has been asking for a puppy for his birthday. As much as I would love to get him one, we rent, so it’s impossible. One of these puppies would make him so happy (and end the constant question of “why not?”)! I’m sure he would happily let his cousins each adopt the other two! Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  86. Diane Murphy says

    I would love to win the three pups! I love my dogs and I think the German Shorthaired Pointer is beautiful. They’d make my grandson really happy!

  87. Jamie says

    I would really like that Dalmatian, but I think the little wee one in #33 Belinda A. really needs some lifelike canine companions.

    I loved her story and can only picture the look her child’s face when not one, not two, but THREE puppies come rolling in!

  88. bonnie says

    i have three grandaughters and the would love to have a dog to take care of, they each could write letters to eachother about how there dog is doing. how fun

  89. Pamela Hansen says

    i really need these puppies I have 2 nephews and a niece who are bugging daddy for a dog and these would be perfect

  90. Sandy F. says

    my husband is allergic to hair/fur so my kids will not be able to have a real pet. so these would be perfect! we have some little friends that would love the other 2 doggies. thanks!

  91. Bailey's Leaf says

    My daughter wants a real dog and let’s face it. This one doesn’t poop, pee on the rug or even need to go to the vet. I might actually be able to appease her with this for a while.

    I admit that the other two we would donate to children’s charities. One would be the homeless shelter in town and another would be the Christian pregnancy services that we sponsor a giving tree for at church.

  92. Suku Sinngh says

    My son would be oh so happy as we having thought about adopting from the shelter. But we can’t afford to have a dog.

  93. Kristinia says

    Well this would be absolutely perfect for all 3 of my children! My oldest Devin doesn’t live with me but he’s been wanting a dog, I’m sure he’d be thrilled to have one that is life size, Gabriel loves dogs but we live in an apartment so I can’t get him one and our baby girl Helana due in September would probably be jealous so I’d give the 3rd to her of course! These are precious!!

    phillipsonlygirl at gmail dot com

  94. Julie Myles says

    My six year old twins want puppies. But we are not home much and I don’t think it would be fair to a puppy to leave it alone all day. But these would be perfect. They are soo cute.

  95. Diane says

    I would love to win these for my daughter. I would let her pick the one to keep. I also would let her pick home where the other two would go.

  96. Donna Hunt says

    In today’s economy, I can barely afford the humans in the house. These dogs would be perfect for us! Thank you for the contest!

  97. Ann Marie Walker says

    OMG these are wonderful. The reason I would want to win so bad is because of my little girl who’s 2nd bd is coming up. My sister recued a puppy & had to find a home for it. We took care of the puppy for a short while, but was just helping out. We could not keep a “real” puppy. I have a 9m old, 15y,10y old too, and thats just too much to take on. It broke little Abby’s heart when the pup went to her knew home. She loves puppies. Now her thing is to say to me “puppy pleeeese mama” about a 100 times a day. She even clasps her hands together and puts her head down with alittle sad face when she says it. It about breaks my heart. This would be the perfect puppies for her, she would just freak out and love them sooooo much. Thanks so much for the contest and for the site for these wonderful dogs.

  98. Judith Musick says


  99. Judy Y says

    I love these large dogs. My 9 month old daughter wants to pet our Chihuahua so bad but our dog is just not into it. She would be so thrilled to have a dog that she could snuggle with. I so want to win!!

  100. Lara Aleff says

    I would give these dogs to the local animal shelter to be raffled off to raise money for the real puppies who need a home!

  101. robyn tritt says

    my son will be two in sept. and he is just a natural animal lover…. we have a four month old jug(jack russell pug mix) he loves except he can’t quite keep up with her yet jugs tend to be high strung…. so these puppies would def. be loved greatly by him and i can’t imagine the look on his face when i showed him puppies as big as him the puppies would probably spend a considerable amount of time being snuggled while the lil man watches his show before nap. thanks :0)

  102. kathleen Yohanna says

    My daughter has been asking for a dog for three years now. When I was young, I asked for a pony for Christmas. I got a life size stuffed pony. Do you think my daughter will give up if she gets three life size dogs?

  103. Vicky Boackle says

    i have 3 grandchildren that i would like to teach responsibility to and they could take care of these pups.

  104. Susan says

    These are just so cool. My son is afraid of real dogs, but loves toy dogs. My neice is obsessed with stuffed animals, and just animals in general. They would both love these.

  105. Tina Rath says

    We recently had to have our oldest dog put to sleep due to illness and I would love to have one of these for the granddaughters to play with they come to visit. They are dog lovers and miss my Bo drastically.

  106. Susan C says

    We aren’t allowed to have pets where we live, but I am sure my landlord would make an exception for these adorable dogs. I would probably keep all three of them, I have just the place for them.

  107. Catherine KingChuparkoff says

    We have 3 real sweet dogs of our own, but I know my daughters could give these adorable friends a lovely home in their playroom.

  108. Danai says

    We live in an apartment and cannot have real animals. My daughter really wants a dog and these would be a lot of fun for her to play with. Thanks!

  109. Diane Maher says

    I have seven grandchildren (3 families), and each family would love to have one. What great gifts!!

  110. michael woods says

    My wife absolutely loves dogs and we plan on starting a family soon so I hope to pass these on to our future children.

  111. April K. says

    These would be great for all my grandkids…I can just see their faces now! We could give these cute little dogs and great home. Thank you!

  112. Laur says

    Oh, those dogs are adorable!! I’ve wanted a big dog for so long, but my house is really too small to have a large dog couped up in all day – but these pups wouldn’t mind not being able to run around during the day while I’m at work.

  113. esvin says

    These would make wonderful pets for my kids who are allergic to dog/cat hair. Thanks for the chance to win and awesome prize.

  114. Marlena says

    Oh my goodness! My one year old daughter is obsessed with doggies!! My husband is allergic to animal fur so I doubt that we will ever have a pet unless we fall in love with a non-shedding puppy! My little girl would go crazy over one of these…I can see her “riding” one now and barking at it like she does every time we see a dog.

    Also, the school that I work at has a therapy dog and I’d love to give one of these animals to the school. That way on the days that the dog isn’t working or sick…we’ll have a back up! Not quite the same as the live version…but I think all the kids would adore it!

    The third dog would find a loving home in the community. I’d love to donate it to a children’s organization so that countless others could have some fun.

    Thanks for the chance! I can’t wait to see who you choose…anyone would be so lucky to spread the love with these life size animals!


  115. Jennifer M says

    My daughter is desperate, desperate, desperate for a dog. She asks for one all the time. But our apartment building doesn’t allow them. At all. So when I told her that, she asked, “Do they allow babies?” I said yes, and she is now demanding a baby! She keeps saying, “The only reason we can’t have a dog is the building rules, and they let you have babies, so let’s get a baby!” Please, please, please, I’m running out of excuses for my failure to produce her a sibling, let me content her with an almost-real dog! I’m begging, I need that doggie, I really do!

  116. Veronica Garrett says

    I would love to welcome them into my home. My granddaughter would love them. They will join my two real dogs.

  117. Amir says

    These would have a great home w/ us. My daughter is allergic to gogs/cats and this would make her and her 2 brothers happy as can be.

  118. Deborah Osterman says

    I have three grandchildren who love dogs and want one so bad. Their parents say “no to a dog”. These puppies would go to a very loving home and would be well cared for.

  119. Angela Koga says

    I have three kids who love animals but we can’t own any due to allergies. They would love these look alikes.

  120. Angie P says

    Oh those are the cutest puppies ever! I’d love to have them because right now I am physically unable to care for a ‘real’ puppy. These are the next best thing!

  121. Betty Norton says

    These are so cute. My daughters would love to add them to there collection. They have animals that they have collected for years and they take great care of them.

    Thank you

  122. Vicki Dahlstrom says

    These puppies are so lovable and hugable! We would all LOVE to be able to give them all cuddles and hugs every day!!

  123. says

    I love this opportunity! I was just thinking about getting myself a large stuffed dog to ride around in my car as a sort of advertising for my pet sitting business. I’m sure my little nephew would enjoy a dog that doesn’t knock him down or lick him either.

  124. Jill L says

    Well, my kids have been wanting a dog for so long and we just can’t get one. I think having a life-size puppy would make them all pretty happy.

  125. Elizabeth McCurry says

    I would love to adopt these puppies because they are so adorable. Also, three puppies and three girls in our family.

  126. ann says

    whoa, those are totally amazing! when i heard about these plushes i thought they were going to be typical, cheap huge stuffed animals (ala carnival prizes) – but these are super amazing, super detailed and absolutely beautiful. They look so much like the actual thing!

  127. beth shepherd says

    Thank you for having this! I would love to win for my 3 kids. They have been begging for a dog but we got them parakeets instead. Hey have to start somewhere! lol

  128. says

    We have a real dog, but it’s mostly an outside dog, so the kids don’t get to play with it that much because it’s always filthy! it’s still a puppy and licks them like crazy too. They would love to have a clean, calm (as in fake) dog to hug on and love

  129. says

    I have added a post to my blog. Hopeful to open our hearts and home to a household that has been blessed with adoption three times already. We hope that we are hand picked with love to be parents once again.

  130. says

    I would love to adopt these puppies, because my 3 year old daughter is all over me to let her get a puppy and a kitty and we cannot have either right now. She would be in puppy heaven with these cuties!

    The puppy on the bottom looks like Sounder, my German Shorthaired Pointer I owned when I was growing up. She was very hyper and my parents were tired of her upsetting all of our neighbors with her barking and tearing up our gardens, so they decided we had to get rid of her. I used to pray and cry when they would leave to take her to the animal shelter. When they would get there, the shelter would be closed for some unknown reason. They finally came home and asked me if I was praying??? LOL! They told me to QUIT praying or else I was going to get in trouble. Sounder went away, supposedly a person wanted her. I don’t know. I was very broken-hearted as a teen. I still have pictures of Sounder! Now I have tears and I miss her again! She was a cool dog, but she was hyper for sure!

  131. Kasey says

    When you can’t have the real thing this would be the next best thing. Just think no training needed, just something for the kids to love. Too cool! What a wonderful giveaway!

  132. amy delong says

    These are soooo cute,we have 2 real dogs&my boys want another(no way)So these would be awesome!thanks again!! ahdrad2932(at)msn(dot)com

  133. Tricia Andrews says

    I do animal rescue as a volunteer. My 4 year old daughter understands the concept of helping homeless animals find their forever home. We would love to adopt one of these doggies! We especially like the Pointer. Both of our rescued dogs in our house have ticking just like that one!

  134. Brandi says

    We had two wonderful dogs–Marmaduke (a Great Dane) who passed away December 10, 2007, and Pugs Bunny(a Pug) who passed away February 19, 2008. The loss was very hard on my family. We are not yet ready to get another real dog, but one of these stuffed ones would be really cute.
    Thank you.

  135. Pamela S. says

    My granddaughter just had her Yorkie attacked and killed by stay dogs. It would be nice to give her a Yorkie to remember Blondie.

  136. Rebecca Peters says

    I would love to win one of these for my daughter because when we moved we had to give away her dog Maggie. Being 4 years old she didn’t understand why we couldn’t take her with us.

  137. Millicent C. says

    Wow. How sweet is this prize! I have two sons but my oldest is an animal FREAK! He can tell you everything you never needed to know about animals 😉 Oh man if santa brought this I cant imagine how excited Cade would be! Thanks for the chance to win!

  138. Donna K. says

    I have a niece and nephews that would love these adorable huge puppies! They don’t have any pets so I really think this will make their day! Thanks

  139. Marie N says

    OMG…these are so beautiful. I’ve never seen a lifesize plush pet before. I would love to give these darlings a new home.

  140. Frankie Kaiser says

    I have a great grand daughter who loves animals and these would look so good in her room and make her so very happy and that is what is so good about being a great grand parent and of course she is so very special.

  141. Jeanette Jackson says

    I have a home for all for my great-niece; one for her baby brother and one for my other great-niece

  142. says

    Those dogs are absolutely adorable. My one year old tot would love one of those puppies; she goes crazy over dogs!!! I would also share them with Trisha at She’s done an amazing job setting up a great hangout for Moms — she deserves a reward!!!!!!!!!!!

  143. says

    We would love to adopt these fun and ADORABLE puppies! My son would be in heaven if we won, he’s always been infatuated with dogs. I would love to see the look on my son’s face.

  144. marge statler says

    My husband and i run a non profit organization called mountain side pet rescue. our mission is to save elderly animals(mostly dogs) that owners have went into nursing homes or have passed on. thats not to say we don’t have quite a few that were in different situations. we have a hige chain linked area where the dogs are free to roam as they please… and at night they get cozy in what we call the “dog house” but by no means is it your average dog house… its fully equip with a bed for each dog and temperature controlled by acs or a woodstove. my husband build a chapel with a stage made out of mountain stone and we hold country music concerts during the summer where supporters us come enjoy the music and donate supplies. it would be wonderful if we could raffle off or gift the stuffed puppies to the people that help us out the most. well thats part of our story…. wish us luck thanks!

  145. says

    We would LOVE these pups! Actually, I would love not having to clean up after them, and my 1.5 year old would love to LOVE on them! He is addicted to dogs, we just can’t have any right now. This is a really generous offer! Thank you!

  146. says

    I think these should go to my sister Colleen at aspritzofsis… we grew up in a dog family and now they usually have to stay in a hotel when they visit because of her hubby’s severe allergies. I would love my niece to have an animal to love! And giving the others to the nursing home would bless many more people in the process!

  147. Tammy Kennedy says

    We just adopted a minitur poodle from animal control on may 2, 2008 we saved a life. Was going to secretly adopt another and give it to my mother who just lost my stepfather, but at last minute decided not to well surprise when we got to her home 1200 miles away she had gotten a dog. Well now my grandsons all want dogs and either their parents say no or they can’t have one where they live. So if I win these life size dogs will become pals to my grandsons. That way they don’t have to feed them only pretend food and water, no walking the dog just fun fun fun.
    Thank you for all the effort and time you provide giving us these contests.

  148. L McLendon says

    I should be your winner! Not a pity party just the facts. These would be the perfect companions for me. Due to chronic illness that keeps me in bed most of the time, I could still have these lovely guys to pal around with me.
    Besides the fact that allergies are another issue, I obviously can’t have real pets because
    I can’t properly care for them nor is it in the budget.
    Hey, sorry to be such a groomy gloomy but just wanted to let you know how much these guys would mean to me.
    Thanks very much for your consideration!
    Here’s hoping……..

  149. Julie Kenyon says

    Wow! This would make the baby basket I’m trying to put together look incredible. If I win, I’ll have to get a bigger basket!

  150. Betty Shoemaker says

    These are so cute, thanks so much for the contest. I don’t have a blog, but I really like yours

  151. says

    Emil would absolutely adore these guys. As you (may or may not) know, Emil is with his Dad part time and with me part time. When he’s here, he misses Maggie somethin’ fierce. I know that a stuffed dog is no replacement for a real dog, but to a child, a dog is a friend plain and simple and these guys would certainly fill that role. Of course, I’m sure there would be a favorite…

  152. says

    As much as my kids would love them, there is no way I’m going to even give myself a chance to win them! Instead, I read through some of the stories to give you my opinion on who I think should win.

    As an adoptive mom myself, #60 Deanna pulled on my heartstrings. Give that lady some dogs! 😉

  153. Elaine says

    My little girl would absolutely love one of these doggies. There is a department store near our house that has a display with a life-sized plush dog and she always runs up to it and gives it a big hug. She’s now exhibiting signs of terrible two-ness and has already pulled a couple of public tantrums when we try to get her to leave a favorite place.

    But, if she had one of her own then that would give her one less occasion to create a public outburst – at least that’s my theory and I’m sticking with it… it’s all the hope I have!


  154. Angela says

    I work with a local Austin rescue group- (I don’t know if I can post it on here or not) But we’re smaller than most and rely 100% on donations so this would be great to use in an auction to earn more money towards saving more dogs! If we won I would definately “adopt” these guys out as well as rave about your great store! Good luck everyone!

  155. naomi bailey says

    My sons dog Brutus was hit by a car a few weeks ago and died from internal bleeding. His name was Sarge and he was a Boston Terrier.The one I see looks like a replica. This would make him so happy and give him another friend in which he could confide his secrets.Great giveaway!

  156. CindyS67 says

    I think this is a great idea! I have three children, but my youngest (8yrs.) would love all three of these dogs all by himself! He asks for a stuffed dog everywhere we go … and he gets them most of the time. I also have a sister -in -law who has a Boston Terrier, her name is Niner (for the Forty-Niner’s ) She turned 10 this year and has only one eye due to a run in with a cat years ago. I know that nine and her owner would love to have a stuffed Boston! We have plenty of room and love for all three of these ADORABLE DOGS! P.S. We also have 2 dogs of our own, A Jack Russell and a Shepard Mix!! My husband would love the Pointer for he was an avid hunter when he was growing up and they had a dog similar to this one.
    Thanks Again,


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