Happy Valentine’s Day!

by Janice

Are you devouring chocolates?

I am heading out the door for a Valentine’s dinner with my hubby, but I wanted to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope your day is sweet and that your kids and spouses give you some extra hugs and kisses.

Today, I went in to Jackson’s kindergarten class to help with the Valentine’s cards and treats. It was so fun! I loved it.

My son is smitten this Valentine’s Day and he even spent a sizable chunk of his allowance on flowers and a KinderSurpise for “his Valentine.” So super sweet!!!

I totally approve of his choice too. She is a nice, friendly girl. Jackson had her over for a play date a couple weeks ago.

I was a little concerned that her parents might be shocked that their kindergartener was receiving flowers, so I called them last night to get permission. Her mom agreed that it was a sweet gesture and that we could let him do it.

I am thrilled that Jackson has felt safe enough to talk to me about her. I want to encourage openness and let him know that it is normal for him to have these feelings.

I am also so pleased that Jackson is treating this little girl so nicely.

I seem to remember six year old boys don’t always display their affections appropriately. When I was in elementary school, a boy who like me chased me with dog poo on a stick! So I definitely prefer my son courting with flowers!

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