We Are Looking for an X-Cart Web Designer/Developer

We have another great opportunity for a work-at-home mom (or dad) to earn some extra money.

We want to hire an X-Cart Web Designer/Developer to do some work for us on our e-commerce stores. (As many of you know Janice and I are also owners of a couple of online stores.)

We have some work available for a designer/developer who knows X-Cart and smarty templates.

We have some designs done by another artist and we were going to incorporate them into our template ourselves, but we decided to see if another mom (or dad) wanted some extra work from home. And if this task works well, we’d likely have lots of other work for you down the road.

Please contact us with your experience and rate information. In the subject line, include “Web Designer”. We’re hoping to find a great match with whom we can continue working on future design and development tasks.


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    I hope you find who you are looking for. I blogged about it for you. I’ll also spread the word on a work at home forum I own.

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    Thanks for this information and sharing with us. I think your blog is really helpful for everyone, especially for those who can’t leave their house for the job. I have a friend who has a small baby so she can’t go for the job outside. I’ll recommend this to her thank you so much.

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    I am pursuing my career in this field and I have more than two years experience also but I think your vacancy is full now because I am so late here to contact you. I want to do this job because at this time I can’t go outside for job purposes because I have a small kid and no one is there to handle him.


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