Win a Chicco Smart Support Backpack

chicco-smart-support-220pix.jpgCan you tell Olivia is more than happy to take a ride in her Chicco Smart Support Backpack? The minute we slip her into it, she breaks out into smiles and kicks her little feet with excitement.

Since Olivia doesn’t like to miss out on anything, she is thrilled to be hoisted into the air and watch the action from her perch on Daddy’s back!

My husband, who for some strange reason resists wearing wraps or slings, prefers to carry our kids in a backpack.

When Jackson was three, Phil borrowed our friend’s backpack and hiked up Diamond Head on Oahu with Jackson on his back. So when I saw Chicco makes a very affordable backpack carrier, I thought it would be great to try out so Olivia can have a turn to go hiking with Daddy.

But Olivia loves it so much, Phil even puts her in the Smart Support Backpack to tote her around while he does chores! If she is fussy or bored, he buckles her into the Smart Support and she is good to go!

We brought the Smart Support up to my family’s cabin last month and Olivia got to be the test baby while I got Phil and our friends, Crystal and Sean, to all give me their opinion on the Chicco Smart Support Backpack. Olivia thought it was wonderful to get to ride all afternoon while each one of them took a turn carrying her. (Sean is carrying Olivia in this picture.)

So what did our test group think of the Chicco Smart Support Backpack?

Everyone agreed that it was a good, lightweight carrier that was super easy and convenient to use.

The light aluminum frame opens up to form a stable stand for easily loading and unloading your child. This freestanding feature enables the wearer to safely load and unload baby without any help.

The sun shield, quick zip ventilated rain guard, fanny pack and cell phone case are all great features too.

chicco-smart-support-2.jpgThe height-adjustable seat supports the child as they grow and appears comfortable – Olivia has no complaints. I also like that the the straps hold her in securely.

Our three adult testers found it reasonably comfortable. They thought some improvements could be made with the straps. Phil, Sean and Crystal all vary in size and each one thought the small strap that goes across the chest would be more useful if it were adjustable and could slide up and down since they all had a different preference for where they wanted it. As well, they thought that the lumbar support could be improved if it were slightly lower and gave more support.

The general consensus was that for the price, this was a good backpack carrier with nice features that children between 6-36 months will love!

Product Features

  • Three-position, height-adjustable seat to support your child as they grow
  • Lightweight, aluminum frame, weighs only 6.5 lbs!
  • Padded straps and energy-absorbing lumbar padding to keep you cool and comfortable
  • Zip-quick weather shield to protect your baby from the weather
  • Freestanding and stable to make loading and unloading virtually effortless
  • Flat-fold to make storing and transporting easy

The Smart Support is for children between 6-36 months and up to 40 pounds.

If you’ve got a little one who’d like to ride around on your back, leave us a comment and let us know. Also, please link back to this post to share the fun with your friends. (Non-bloggers are still welcome to enter, we understand you can’t link back, just tell a few friends instead.)

We’ll draw a random winner on Thursday, June 26th.

This giveaway is open to US and Canadian shipping addresses.


  1. says

    I have always wanted one of these wonderful devices… but could never justify the cost…but now you are featuring the affordable version… THANK YOU!

    God bless-Amanda

  2. says

    I love the hood/cover! That’s the only problem I have with the backpack we have now. Since we are going to have 4 kids aged 5 and under in November, this would really help us out a lot.

    Thanks for hosting this great contest!

  3. says

    As the mother of a 10m old and a 2 1/2 yr old, I would love to have something that makes toting the 10m along easier when her brother wants to do everything ‘me-self’

  4. says

    This would be wonderful to use during the time I take care of my nieces twins when she is deployed and I’m sure she would enjoy it as well when I sent it home with her!

  5. Staci J. says

    We live right near the gorgeous mountains and would love to go hiking. Problem is we can’t afford a backpack. This would be so awesome to have.

  6. Heather says

    My husband is the same way, he doesn’t like using the slings. This would be great for him. I know he would love wearing her around on his back. Thanks!

  7. says

    I have a girlfiend who has this exact carrier and they love it. Its great for the price. We have one made by a different company but we love it. Its great when your baby is too big for a front carrier but still unable to walk around for a full day. Once your baby gets bigger and wants to walk some and be carried some you can keep it on your back without the baby in it and it works great. We like it for places where its hard to get access. When we were in Germany for a while it was great because elevators are far and few between. Good luck everyone!

  8. says

    My husband would totally love this. He will use the front carrier but complains that he looks like a girl wearing it. He has even said I wish we had a backback type carrier many of times.

  9. says

    Oh wow! This would come in so handy as my hubby is of the variety that’s not so keen on the sling/wrap/pack thing too!
    Will post on my blog hopefully this evening!

  10. Sharon says

    That would be AWESOME!! Seriously, I was just pricing these today to use w/ my 13 month old. He’s so fair-skinned, I wanted the shade, as well as my dh is hopeful for one. Thank you for this opportunity!!

  11. Charlsie Swadley says

    Looks great! I use a wrap but my hubby would love to cart our little ones around in this!

  12. says

    Oh boy! I am so excited about this giveaway! My husband and I love to hike, but have been unable to afford a pack for our little one. We could definitely put this prize to good use:)

    Thanks for the giveaway! Keeping my fingers crossed that I am lucky winner:)

  13. says

    Wow. I’ve been trying to talk the hubster into buying us one of these for our son. He thinks it a good idea but it costs too much. I’m happy to be entered in a drawing to win one.

  14. Laura P says

    Oh my land, this would be great to win! Just this Tuesday I took the kids to the park…the park that is 4 kms away. My 4 month old was in the snuggly while the 2 year old was in the stroller. It would be so much better to have the Chicco Smart Support Backpack and save my back this summer! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  15. Yvette says

    I know my little one will be as happy as Olivia. She loves riding on dad’s shoulders. This will be great!

  16. says

    That is so neat! I have never seen one with such a cool cover over the baby. That will be perfect for summer hikes and out door craft fairs. We are always having such a hard time driving the stroller through the crowds. This would be perfect. Thanks for the find. And the contest!

  17. says

    this one looks great!! i love the cover…perfect for the summer sun and heat! my little one loves the front carrier and i know she would love to be on her daddy’s back in one of these!

  18. says

    My husband would be all over that!! He’s a hiker and can’t WAIT to get our son (who’s almost 7 mos.) out in the woods! He, too, refuses to use the slings, but has become a fan of the baby bjorn but has commented so many times how much he wished he had a backpack to carry Micah in when he’s working in the yard, etc. PLUS, June 26th is our anniversary – what a GREAT gift it would be for our little family! :)

  19. Stefanie says

    This looks like the perfect contraption for when my son outgrows his Baby Bjorn which he loves. He’s already 19 pounds at 4 months, so we’re getting close.

  20. Jessica says

    This is a great idea, i though these devices were much more expensive than this. My daughter loves to be carried up in the air, she would really like this carrier.

  21. Sandy - Em's mommy says

    Wow, would this be great for our trip to the other side of the U.S. in september! Nice! My little girl would love this, and I bet it would be great for the airport and for walks…

  22. Michelle says

    OH I would love to win that! I have been looking for something great for my husband for father’s day, and that would be just perfect !And he would love it even more if I could tell him it was a free prize!!!

  23. dee says

    This would be so great to carry my 8 mo. son on hikes, or even just daily while running after my 3 y.o.! I’ve had my eye on a backpack for a while now.

  24. says

    this would be great for my six month old. we go up to our grandparents cabin and it;s so hard pushing a stroller through twigs. this would help

  25. Susie says

    Oh man!! I wish I would have seen this before I got my hubby his father’s day present. I would love to win this for him!!

  26. Tanya Moyer says

    I have a new niece due in Sept., and her parents (my brother and sister-in-law) love the outdoors and this would be so perfect for them. I’d love to win this for them! Thanks for offering this!

  27. Tamara says

    Wow what an awesome give away. I have 3 kids, 1 that would still be able to use this for the summer and plan to have another…we love camping and hiking! Thanks for the wonderful site!

  28. says

    Oh my gosh! My son Noah would LOVE this… and don’t even get me started on how much I would love it. GREAT giveaway. Now I just have to start visualizing me winning it!! THANK YOU!! :)

  29. Bree says

    I would love one of these! this would be perfect for our 16 month old! What a great giveaway! thanks!

  30. Alyssa says

    This sounds like a great product. My husband hates the sling so this would work great for our new addition coming soon!

  31. Jendi Lather says

    this would be great . i love to go on hikes and i have 2 kids one still wants me to hold her but she is big enough to walk on her own but the other cant walk so i have to hold him. i would love something like this.

  32. Tracey says

    This would be a wonderful way to include our daughter in our love of hiking! I love the sun/rain shade!

  33. says

    Oooh me please! My mom used to have a backpack like this when we were kids and I would love to have one now! My 2yo is getting a little heavy for my mei tai, the extra support would be wonderful! (I linked you!)

  34. JenniferS. says

    This would be so cool to win!! When ever we go for walks we pull out the stroller but this would be great to use too!! It would be perfect for my 14 month old on our camping trip this summer.

  35. says

    We are heading to South America this fall for some traveling and this would be perfect for my dd. Where we are headed the stoller simply wouldn’t work. This would be great to win!

  36. Barbara Baker says

    My sister has a 5 month old baby girl that would fit awsome in this back pack….would love to win!!!!

  37. says

    Oh! I would love one! I could use it for a bit with my youngest daughter and then give it to my brother who is expecting his first soon!

    Thanks for the contest!

  38. Maureen says

    I know my twin boys would love to be carted around in this. Thanks,
    Maureen (jnomaxx at hotmail dot com)

  39. Jessica says

    I would love this. I have very cheap one from a yard sale but it is just about too small for my 25 lb 10 mo old and it has no sun shade. I am all over the shade!!!

  40. says

    This looks fun! We have a new baby coming in a few weeks, and a 2 year old (5 year old too, but she wold be too big!). So we can definitely use something like this, DH would love it!

  41. says

    I would love one of these. I couldn’t afford to purchase 2 so if I won one I’d only need to purchase one more. Fingers crossed.

  42. says

    I’ve got a front carrier for my daughter and she is getting too big for it. She loves it but my back doesn’t. This would be perfect!

  43. Marlena says

    My daughter just turned one (yesterday!) and loves to be outside. This would be great for summer adventures that we go on. I love the sun shade too as she refuses to wear a hat. :)

  44. says

    How fantastic! It looks super comfortable for both the parent and baby! Would love to try it out.

    Thanks for another great giveaway!

  45. Gina Stratos says

    We do a lot of walking, especially in the summer. This would be a back-saver!!

  46. Sierra Rendon says

    That looks fantastic! I’d love to win this for my best friend, who’s pregnant :) Thanks for the opportunity!

  47. says

    My hubby is resistant to the ring sling and sleepy wrap that I have. This would be great for him to wear our Miss Pea. I think this would be great for the both of them! Thanks for the chance to win1

  48. says

    This would totally come in handy for me and my family! We like to do a lot of hiking and it’s tough hitting some trails with a stroller….

    I’d love to win!

  49. DARIJAVAN says

    I would love to give this to my neighbor who I walk with. She could then take her new grandbaby on the walk with us

  50. Carolyn says

    Boy-o-Boy what great products for children today.
    😉 This would be a wonderful gift for my friend for after Father’s Day gift. Thanks.

  51. Van says

    I remember wanting one of these on the days I used to babysit my nephew yet needed to run into school to hand in papers. Could never justify the cost of one for a “starving” student. This would be great for the new nephew.

  52. says

    Wow – great contest. I’d love to win this for my husband to use. We have a hard time finding something that’s good for him to carry the kids in. I blogged about you HERE

  53. Jaime says

    Oh…my husband and I would totally use this! We could actually get back to doing some hiking…which we miss sooo much now that baby #2 is here!

  54. says

    I am needing something to carry my yds around in and since being frugal is my life, I’d LOVE to win this!!!

  55. Amanda Stauffer says

    My little one would love to ride along on my back when we go on our camping trips or just for a walk.

  56. says

    I have my little 5 month old who loves to be close to Mommy, though she still is in slings, then I have my 1.5 year old, and she would LOVE this! She likes to be up high and play around!

    This would be perfect for my girls for a while!

  57. Erica says

    My second little one definitely wants to be part of the action, and this looks like a great way to include her. Thanks for the review and giveaway! I don’t have a blog (yet) but I’ll tell my sister and some friends. Thanks! Erica, gumbi1313 at msn dot com

  58. says

    Not only would this be great for weekend hikes, but I’ve been looking for something to carry my daughter around in and have my hands free for when we’re airport hopping on our trip to Africa.

  59. says

    This would be awesome I believe for the upcoming baby, my 15 month old is 25 lbs but I wouldn’t be carrying him around! Helana is due in September but I’ve been looking for something like this for trips!

  60. Elizabeth M. says

    With my first two, using a backpack was my favorite way to carry them around when we went places. My second one was like carrying bricks but at least my hands were free. They seemed to really like it too. I’m going to stick with the backpack next time!

  61. Isabel Quinn says

    The backpack would be great for my daughter whose first child is due this week. It seems so convenient. Isabel

  62. LadySnow says

    Please enter me…I have always wanted one for my children…I am on #3 and still don’t have one. 😀

  63. Meredith Peters says

    Olivia has the sweetest punkin face!
    This looks like a great carrier. Light,I like! Thanks for the review.

  64. Cori Westphal says

    I’ve always wanted something to carry my babies like this. Now with my third one, I could really use a free hand! Thanks for the great contest!

  65. Kathy Davis says

    I would love this foe my niece She would love to ride around when camping next summer…. She is due this July

  66. Cindi says

    “Wow!” What a carrier and a half! Love it. It looks good and is very functional. Can’t ask for more than
    that!!!!! I see you are drawing the winner on my birthday. Maybe, that will bring me some luck. Thanks,Cindi

  67. Anne says

    The Smart Support Backpack is BRILLIANT!!

    I have a granddaughter who would love to look at the world from up there!!

    Great giveaway!

  68. Jill Myrick says

    I could Definitely use this with my little princess !
    Thank you so much for offering this wonderful contest.
    I would LOVE to win !!

  69. Carol says

    what a great backpack! i am a carrier-aholic; but don’t have a backpack…dh would love to have this problem remedied by winning this.

    thanks for a great contest!

  70. says

    I have always wanted one of these. It would be so much easier than a stroller in crowded areas this summer. I really like the sun shade. What a great feature.
    Please pick me. I would love to win.

  71. Terra Heck says

    This would be great to put the little one in when we go camping and on hikes. I like that it has a weather shield.

  72. jacqui says

    What a great affordable product. Currently pregnant with my 3rd in 3 years, so have been looking for something to carry one of my children in, while the other two are in the double stroller!

  73. Susan C says

    This would be wonderful for my two month old grandson. His parents love to hike, and could use this great product.

  74. Bonnie MacDonald says

    It would be great to win one of these, especially with a 8 month old and a 2 1/2 year old. I’m a mom who loves the great outdoors and loves taking my children camping.

  75. Van says

    I remember wanting one of these on the days I babysat my nephew but needed to rush to school to hand in papers. Could never justify the cost of one for a “starving” student. This would be great for the new nephew.

  76. Rose says

    My family loves to go hiking……..this would really be a VERY nice addition for our 1 year old!!!!!

  77. Robin says

    I have always wanted to try one of these, but they are just so expensive to “try.” Winning one would be a much better way!

  78. says

    I’m hoping to start family camping this fall so this would fit right in. I’m really posting though to say we have the same isabooties as Olivia! (You probably won’t see this post if I don’t win though so I’ll have to post somewhere else too 😉 )

  79. says

    i loooove these, but like many others here can’t possibly afford one of our own. i have two little one’s under a year and a half and this would be perfect for us. lol. count me in!

  80. Teresa says

    I have been looking at a backpack like this one for the last 6 months. I have two children that would still fit and would LOVE it! Thanks for the chance to win!

  81. Carolyn says

    My Sister in law is due soon and I would love to gift her with this. My youngest is 8, so I sure don’t want him carried on my back, but (sigh) wish I had it when mine were little!

  82. Tricia says

    I have two little one’s that would just be perfect riding in the Chicco Smart Support Backpack, With that Visor to keep the sun off what fabulous design. Someone used their brain when they added that. Can’t wait to get one.

  83. Susan Kissel says

    I would absolutely love to win this! I have 4 children and it would be great to tote my youngest one around in this and have my hands free to hold the hands of my others. I think it would be a great way to boost calories on a walk also. Pick me, pick me!! S

  84. Tamara says

    I would love to win this for my little family that loves to go hiking, we have 3 kids our youngest would fit nicely this summer

  85. says

    Wow! I would love to have that backpack for summer. My little one is just at the age to be put in one of those. Thanks,Anne

  86. Melinda Toungette says

    I really like the way it has a cover to keep the sun off the head. I really would like to win this backpack.

  87. OlyveOyl says

    This is such a great backpack – what I was raised with is so barbaric compared to what is now available – would love to own this for the benefit of the soon-to-be wee one (and those to come)!

  88. Pauline M says

    This would be perfect for every day use! My son loves to go outside and it would certainly be much more convenient to take him “on my back”!

  89. Tara Hill says

    Wow, this is great! My son is only four months old, but he is huge! Too heavy for me to carry in the front! Thanks for the chance

  90. Melissa Reeder says

    This Chicco Backpack would be perfect for my husband to carry our four month old baby girl in. It would be great for long walks on the beach this summer. Thanks so much!

  91. says

    What a fabulous giveaway! I’d love to have the Chicco Backpack for my brother and SIL who are having their first baby in 2 months. Their avid hikers and campers and this would be fabulous for baby’s first excursion.

  92. Judy Y says

    I would love to have this. Rebecca has outgrown the Baby Bjorn and would love to be carried in the backpack. The canopy is great also it would help keep the sun off of her.

  93. says

    I love the look of this carrier, and the features. I could really use this here because I have friends with babies, and when we walk, the path is gravel and not good at all for strollers.

  94. says

    We would love to have this for our 16 month old on our trip to Europe next month. I’ve been eying these things up, but I am so nervous to buy without knowing anyone who has had one. Thank you so much for the tip!

  95. Liz Varghese says

    My husband & I like hiking and this would be a great way to travel hike with our 15 month old son. Thanks for the chance

  96. Maggie Smith says

    I would love to put my 4 month old in this backpack! THANK YOU soooo much! I would LOVE to win!

  97. EJW says

    I love the sun/rain cover. We’ve taken our son hiking in a borrowed carrier and would love to do it more often, but we’d need our own carrier.

  98. Molly B. says

    This thing is humongous, but then again, so is my baby! We’ve been thinking about getting a backpack carrier to keep our spines from being permanently warped in a bent forward position. This would be perfect, especially the large shade!

  99. Gus and Clay's Mom says

    My little guy (7 months) would love this! He loves to ride and see what’s going on!

  100. Kristen says

    This sounds perfect for our trip to Maine this summer. We wanted to get a little hiking in with our two year old and 5 month old, but the carriers we found are so expensive.

    kdegrand AT hotmail DOT com

  101. Debbie Criss says

    With 5 friends and relatives expecting this year, this would be a great gift. Please enter me, thank you

  102. says

    I possibly have a little one on the way, and would love to be able to give them a wonderful view of their world using this! Thanks!

  103. Kari A. says

    What little one doesn’t like to be carried and to be carried at your height?! These are fabulous!! Either the newest baby (when it is big enough of course) or my Jakey would be perfect for this. My oldest, since he would love to be included in this, who is 16 would be perfect to carry Jakey since I am pregnant and can’t wear it just yet… So all 3 kids can benefit!!

  104. Tara says

    We would get A LOT of use out of the Chicco Smart Support. We are an outdoorsy family and I wear our little girl every day. We have another one on the way and this would be perfect for my guy. It looks like it would be cool and comfortable, and having the baby be protected from the rain in unexpected downpours (like the one we actually got caught in the day before yesterday…lol) would be a bonus !

  105. says

    I would LOVE to give this to my sister in law, who lives in Europe and travels a lot. She is expecting in October and would get a lot of use out of this!

  106. Kasey says

    I could get so much use out of this, my family loves to go on hikes and long walks, and I have been looking for something like this for the baby, such a awesome contest

  107. Jolyn Howland says

    My daughter is 1 and we are rugged campers in the Adirondacks, and I have been trying to find the perfect backpack to wear for our hikes up some mountains. I would love to have her join us on our hikes, but the backpack I have is VERY uncomfortable and a yard sale purchase. I have heard wonderful things about this pack and would love to be able to have one. I just want my family to hike as a group and not leave the baby behind with a babysitter.

  108. says

    My husband’s been telling me since our son was born that he really wants one of these for backpacking and hiking. I knew about other brands, but I hadn’t yet heard about Chicco. Thanks for the contest and sharing the info!

  109. Dana says

    Wow… this is so awesome. My little ones (twins)would just love this, but we haven’t been able to afford one. Thanks

  110. Dan Riley says

    My stepdaughter would absolutely love this! Baby arrives in five months and she is an absolute wreck…

  111. Molly Capel says

    My youngest isn’t quite ready for this, but will be in another 3 months. We would love this!!

  112. Jean F says

    One of the problems I’m seeing with many carrier designs is that kids these days are so big, and grow so quickly, they outgrow the carriers in less than three months!

  113. Lila says

    I have been looking for a backpack now that my son is a little older but I haven’t had any extra funds to justify a purchase since we have 2 strollers. If I won one that would be great!

  114. says

    I don’t have a little one yet, but I have one on the way! Actually though I was thinking of this for my Godson so it could be enjoyed this summer! :)

  115. winvin says

    I’d love to win this for my growing little guy. He’s just too big and wiggly to put into a soft carrier anymore, and I miss the convenience of being hands free. Would be great for the zoo too!

  116. says

    We have been dying to get our hands on one. See we live in Oregon, tons of trails and hiking spots. Although we can’t take our daughter because a stroller would never amke it five miles of bumps and turns, don’t forget the tree roots. I would just love to win!

  117. Janine Brotzman says

    I would love this backpack to carry around my daughter. We go for long walks and would much rather this than a wrap or sling!

  118. Tina B says

    This would be perfect for carrying my 17month old to the grocery store and back. It is a 1+ mile walk each way and I would have more space in the wagon for groceries! It would also be awesome for walks at the zoo and to the park with her big sis. We plan on having one more, this is something my husband would love!

  119. Ruth says

    We live in an urban city without a car… something like this backpack would be so helpful for our new little one!

  120. Ann says

    Waaw, I would love to win this for my little girl! Thanks for the great giveaway!
    This would be great for when we go camping and hiking in July!

  121. Tiffany says

    I’ve been borrowing one of my girlfriends old evenflo backpacks for my son for the last couple of months. He’s been 20 pounds since his 4 month check up and now at 7 months and 22 pounds carring him up front is no longer an option. He loves it I’ve just yet to take the “plunge” and buy one. of my own :)

  122. Sonya says

    My husband and I love to hike and have been having problems finding a backpack in our price range that will hold our toddler. This would be so wonderful!

  123. Brenda says

    Maybe winning this would bring me luck and I’ll get another granddchild to use it. If not, I know someone who is expecting.

  124. says

    I’d love to carry our baby girl, the docs say she will be a smaller baby than my 2 oldest boys , they were 10 and 9 lbs at birth! It’d be easier to carry her around like this then lugging triple strollers everywhere!

  125. Lisa says

    Ooh – I love this! We hiked a lot before my son was born and are starting to do so again, but our current hand me down backpack hurts!

  126. judy brittle says

    this would be wonderful for my daughter. she just had her 5th baby and needs some extra hands.

  127. Becca says

    We borrowed a friend’s backpack to go hiking last month, and our daughter loved it. We’ve been interested in getting our own now, so I’d love to win.

  128. says

    Oh, I would love to win this! We need a good backpack for our daughter, and we have another daughter on the way! thanks for the chance!

  129. says

    I’ve been wanting to buy one of these, but can’t justify the cost since I have so many other carriers. So I need to win it to get it!

  130. says

    I have soooo been wanting a backpack carrier since my son was born! He loves to be at adult level looking around and I know he would love to ride around in one. I am keeping my fingers crossed!

  131. elizabeth says

    Wish I would have had one of these for the first one. I’m sure the second one would get a lot of use out of it, though!

  132. erin m says

    This looks great and the price is right. We have a very old hand me down backpack carrier I sometimes use but it lacks the sunshade which is a MUST in florida

  133. amanda says

    I tried this on in babies r us and loved it! It was supper light and my 7 month old loved it. but it was too much for that trip. I would love to win it!! thanks amanda

  134. says

    This pack looks great for hiking, camping, or quick trips to the farmer’s market. I bet my daughter would love riding in her own special seat on daddy’s back!

  135. Cheryl Larimer says

    As grandparents of a brand new baby we would love to be able to use one of these when she is just a bit older.

  136. Tammy Kennedy says

    Would love to win this for my grandson, this way my son would use it. he just mentioned that all baby items are geared more for the mother. This is their first child and he’s so happy. He would be in seventh heaven toting his son around in this.
    Thank you for giving me a chance to win something for my son, daughter in law and grandson.

  137. says

    My husband and I love hiking, but with twin girls we can’t justify buying two of these packs. BUT if we got one free then we could purchase another one!

  138. Janet says

    ty 4 the very great and useful contest!I could use this with my grandson and I know his dad and mom could use it 2.:)

  139. danni says

    almost makes me want to go hiking-not really, i’m lazy! but it would be great for taking him to my older one’s ball games!

  140. Sherri B. says

    I have been looking at these for my BF. Her and her husband are very active and are expecting a little girl. This would be great for them!!!

  141. Melody says

    This is an insanely cool product. I wish I had a baby to use it! Instead I am entering on behalf of my niece (it would be a surprise gift :) who is having her first baby in November. She would be thrilled with this.

  142. Nancy Carbone says

    What a treat! Looks comfy for parent & child. The hood/cover is great and the pack will be great for shopping, errands, walking or hiking.

  143. marybeth i. says

    I wish they had carriers like that when my kids were infants. This would make a great baby gift for my SIL. Very cute model in the pic :)

  144. Cynthia Sheeks says

    Ooh! This looks like riding in style! I have a little one who would love it! And great exercise for me!

  145. Christy Hickman says

    I would love to win this. It would be handy to help us keep up with our 2 year old especially since we have another child due in December. Thanks for the chance to win.

  146. Angela Drouillard says

    Hi ladies!

    I am always hoping to get pregnant again, but if it doesn’t happen, I have plenty of friends who are pregnant and could use this! I will forward your site to them also! Thank you and God bless!


    PS. I have twin daughters who are blond and brunette also! (and so does my sister!)

  147. jimmy lee says

    no wee ones for me, but my cousin is expecting his second little guy in a few weeks and this would be an awesome prize to win for him!

  148. Dorothy says

    I watch my 5 month old niece 3 days per week and we walk the dogs every day to get the mail and on a local bike trail to spend some time outside. She’s getting too heavy to carry so this would be perfect to make spending quality time more enjoyable for both of us AND the dogs!!

  149. Steven A. says

    I love to take my baby hiking and to music festivals and this would be perfect for us both to enjoy!

  150. Christine E. says

    My nephew arrived five days ago. He came one month early and I held him for well over an hour today. He is precious. I would love to win this for my sister.

  151. says

    both my kids love being held, carried, slinged and wrapped. 3 1/2 year old is too big now but the baby pretty much lives in one of them at all times. :)

  152. shirley says

    my daughter could sure use this….since she doesnt have enough hands..LOL with a 2yr old and 3 month old…..this would come in handy

  153. Marla says

    Wow!! I would LOVE to win this! It would be great for our first grandchild! Thank you, thank you for the chance to win! You are wonderful!

  154. gina muntaner says

    my daughter would love this, she enjoys taking walks but it is so hard to carry her. she is a wiggle worm at times.

  155. says

    I’m going to be a first time grandma come July – Mommie and Daddy are hikers and rock climbers in Tucson – My new grandbaby would sure love to give the Chicco Smart Support Backpack to her/his new parents! Thanks!

  156. Leigh says

    I was just going to start researching baby backpacks! With another one on the way, I went into our baby stash and remembered our sad, well used backpack that gave me splitting tension headaches because it did such a poor job distributing weight. Well, due to the cost, we always made due, but as I was fiddling with it, one of the straps finally gave up the ghost! Thanks for the amazing give-away :)

  157. Esperanza Dodge says

    I’m skeptical on most of these since they tend to hurt my back! But if I win I can test it and hopefully use it! :)

  158. Angela Harris says

    I have 2 babies and this would sure help when we have them out and about , it kills me to try to carry them all the time

  159. Marie Noguerole says

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I had no idea this type of carrier existed. Love the hood to protect from the sun and wind. Great giveaway.

  160. ~ HeLeN ~ says

    The general consensus was that for the price, this was a good backpack carrier with nice features that children between 6-36 months will love!

  161. * * ALiesa * * says

    ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
    I’ve got a little one who’d like to ride around on my back!

    ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

  162. Aimee M K says

    This backpack looks great! An excellent way to get healthy and (safely) expose kids to the outdoors. I’d love to win!

  163. Kristie Noguera says

    I have one of the older versions in another brand without the sun cover. I use it all the time, but would love to have this one. It is so much better.

  164. Bobby Dooley says

    Our son is due anytime now and this would be the best gift to provide to him! I could certainly use it!

  165. Goose022 says

    This looks like an awesome carrier! We have ended up using our “Snuggli” on short hiking trips, but I’m sure this would work much better.

  166. says

    This looks so cool! My son is only 3.5 months, but my husband loves to tote him around in a front carrier. I know they’d both love the backpack when he’s a bit bigger.

  167. Connie says

    This would be so great for my grandkids. My daughter would thank you since she is pregnant with her fourth. I’m sure she’d get lots of use out of it!

  168. Emilie says

    I could really use this right now. I have a 22 month old and a 4 month old so they keep me VERY busy. Thanks for the giveaway!

  169. ALVARO GIL says

    I am in the market trying to get one to take back to Costa Rica C.A. for my 5 month old and and 20 lbs. baby . I NEED IT


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