How Long Did You Nurse?

by Susan

For Julia and me, it’ll be 2 years in a couple of weeks!!!

It’s hard to believe she’ll be two soon and I have to admit, I wouldn’t have guessed that she would have nursed this long.

But I’m finding being pregnant and nursing at the same time to be very difficult. My milk supply is getting lower every day and my breasts are sore. I’m afraid it’s soon going to be time to wean.

One of the reasons I have been hanging on and not yet weaning her is because I want to be able to nurse and comfort her both on the long plane trip to Italy and while we’re there. (We are visiting my husband’s family for a month.) I figure being able to nurse should ease the transition to her new surroundings — especially at bedtime.

So, I will hang on for another month and a bit… but I have already reduced many of her daytime feeds.

I am sure I will be sad when she’s finished nursing, but I suppose not for long… since soon thereafter I should have her new little sibling taking over.

For me nursing was a surprising joy and a blessing that I really hadn’t anticipated. I didn’t think I would enjoy nursing and I decided to nurse because obviously it’s the best for baby. But I was pleasantly surprised at how convenient and simple it became and I was especially surprised at what a wonderful bonding time it is.

So today to celebrate breastfeeding, I’d like to share with you a book called “Near Mama’s Heart” by Colleen Newman.

Colleen is a parent educator and offers classes and seminars on parenting techniques such as positive parenting. (Janice and I wish we lived in Maryland so we could go hear her teach in person!)

Colleen also has a fantastic, informative blog. If you are a mom with young children, I am sure you will find her site to be a great encouragement.

Near Mama’s Heart” is a wonderfully unique book full of photos of nursing babies and their families. You can view an online version that is put together as a slide show and set to music.

If your special time of nursing is over, you’ll enjoy the sweet reminder.

And if you want some parenting tips and encouragement, head over to Colleen’s blog and website.

What about you? How long did you nurse? We’d love to hear some of your nursing stories.

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