It Has Begun…

Janice is in early labor.

She went to the doctor earlier today because the baby wasn’t moving very much and she was having a fair amount of pain. The doctor felt that she wanted Janice to deliver this baby soon because there is not enough fluid and low cord flow. So she put Janice on the induction list for tomorrow (Friday).

But before she left the hospital at about 3pm she was already having small contractions. Her contractions are getting much stronger now and she’s decided to go back to the hospital to get checked again. (Her husband is going with her.)

(Her due date was Oct 9th… so this is a little earlier than we expected. And no… she’s not ready. We have tons of unanswered emails and her baby’s nursery isn’t even finished. Sigh. I’m even less ready. You can’t even walk in my baby’s nursery because it’s so full of boxes and stuff. Double sigh.)

I will try and keep you all posted. She is going to call me in the night if she goes into serious labor.

Please keep Janice and the baby in your prayers.

Update: It’s midnight here and Janice is at the hospital and is 3 cm dilated. I am on my way there now.


  1. says

    I did wonder whether she might go first
    My deepest thoughts and prayers are with her and her bub
    Keep us posted its VERY VERY EXCITING!!!!!!!!!

  2. says

    Oh, Oh, Oh!! I love Babies!!! And, ya know, what?! The babies won’t care if the nurseries aren’t perfect anyway. They just want your love and hugs and boobs of course…LOL..

    God bless,

  3. Jenn in AZ says

    Thanks for letting us know! I am praying for Janice and the sweet baby and for you and yours as well. I can’t wait for the updates!!!!

  4. Elizabeth says

    I went in a month early with my 2nd, who happened to be a successful VBAC. It started out like mild cramps, and it ended up me, the next morning, popping my baby out. So as they say, ‘expect the unexpected’, and prepare those rooms.

    I hope all goes well for both of you.

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