Does The Thought Of Traveling With Kids Make You Tremble?

When I hear the phrase “traveling with kids”, it makes me wince.

I picture tired, bored, whining kids sounding out the familiar “Are we there yet?”

Maybe it’s because that image sums up most of my childhood memories of traveling.

But luckily these days we’ve got smart moms like Linda from thinking ahead for us. Her store is all about taking the noisy bumps out of those road trips and even air trips, or train trips or whatever type of trip you can dream up.

The site even includes a section of free travel check lists to help you ensure you don’t set off without your essentials.

As I browse through the store, I am amazed by all the brilliant product ideas.

The website is organized into helpful categories such as “Who’s Going”, “What Kind of Trip”, “Products You Need”, and “Sweet Deals”. For example, if you’re planning a plane trip, you can check out their section on Plane Travel. And if you’re traveling with a baby, you can jump directly to their Babies section. generously sent us a couple items to test out, and a lucky one of you is going to also get the same two items.

Toddler CoddlerThe first is the Toddler Coddler.

Toddler Coddler is the safe, comfortable way to allow children to sleep in car seats, booster seats, or strollers by providing head, neck and lateral support. It’s great for cars, planes, trains, buses — even umbrella strollers!

I had seen and used baby neck support pillows for Julia when she was an infant, but I had yet to see a head support product that is designed for children over 1 year old.

Kids Car OrganizerThe second is the Kids Car Organizer Compact.

This organizer is the perfect solution for managing car clutter and keeping kids occupied so you’re less likely to spend the drive listening to “Are we there yet?”

  • End backseat boredom — keep toys, snacks, music, movies & travel games handy
  • Eliminate backseat chaos — organize snacks, travel games, books & gear in this kids backseat organizer
  • Makes moving kidstuff to and from the car lots easier

We’d love to hear your traveling with kids stories… leave us a comment and tell us all about your adventures.

Do you find your kids are better or worse behaved when traveling than you were when you were a kid?

And if you’d like to receive your own Toddler Coddler and Kids Car Organizer, let us know in your comment and we’ll add you to the draw. (A $65 dollar value for products and shipping.)

We’ll draw the winner on Tuesday, Sept 25th. US shipping addresses only… Canadians you can enter if you live close enough to the border to pick it up, or if you have a friend that could forward it on to you. Also, please remember to add our site to your safe senders list so that you receive our email to find out if you win.

Happy Travels!


  1. says

    I love that little toddler coddler. That is such a wonderful idea. We are constantly turning around to pick my son’s head up off of his chest or straighten him out in his carseat, and when he’s awake we are always trying to find ways to keep him entertained…(ever leave the favorite toy at home?) Please enter me in the drawing. That would be so much fun and so needed in this house. That company has taken care of everything for every stage of traveling with kids.

  2. says

    Well our first big trip with our daughter was the 14 hour flight home from China with her at 13 months old! She did GREAT!! I love that coddler….she always makes my neck hurt just watching her in the backseat : )

  3. says

    I recently reviewed the Happy Gear Travel Bag from the same company on my site and it is fantastic. Can’t say enough good things about it!


  4. says

    We have a trip coming up. Not sure yet if it’ll be to Mexico or just half way across the country to PA but either way I’m nervous about traveling with a 17mo old! She did great on her first flights even including a horrendous return including a night stay in the airport and a hotel lobby (long story!). I love the toddler coddler too, it’s be great for a trip to 5 hour away Chicago (to go to Ikea of course!)

  5. says

    The toddler Coddler looks like a great idea. I wonder though, does it go completely behind them? Or is it just the 2 pillows on the sides? Because they are now recommending you don’t put anything between the child and the carseat that didn’t come with the carseat.. Just curious


  6. says

    It is hard for me to compare if my kids are better or worse behaved that me when I was a kid riding in the car, because they are only 2 and 4. I really dont remember what I was like going for long car rides at that age. I think they do pretty well…we take 6 hour trips to visit family often, and for the most part they are pretty well behaved, but they certainly have their moments. My four year old brought a little pillow last time to try to find a way to sleep more comfortably, so I think the Coddler would be great for him.
    Please enter me! Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  7. says

    Oh I would love those! My Toddler is an okay traveler but my 1yr old is terrible! I bet he’d do much better with a comfy sleeping thing and something to hold his toys and stuff in.

  8. says

    Oh please sign me up! We travel (by car) quite often through out the year to see family, so both items would be a ginormous help!

    I have flown with 2 and 3 kids several times. Flying was an all-day affair and not all that pleasant. I tried my best to get cheap toys/activities and snacks at the dollar store to help keep them occupied. It worked to a degree. Sometimes they would sleep on the flights but never all at once. What’s up with that! Many people think I am a super-mom because I can fly with 3 kids. I think not, I just consider myself a survivor. :)

  9. says

    I love the idea of the kids car organizer. For years we travelled with a plastic bin sitting on the seat between both of our kids, but it didn’t have all of the bells and whistles that this organizer has. I would love to be entered.

    For what it is worth, if anyone is interested, I actually wrote a post quite some time ago about travelling with kids, where I listed a lot of the products and items that the kids found entertaining when we travelled. It can be found here:

  10. Jill H. says

    love these! We mostly travel locally, but DD always falls asleep and wakes with a sore neck from sleeping in weird positions…and the back of the Van is always a mess from her treasures.

  11. says

    I flew with my then almost two year old daughter a few times alone without my husband. It honestly stunk! She was squirmy and wiggly and didn’t like being buckled in. Now I have a 2 1/2 year old and an infant and I just can’t fathom doing it alone again, but likely will. Any help I can get is great.

  12. says

    We travel a ton. We’re practically gypsies. Since its become just part of our lifestyle travelling with the kids isn’t too bad. They’re use to the long car rides.

    I love the head rest. I haven’t been able to find anything for a toddler and this looks perfect!

  13. kim place says

    I have seen the car organizer before and thought about ordering it…but the toddler coddler is really what we need. I am always afraid my 3 year old will stop breathing when his head slumpes over to his chest.

    neat contest.

    kim place

  14. says

    Our five month old had his passport picture taken at one month old. He has since been to Texas, Utah, NYC (twice), Washington D.C., Germany and Austria. We’ll soon be taking him to Nashville, California and back to Utah. Both items would be great for our family as we continue to travel and he grows older.

  15. Ally P says

    Please enter me for the Toddler Coddler and Kids Car Organizer… these seem like they would be perfect for our long trips to Florida.

  16. says

    We live approximately 8 hours away from our family and do the trip about 4-5 times a year. I am normally breaking the law hoping back and forth from front seat to back getting our oldest what she needs. The Kids Car Organizer would be fabulous for her to do it on her own – it is genius! It would even be a lifesaver for her to have her own area if we were out running errands. Our youngest got booted up to a big girl car seat a few months back and now doesn’t have that support that her infant seat had around her head area – the Toddler Coddler might do the same thing – we would love to try it! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  17. says

    My kids are definitely better at travel than my brother, sister and I were, mainly because when I was a kid my parents locked us in the camper on the way to our destination and it was a free-for-all. Our kids ride in the front with us, and we bring things to keep them entertained. These products look great.

  18. Julie Robinson says

    I’d love to win these!! Last year we took my one year old on a 13 hour car trip down to Florida and I never knew how many ways my body could contortion. He actually did pretty good but when he got tired he wanted me holding him which meant hanging out of my chair to cradle his head AND hold his hand!! I am hoping this year will be easier!!

  19. says

    Oh my goodness! I was just cringing at the sight of my son sleeping in his carseat today. His poor neck looked so uncomfortable. I’d love to have one for him!

  20. says

    Both of these products would be great helps! My youngest and middle girls could use the coddler, as they frequently fall asleep in the car. And my oldest would love having a way to keep her car items organized!

  21. says

    no need to enter me in this one – my kids are past this stage! what great ideas! these always make me ask, where were these products when my monkeys could have used them…..lucky you :O)

    my kids are DEFINITELY better travelers than i ever was (and sometimes than i am now). i have always been impressed with their ability to cope with traveling and for buying into my theory that travel time is family time!

  22. says

    My almost-toddler is okay in the car – she’s an angel! – but this would sure help… She’s getting to be so much more active and hungry that having everything right there would be great, and then when she conks out, her head won’t do that weird floppy forward thing that always makes me think she has GOT to be uncomfortable!

  23. says

    I would love to have either of these products. When we make the 3 hour trip to my in-laws’, things get pretty boring pretty fast for my 2 year-old, 5 month-old, and the dog. :)

  24. says

    Half the battle of a car trip with my four year old (who is definitely worse behaved than I ever was) is organizing all of her junk in the backseat. The organizer sounds like a life saver!

  25. says

    Please enter me into your back seat organizer drawling we travel a lot. It’s nothing for us to be in the car for 8-9 hours at a time and The kids fight and tease each other I think this would make it a little easier.

  26. says

    We have only done car trips with kids. We did our first with both of our boys (almost 4 and 2-3 months). A trip that should have only been 4 1/2 hours took us 6 1/2 hours. By the time we were close to home my husband and I were slap happy laughing over anything and everything.

    We would love those for our oldest since we have several trips coming up.

  27. says

    These are great products. I particularly love the organizer. I was an only child so I was pretty quiet in the car. Mostly reading, daydreaming or singing to myself. I have two kids now. They get along well about 85% of the time. Their older siblings however were awful in the back seat! I had an accident once because of their shenanigans. My younger two (10 and 7) entertain themselves or make up games to play while we ride merrily along.

  28. says

    I wish we would have had these things on our 6 hour trip to St. Louis! Grandpa didn’t like stopping, he’s a drive straight through kinda guy and it would have been much better! Our poor son’s head kept bobbing around, and normally he takes a 3 hr. nap, but only could do 1 hr. in the car. Talk about a difference!

  29. says

    We’ve taken one vacation by plane (to Santa Monica, California) and two roadtrips (one to Fullerton, California and one to Flagstaff, Arizona) since the birth of our daughter (she just turned one last week).

    All three trips were a bit chaotic, but our little beauty loves adventure. So far, it seems that she’s even better behaved and happier when we’re out-and-about. She’s captivated by new people and places.

    That said, her car seat is not her favorite place – and these two products would help make long car rides more bearable.

    Please enter me!

  30. says

    Amazingly enough I haven’t had to travel with my boys yet, so I have no travel stories. But I think that kids…generally speaking…tend to behave about the same as when I was a kid.

    I would LOVE to win!

  31. Erin says

    We haven’t done a lot of traveling with our toddler, but we did take one trip when he entertained himself by sticking pretzels between his toes. Maybe with a Toddler Coddler, he would have slept instead! And the organizer looks like a dream come true . . . Thanks for the contest.

  32. says

    I don’t know how I missed this post! I SO need this as I was just organizing the car today and re-adjusted Gray’s car seat straps (finally!) I was thinking I should post that as a Tackle it Tuesday while I was doing it! Ha!


  33. Jodi Elizabeth says

    The toddler coddler looks great ! My little one is only 10 months so our travel adventures are just beginning … and I must say these items look like a great way to begin !! :) Please enter me !!!!

  34. Marie Fink says

    My kids behave in the car, but my 8 year old HATES to go anywhere! Well, unless it’s to get him something of course. Just the mention of just “taking a ride” has put him in tears! Crazy!

  35. Sylvia Belle says

    I always had a bag of games for the children to play with in the car. I would save things I got for free or on sale all year long. Then I would give them a new toy about every 1/2 hour and circulate the toys for the whole trip. As they got older we would listen to books on tape. One time on a 13 hour driving trip they insisted we go to a drive through for lunch because they loved the book so much.

  36. Rebecca Peters says

    Both of those would be great for my daughter..when she falls asleep i feel like her heads going to roll off its so uncomfy looking …and shes got tons of toys on the floor of the car..

  37. Tamara says

    We drive a lot since both our families live in Canada. Every time we plan a trip I tremble, and run out and buy a new DVD for the portable player. I’d much rather have the Kids Car Organizer, maybe the movies wouldn’t need to be played with that around!

  38. Debra says

    What an amazing product! I definitely could have used this during our last car trip. Between our 1 year old and the 4 year old, I think I may still have a crick in my neck. :)

  39. says

    I SO need that organizer. I have two budding artists who like to create in the car. And we spend about 8 hours in the van a week. I have colored pencils, paper, crayons, pens, books, etc. sliding all over my van!!

  40. karen palmer says

    The thought of traveling with all 5 grandkids scares me to know end..But I do it daily to take them to school and pick them up again in the afternoon. Never a dull moment since they are ages from 0 to 8 yrs of age. Help a granny in need

  41. says

    We are living in Norway for a few months (still have US address though) so we are learning to travel with a toddler. The toddler coddler would sure be nice.

  42. Kelly Moran says

    That Toddler Coddler is just what my son needs! He always falls asleep in his carseat and his head falls forward. This would put my heart and mind at ease. Please enter us! This is such a great item!

  43. monica dykeman says

    These are great ideas! I hate travelling more than a few hours with my 10 month old and 3 year old but these would help!

  44. says

    I forgot to leave a story. My little toddler is always falling asleep in the carseat, and it is a challenge keeping his little head up. He keeps slumping over and drooling all over his belts. I could really use this! :)

  45. Meredith Peters says

    My kids used to constantly argue in the backseat when traveling. I solved that by packing stuff between them from the seat to the ceiling. AAHHH! Peace and quiet!

  46. Nancy Blaisdell says

    We travel with the Grand Kids alot and these would be great for them. Hope I win! We have a trip to New ork comming up soon.

  47. Hayley says

    I would love to have the toddler coddler as we are going on an 11-hour road trip this December with my 2 year old. I know he’ll sleep a lot on the way so this would be great!

  48. Kirsten says

    Love to be in the drawing. My kids are much better because we are more involved with them in the car than my parents were. We sing songs or I take the time while driving to let them talk and share their days. I learn a lot that way.

  49. Linda SS says

    I have a car seat in my car for when I pick up any of my 3 little grandkids & would love to win. When I used to travel with my own youngsters, I’d provide them with a “busy box”. I’d pick up small toys at yard sales to fill the box, and once we got on the road I’d let them peek inside. They enjoyed having new things to play with & it made the trip more enjoyable for them.

  50. says

    This is so smart! That coddler would be PERFECT for my kids who always fall asleep in the car. I try to use a blanket or a coat as a pillow for them in their carseats but it just doesn’t work. And that organizer would sure be nice to contain the clutter. Please enter me! Thank you!

  51. Shilo Beedy says

    I would love to own the Kids Car Organizer Compact! Traveling with a 7 year old and a 2 year old gets very messy. My 2 year old is forever throwing down his sippy cup. My daughter is always bringing video games and books where ever she goes. I think my kids behave about the same as I did growing up.

  52. Karla Franklin says

    The toddler coddler is something that I truly need! Without fail my son falls asleep everytime that we get in the car and we do a lot of commuting everyday. His head always looks like it is going to fall off!

  53. Katie Sandra Sell says

    HELP US!! Please enter our family in your wonderful and generous sweepstakes…we avoid long trips when at all possible..the thought of a whinning 3 year in the backseat is miserable for me and my husband!! She does well for the first 1/2 hour or so..but we live in rural norther Maine and we have to drive at least 2 hours to get anywhere!! The closest Walmart is an hour away and the closest mall is 2 hours..we need this!!! Not only will this be great for us..but our daughter Maggie might actually enjoy riding in the van once she uses this and we can get organized!! YEAH!! Its hard being organized with a 3 year old…oh and the other product that is in the sweepstakes look absolutely wonderful…I didn’t know these were available..When Maggie does fall asleep in the car or in her stroller…she looks so uncomfortable..her neck is always in such an akward position!! Enter me in both the drawings!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  54. Missy Holbert says

    My two little ones absolutely would get lots of use from these products. I need all the confidence I can muster in order to travel with my two year & three month old. Thank You !

  55. says

    My son is aonly 20 months, and recently we took a LONG trip traveling to New England – there were a few days that we traveled 6 or more hours (so that we could visit all of our relatives up there). I was so impressed that he was an excellent traveller! He was content to sit there and look around, “read” a book, play with toy, or sleep. We were very thankful for that!

    I would love to win this! Thanks!

  56. Katharine says

    I would love to win the Toddler Coddler and Kids Car Organize. I just recently flew with my toddler and baby (toddler had own seat with car seat), what a nightmare, could the seats be any smaller or more packed with people. I drive whenever possible, at least I can control the pace and don’t have to worry about someone pushing back their seat and crushing my kids. Plus when I drive I can carry everything I need and don’t have to go through security checks.

  57. Lisa says

    WOW! That Toddler Coddler is AWESOME! I feel so bad when my 3 year old daughter falls asleep & her head immediately starts bobbing from side to side! :( I would love to win this … & the organizer wouldn’t be bad either! :)

  58. Marsha says

    Oh, I so need these! They’re wonderful, especially the Toddler Coddler. It bothers me when my little guy falls asleep in his seat and his neck is bent over at a weird angle. What a great idea!

  59. Stephanie Kinchen says

    This is a great prize. I haven’t been able to find a pillow that is actually comfortable for my son. This definately looks like he will love it.

  60. Kevin says

    My car is plain Jane … This will spiff it up, and help keep the kidos french fries off the floor, and me from spilling my morning coffe. :)~

  61. Kathy says

    Ohhhhhhhhh our family hasn’t traveled in a looooooooong time. These products would give us that extra oomph in our step to get’r’done!

  62. Angela Henderson says

    My car gets trashed with all the toys, books, etc my 2yr old insists on bringing along! I would love to win this to help make travel time great whether he is asleep or awake!

  63. Lavergne Nauseda says

    I have one daughter who just delivered a little boy and anothe daughter who will deliver in January. Both have toddlers also. They both live in the New Orleans area. They sure could use this.

  64. Greta hizer says

    I car is so cluttered from toys, books, Wet wipes & all the other caring for kids items that I need. How great would it be to win this & car might finally be easier to travel in.

  65. robin_kenner says

    I need to win that organizer for the car – my ADHD 9 year old is never organized and neither am I. Traveling every weekend to see my step gradchildren my car needs to be detailed after every trip. WAY too expensive – if she can keep all her treasures together – THAT would cut down on most of the mess.

  66. Liz Sawyer says

    Our son always traveled well, so when our daughter came along we learned what a nightmare traveler she could be. Before she turned one, she cried whenever we traveled during the night. Now, she does sleep when we visit Grandma and Grandpa, which requires driving through 4 states; but, she’s always been something of a bobel-head when sleeping in her carseat. Yes!!! I’d definitely like to win my own Toddler Coddler for our daughter. And, the Kids Car Organizer would bring out the best in both of our children I’m sure. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to learn about these products; and thanks also for giving us all a chance to win!

  67. Margaret Coltman says

    Oooh, my little one is so wriggly – this would keep him entertained! So far, my travels are a distant memory…going to the grocery store with him is an adventure, so I don’t have any good travel stories with him – yet. Hopefully, this would help keep him in line a bit!

  68. Marie Noguerole says

    Kids Car Organizer…what a simply wonderful idea. It should be an option for every family car and not only for kids…moms and dads need one too.

  69. Tiffany says

    My kids do pretty well, but we’ve never been on a trip longer than 7 hours — this Thanksgiving we’re going to be driving 17 hours!!! This would be great to have!!

  70. Tennille Whitaker says

    Yes, I always dread the thought of travelling further than a couple of hours because they’ve slept and are ready to get out of the car seat. I’ve purchased a dvd player, but what do you do when the battery goes dead?

  71. Karen B. says

    What a wonderful idea. Actually something that will prevent our kids from getting cramps in their neck from traveling. Please enter me in your drawing for a free Toddler Coddler and Kid Organizer. That would be a lifesaver.



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