Wow – that was easy!

by Janice

This afternoon Jackson had a play date… with a girl!

Now I know many little boys have play dates with girls, but since starting kindergarten, Jackson hasn’t had any interest in having a girl over. So all his play dates have been testosterone-driven all “boy” afternoons.

But today we had those most charming little girl over. She was so sweet, polite and calm.

After some time playing with the Wii, I made them popcorn and then – get this – they did crafts!!!

Let me tell you, had I asked Jackson and one of his regular partners in crime if they wanted to do crafts, I certainly wouldn’t have heard the same excited little chirp, “Yes!”

So I pulled out some extra lollipops we had in the cupboard, some construction paper, scissors, pencils and glue and they made these adorable flower Valentine’s that Shannon wrote about today. Thank you Shannon!

It was a perfect craft for a play date that required no prep and the kids could easily accomplish in a short time.

Wow – so this is what a play dates with girls can be like. That was easy!

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