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As all you Americans noshed on pumpkin pie Thanksgiving weekend, I tweeted my envy. Canadian Thanksgiving is in October and it has been weeks since I indulged in one of my most favorite treats, pumpkin pie.

My hubby gave in to my craving and went and picked me up some pumpkin pie that weekend, but I could eat pumpkin pie for four months straight! So one pie did not satisfy my cravings. No, I wanted more…

Tackle it Tuesday Low Fat, Low Sugar Pumpkin PieThe only problem is that I hate wasting the extra calories eating premade pies. Before I had kids, I always made my own pumpkin pies, (although I cheat with pre-made crusts.) When I make my own, I can use Fat Free condensed milk and reduce the sugar!

I was also determined to try out a whole wheat crust too. But, neither the Walmart nor our regular grocery store had whole wheat pastry flour, so I decided to just take the easy route and purchase the frozen pastry shells.

I would love to report that I made my pie from fresh pumpkin, but alas, it was canned for me.

Because the REAL tackle here was not the pie, but that I was making it with three young helpers, Susan’s daughter, Julia, and my kids, Olivia and Jackson.

It was after bath time and right before bed, before I finally got the pie making started. I was so determined to eat my pie that night, I refused to give in and wait until the next day.

So this tackle was about little hands and cranky kids all clamoring to “help.”

But we had fun — and every day since Olivia asks to make pumpkin pie. We have made it once more since I photographed this tackle. And on Christmas Eve, we will tackle pupmkin pie making again for Christmas dinner. We simply must have pumpkin pie!

As I said, because I wanted a low fat, low sugar pumpkin pie, I used fat free condensed milk and I even used sucralose since this pie was primarily for ME! For the two pies, instead of using the 1.5 cups of sugar called for, I used 3/4 cups of sucralose. It ended up tasting sweet enough for me, but for Christmas, I will use brown sugar but still reduce it to 3/4 cups for two pies.

Here is a taste of my pie making tackle with my little helpers:

Tackle it Tuesday Low Fat, Low Sugar Pumpkin Pie

Tackle it Tuesday Low Fat, Low Sugar Pumpkin Pie

Tackle it Tuesday, Low Fat, Low Sugar Pumpkin Pie

Tackle it Tuesday Low Fat, Low Sugar Pumpkin Pie

Tackle it Tuesday Low Fat, Low Sugar Pumpkin Pie

Tackle it Tuesday, Low Fat, Low Sugar Pumpkin Pie

(By the way, another exciting update is coming soon… as per doctor’s orders, Janice got Jackson a dog… the big introduction will come Tuesday afternoon.)

What have you been tackling in your life?

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Happy tackling ladies…




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    See, you are a braver woman than I am. I would do the baths after the pie making. You just know they’re going to make a mess, get dirty, and need another bath! I’m glad the pies worked out for you!

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