Her Blog Saved Her Life!

We bloggers know something the others don’t…

Blogging can be a lifeline.

Blogging has a power that you can’t explain, you can only experience.

LoraleeLoralee of Loralees Looney Tunes is not afraid to admit the power her blog has had in her life.

The truth is her blog saved her life while she was in despair over the death of her 4 month baby to SIDS.

Loralee’s baby died suddenly in 2003 and Loralee fell into a dark depression. But in 2005, she started blogging and found a lifeline to help pull her out of her depression.

When I talked with Loralee during the Mom 2.0 Summit 2010, she shared how deeply she’d sunk into depression and that her husband had felt he needed to temporarily separate from her and TAKE HER KIDS WITH HIM!!!

She was alone. In a mother’s darkest place. Thank God the blogosphere was there.

In this video interview she shares how she started her blog long before she even knew that people could/would read it. She just needed a place to write something other than she stayed in bed all day crying.

Loralee is a brilliant and hilarious woman and truly a blessing to the blogosphere. You’ll want to subscribe to her at http://loraleeslooneytunes.com and follow her on twitter @looneytunes.

What about you… have you experienced the true power of the blogosphere?


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    Believe it or not, I just found her blog the other day. I had no idea about the story behind it all. Thank you for sharing. What a great example of how blogging can bring people together for the good right?

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    Wow! Just Wow. I do believe in the power and community of bloggers. It helps us when we are struggling or even excited. Fellow blogger people want to be there for us and usually are at any time of the day. I too am grateful for the support I have when I sit down and write up a post.
    It is truly wonderful.
    Great interview, Susan! I will have to check out Loralee’s website!

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    Wow! Well, I have never experienced such an enormous tragedy so I can’t say that blogging has saved my mind. Over the last six months that I have been blogging, I have had mommy meltdowns. lost my cat of 15 years, and lost my father-in-law. In all cases, I have been rallied around and surrounded with support and prayers. I have been amazed by the real relationships that I have developed and so I am not surprised that she found her footing out here in the blog world. I will be checking out her blog today. Thanks, as always, for directing me to a great new blogger.

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    I haven’t lost a child – hopefully never will!! My heart goes out to you!! I understand depression though! I have five children, and after each one I battle the depression!! I have a four month old. Adore her!! But once again, I find myself fight the D word!! I am on meds and that helps – but blogging has made such a difference for me this time!! I wouldn’t have probably agreed with you a couple of months ago – but now I understand!!! My days go better… most of the time:) Thanks for sharing about your life!! It makes it easier to know there are other people out there with some of the same things going on!!

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    Loralee is amazing! I am so excited to meet her soon. My blog has also been a lifeline during a very difficult 2 years. I don’t know what I’d do without it!

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    What an amazing story. How wonderful that Loralee had the courage to put her thoughts out there and what she got in return is incredible. The blogging community is so supportive and I’m glad to be a part of it.

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    What an inspiring story behind her blog. Thank you for sharing it with us. I, too, know how a blog can save your sanity when you are in a deep depression.
    I’m so glad to be part of this community.

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    An amazing story! The power of the internet has touched me in so many ways and I can understand how the community bonds that are formed can help pull someone out of despair.

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