Tackle it Tuesday — Tackling Potty Training

Tackle it Tuesday

Tackling Potty Training Regression!!!

Where does a mother, frustrated and overwhelmed with her 3.5 year old regressing from being almost completely potty trained to consistently UN-trained, go for help!?!

She goes to Facebook — yes she does.

Last week I was lost in potty training despair! After weeks of accidents — usually the messy kind! — and even Olivia’s preschool calling me with concern over her daily accidents, I took to Facebook to get some help from my parent friends.

They delivered with potty training tips — put away the pull ups, get tough, use a reward chart, bribe if you have to! — and encouragement!

So, I listened and… we are having some success!!!

Yes, it is still messy at points, but Olivia is definitely improving and even pooped on the potty at school, much to her teachers’ delight!

Potty Training Chart and Stickers

I started a reward chart with her — and she loves the stickers. (I found this Dora reward chart online.)

Potty Training Chart and Stickers

Potty Training Chart and Stickers

Only problem is getting her to put the sticker on the right day of the reward chart…

Potty Training Chart and Stickers

And to not put them on the dog!

Potty Training Chart and Stickers

Potty Training Chart and Stickers

I am SO relieved to see improvement! Thank you friends — you are so important to me (and to my potty training daughter too!)

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  1. says

    Ahhh one stage I do not love of child rearing is the potty stage. You would think after training 3 children I’d be ready for the fourth but I’m not. I am in denial!! He toddled up to me and grabbed his belly said the p word and I too him to the potty and he produced what was bothering his stomach…this kid should be easy to train yet I just cannot make myself do it yet.

    Could it be the -40 weather we have everyday this past month? I don’t want to undress him from all his snow gear for a potty break.

  2. says

    The one thing I realized when Potty Training…I was completely not in control of my kids’ bladder function! LOL As a Type-A girl, this one revelation almost made me crazy. 😉 Thankfully, all three of my kids were fairly easy to potty train. I just had to wait until they were ready. For a couple of them, that meant I had to wait many months AFTER I was ready for them to be potty trained. Best of luck! I think the reward system is a great idea! :)

    PS…my tackle today is writing letters. Stop by if you get a chance. Happy Tuesday! :)

  3. says

    Hey now she is just rewarding the puppy for doing his business where he should as well. Sharing the sticker reward love. So glad to hear that you are seeing improvement. Potty training sucks.

  4. says

    I find the collective wisdom of friends on Facebook extremely useful. It is like having all the moms in your life in one room. Amazing!
    My boys never would go for a reward. They potty trained when they wanted, much to my dismay. Rewards, candy, charts, new potty seats, nothing ever worked. My oldest two were forced. I told them we ran out of pullups and they would have to do it. They were both 4 years old at that time. Sigh.

  5. says

    I’m so thankful you posted this! I’ve been struggling with this same issue with my 3.5 yr old son! It gives me hope to know someone else is dealing with this too. We did try the stickers (AGAIN) but seems to be his favorite snack as a reward is what is working!


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