One Mom’s Shocking Weight Loss Story

weight loss tips We are so inspired by your stories as you journey with us on our Winter Weight Off.

Many of you are linking up your own stories and tips in our weekly Winter Weight Off link up posts and we love to hear from you.

We were so amazed by this reader’s jaw-dropping weight loss success story, we asked her to write this Guest Post here at 5 Minutes for Mom to share her journey with you.

Look at what Webly achieved…

Webly Before After

How I went from being a new mom at 238 pounds to 132 pounds as National Fitness Competitor…

6 weeks after having my son, Horizon, I was stuck in a rut. I stepped on the scale at a doctor’s visit to read 238lbs and find out that my cholesterol level was alarming. At 238lbs I told myself that there was no way I was ever getting my body back. The task seemed so impossible especially that before my pregnancy I was already trying to lose 30 pounds from weighing 170lbs. Here I was 65 pounds heavier.

The Turnaround

I decided to join Weight Watchers for the 4th time and this time I was not going to quit after losing 10 pounds. I had a vision, and was determined to change my family’s health history to be a role model to Horizon. My vision catapulted me into a new state of mind and a new body.

With my husband’s support I embarked on a journey to a healthy lifestyle. The journey was extremely challenging. I had to be flexible to get my workout done and change the way I eat, no more take outs and Chinese food for lunch at work everyday; I was eating clean. I took my son with me every Saturday to the Weight Watchers meetings and through the ups and downs I finally lost 60 pounds.

While doing Weight Watchers I learned to be accountable to myself by tracking and journaling everything I put in my mouth. I learned to be patient and remain consistent even when things were not quite going as I expected. Keeping my goal in sight gave me the strength I needed to remain consistent.

The most valuable lesson I learned was to not be afraid to walk the path alone. My greatest challenge was at work where we always had leftovers from meetings in the kitchen. I tried to get some of my co-workers to join me in my quest but to no avail. So I decided despite my environment to commit to preparing my own food, going for a mile walk during my lunch breaks, and to climbing 14 flights of stairs from the tallest building at work 3 times a week with or without a partner.

Finishing Strong

My favorite mentor Zig Ziglar says, “Once a need is satisfied, it is no longer a motivator.”

I wanted to lose 60 pounds and now what? I was thirsty for more. I wanted to do something out of the ordinary to challenge myself.

I always dreamed of becoming a national fitness competitor, so I contacted a personal trainer and before I knew it I was training for my first show happening in 6 months. I had to incorporate weight training a lot more in my workouts in addition to aerobics 5 times a week.

The most surprising workout was practicing my stage presence on 6-inch heels.

Training at this level I learned discipline and focus. As you get closer to your show date the amount of macronutrients (carbohydrates, fat and protein) you consume is extremely important so a cheat meal was out of the question.

The only way to survive the dieting for me was to stay focused again on my vision, which was this time living a healthy lifestyle and showing other moms out there that you can get your body to look even better post-pregnancy.

At 132 pounds, I did more than 1 show in a year, finished 8th on my 3rd show and 2nd on my fourth show.

Wow! This was a whole new world of opportunities where I had discovered my passion along with an expensive and fun hobby. Losing more than 100 pounds left me with a thirst for self-improvement.

Today I continue my transformation; I am a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and Taebo Instructor who spreads the love helping other moms, men and women to live a healthy lifestyle.

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WeblyWebly is a software engineer who went from weighing 238lbs post-pregnancy to competing at 132 lbs as a national fitness competitor and pursued her passion as a fitness model and personal trainer to help other moms and women live a healthy lifestyle.

At Simplywebly’s Blog, Webly encourages moms, and other women who feel like they can’t get their body back after gaining a lot of weight. She shares her experience, recipes and tips on the blog.

Talk to Webly on Twitter @simplywebly


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    I love the motivation quote. You’ve done great. Very inspiring. All I need is to lose 5! Still hard. Especially since there are cookies in the oven!

    • says

      Sandra, 5 lbs is easy and only takes 1 month. Where there is a will there is a way just don’t buy the cookies for 30 days :)
      Thank you for the comment.

  2. says

    Wow! She looks amazing!!

    I cant believe Ive never seen this linky before! Its such a great idea. When I was struggling to lose the 50 pounds I lost, I know a linky like this would have helped a lot. Oh, how I wish I had been blogging when I started my weight loss journey.

  3. says

    Such an amazing story! I really felt like Webly really hit home about “going it alone.” There always seems to be power in numbers when it comes to over-indulgence, and not just with food. By learning self-control with food, booze, buying etc.. I think it gives us the opportunity to see greater issues and gain a different perspective on the world.

    you rock!

    designer and fashion lover at

    • says

      Thank you for the comment Madeline. You are so right about “the power in numbers when it comes to over-indulgence.” In my circle I think it had to do more with fear than anything else. Sometimes we get so used to bad habits that changing it seems like too much effort. The surprising thing at the end was that some people finally joined me and most didn’t and used excuses like “it’s easy for you”. That’s when I realize that my journey was about how I felt about the person in the mirror. You are right, you gain a different perspective when you tap into the issues and have a desire to change.

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