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Pirates of the CaribbeanAre your kids excited about next week’s release of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides?

Since my two little girls are ages 3 and 6, Captain Jack isn’t exactly on their radar. But Janice’s 9 year old boy Jackson loves Captain Jack even though he hasn’t seen the movies.

How Old Should Kids Be?

Personally, I think all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies seem pretty scary for young kids. One site that I often check for feedback on appropriate ages for movies is Common Sense and they rated Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End as “iffy for ages 12–13”.

What do you think?

  • Will your kids be watching Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides?
  • Did they watch the previous Pirates of the Caribbean movies? If so, how old were they?
  • How old do you think children should be to watch Pirates of the Caribbean?


Free Kids Pirate Activities

Even if your child is too young to head out to the theater to watch Pirates of the Caribbean, they’ll likely see images of Captain Jack everywhere and will catch on to the pirate craze.

One way to let young kids get in on the pirate action, is to engage them with pirate activities, crafts, printables and other free downloads.

Disney sent us an awesome activity pack for you to Download for FREE… It includes face masks, coloring sheets, door hangers, mazes, etc.

Captain Jack's Activity Pack

Click Here to Download for FREE

Download the FREE Pirates Activity Pack (PDF)


If you want to find and download more free kids printable activities that also work for younger kids, I found this great resource for Pirate Coloring Sheets, Pirate Printables and Pirate Crafts at Pirates Coloring & Crafts.

But before you download and get busy playing pirates with your kids, tell us what you think about young kids watching Pirates of the Caribbean and what you think the appropriate ages are.

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  1. says

    I always lean towards the conservative side when it comes to my kids and movies. I have seen all the Pirate movies, but my girls (ages 11 and 5) have not. I remember sitting in the theater watching the second film’s opening scene of all of the pirates being hanged. I looked over and there was a child ( no older than age 5) watching that little boy hang. I was horrified.
    While I think it really is up to the individual parents to decide what is appropriate, I do feel kids couldn’t possibly have the emotional maturity to deal with that kind of image at that age.
    As for me, I will wait a bit longer before introducing that kind of imagery to my kids, but will continue to watch as many as they make simply to drool over Johnny Depp:)

  2. says

    I used to be VERY conservative about what my young kids watched. And then my oldest got older and started watching more……and then my next would slip into the room….and then somehow we got to the point that my whole family will watch movies like Lord of the Rings together. We are still very careful about letting ANY of our kids watch anything with lots of language or sex, but they all seem to enjoy and be able to handle the adventure flicks well.

  3. says

    I would prefer to wait until it is out on video to watch it with any kiddos. It helps to stop the movie and discuss it when they get scared. I have seen all three and just like LOTR I would not take a kid (ten or older) to see it in the movie theater but, might watch it at home where I can control the “scary”.
    One of my friends kids who I have taken to see a movie likes my “video option” for something that is “scary” or “adventurous/ thrilling” but she still wants to see.

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