5 Year Old Julia Refuses Her First Kiss

My five year old Julia does NOT like boys!

A few months ago at a birthday party, she refused to sit next to another little guest because he was a BOY. She also insisted that absolutely NO boys come to her fifth birthday party and was rather unimpressed that her boy cousins slipped by the restriction.

But lately she’s become slightly more tolerant and politely played with a boy in her swimming class.

Today after the final lesson of the two week daily swim class, to everyone’s — especially Julia’s — surprise, the little boy went up to Julia and leaned in to give her a kiss goodbye.

Julia jumped back with shock and shot him a dirty look.

No first kiss for this 5 year old!


  1. says

    So cute.
    My girls are 17 and 18 and are proudly still holding onto their ‘first kiss’ ! They don’t want to share that with anyone but their husband :-)

    Your daughter is getting so big!!! Watching her grow up via your pictures is fun. What a beautiful girl she is!! Just like her mama!

  2. says

    Too funny! My youngest had a simiiar experience in pre-school. They were playing together when he placed but hands firmly on her face and then, went in. I laughed hysterically when she said, “No, I have a headache”!!

  3. says

    My 24 and 21 year old daughters are still holding their first kiss also. Someday, soon they pray, we pray, their dear one will come and they will get their first kiss at their wedding.

  4. says

    How cute! If only my 5 year old son was that way! He recently kissed a 1st grade girl on the bus on the way home one night. His 7 year old brother couldn’t wait to tell on him! I’m in for some trouble.

  5. says

    That ks really cute and smart of her. My kids 2, 3 love kissing their frinends. Daddy always puts a stop to it when it is Zoe getting a kiss

  6. says

    Awww… this is so cute :-) I remember when my son was in pre-school and he developed a crush on his classmate. He’d always prefer to sit beside her and during Valentine’s he kissed her on the cheeks. I can’t forget the look on the dad’s face!

  7. says

    Adorable! I wish I could have taken a lesson from her when I was that age. I ended up “getting engaged” in kindergarten. My “boyfriend” even gave me a ring (that mom made me give back). Thankfully soon after that, the boys got cooties.

    Now just hope when she’s a teenager she still doesn’t like them much :o)

  8. jack says

    ok, I am a 13 yr old boy who hasn’t had their first kiss and i agree with the story, BUT, I dont actually agree with some of these moms actually wanting their daughter’s first kiss to be on their wedding day. some couples ya` know do it before their wedding to see if their compatable in bed, and with ya` know being an intimate procedure theres bound to be a kiss somewhere in there. all im saying is some of thes moms shouldn`t get their hopes up, yet with ya` know being an inimate procedure i dont think the daughter will tell their mom about it, so, its safe to say we can give those certain moms the benifet of the doubt


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