It’s Here!


edited to add: PRIZE DEADLINE CHANGE! – We have changed the deadline to sign the Mr. Linky (to be eligible for the prize draw) to 2pm Eastern (11am Pacific) Friday, March 9, 2007. We will then have the draw and scramble to sort out from your wish lists who gets what prize. Our goal is to announce the prizes at 9pm Eastern (6pm Pacific) Friday, March 9, 2007.

We are thrilled to have you. Come on in, sign the Mr. Linky, browse the prize listings, and have a great time!

Oh – pardon me – did we forget to introduce ourselves?

We are Janice and Susan – twin sisters, work at home moms, and founders of 5 Minutes for Mom.

Along with our workhorse of a mom, Joan, we run two online stores, and

When we started 5 Minutes we had no idea that it would take over our lives! This site is growing so fast, we are scrambling to keep up with all our work. Thankfully we have our mom Joan – the best business partner (and the best mom) in the world – she is fantastic and works up to 16 hours a day with our stores.

As work at home moms, we quickly learned how incredibly difficult it is to try and earn a dollar and run a home. We have such deep respect for all moms – especially those moms who add entrepreneurship to their overcrowded plate – that we wanted to design a site that would help, encourage and entertain moms, while bringing exposure to mom-run blogs, sites and stores.

So at 5 Minutes for Mom we aim to do three things:

  • Build community and provide exposure to all women bloggers. We believe that living life in a “village” has some beautiful benefits that we lose out on as we parent in our suburban islands, often cut off from friends and family because of distance and busy schedules. Women need each other! Blogging provides an incredible tool for women to connect with each other – sharing their lives, praying for each other and forming deep friendships while they explore their creativity and create memoirs for their families to treasure.
  • Promote work-at-home moms and their efforts to provide financial support for their families. There are artisans and entrepreneurs out there, practicing their crafts and trying to support their families – in between diaper changes, homeschool lessons and soccer practice! We know how rough this can be and how alone a mom can feel as she tries so hard to get her business off the ground. So girls – we are here to rally around each other and help out! As consumers, we have power. We can use that buying power to tell work-at-home moms that we want them to succeed!
  • Make a great blog! We want 5 Minutes for Mom to be a valuable resource and a fun, inspiring site that you want to read daily. So we have combined genres to create a parenting/shopping/resource blog. Our directory isn’t just a list of links. We have interactive, in depth interviews and descriptions of sites and blogs you will want to find. Our product reviews are personal and fun – and most often include a contest for you to win free stuff! And of course – we are mommy bloggers too, living life together with all of you!

We hope you enjoy 5 Minutes for Mom and if you aren’t already included in our listings, don’t miss out! Read about how we can promote you for free and then give us a holler!

Oh – and we are partying too – mommy style!

We decided to get the kids in on the action and so we partied with Julia and Jackson. First we got ready for the party – a little vacuuming and we even put some make-up on for you all! Then we started partying! We danced, decorated and had party food – grilled cheese sandwiches cut with cookie cutters – and made a cake. The kids were up way past their bedtime and we all had a blast!

Here are a few shots and a fun slide show so you can party with us too!

UBP-1.jpg UBP-2.jpg
UBP-4.jpg UBP-3.jpg
UBP-6.jpg UBP-7.jpg

(If you are wondering about the adorable Chef costumes our kids are wearing – you can buy them at our store Our kids love these costumes and insist on wearing them every time they cook or bake.)

And here is the slide show – cause we just love slide shows! :)

Don’t forget to sign the Mr. Linky. For you first timers – just fill in your name and paste in your URL – preferably the URL of your party post. All party goers who participate in the party by posting and linking from their blog, and sign the Linky by 12pm Eastern March 8, 2007, will be eligible for the prize draw.

Please DO NOT leave your link in this box if you are not a participating blogger. If you are a store or website – DO NOT leave your link. PLEASE respect the Mr. Linky – it is for people to find other party participants and for the contest draw. If you are not a blogger, you may still visit and comment the blogs listed here. But do not leave your link here.

We have specific prizes available for non-US shipping addresses. If you are a Canadian, please write (CDN) next to your name. If you are outside of the US or Canada, and do not have access to an American shipping address, please leave (INTL) next to your name.

Now go party hop! Attend as many parties as you can. Try to make sure you find names you don’t recognize on the list so that you can find some new friends! (Remember that next week we are each going to write a post featuring some of our favorite new blogs we discovered this week.) And DO COMMENT on the parties you visit. People will want to know who stopped by their place. Please keep it friendly though. If someone isn’t your style, hold your tongue (fingers) and move on to the next party.

If you haven’t written a party post yet – or this is all new to you – you can read more about what we are doing here and here. As well, there is more info in our countdown to the Ultimate Blog Party post.

(And thanks to Heather for her fabulous banner and button designs for the party. You are free to grab them and use them on your posts. Thanks Heather – you are the best!)

*** Important — AFTER You’ve Signed the Linky ***
Click here
to find out
How To Make Sure You Win The Prize You Want The Most

*** Important — AFTER You’ve Signed the Linky ***
Click here
to find out
How To Make Sure You Win The Prize You Want The Most


  1. says

    DUH … I entered the wrong URL for my blog on my Mr. Linky entry … HA! It’s late … don’t mind me!

    Looking forward to the party … I can’t wait to go blog hoppin’.


  2. says

    What a fun party you had at your home :) – Jackson truly is a character. And little Mrs. Julia is such a big helper already…

    Blessings to you all and thank you for hosting the party.

  3. says

    I have no idea what kind of post everyone is looking for, but mine is up and I’ll be checking out some new blogs when I get home from a trip this weekend.

    Thanks for organizing this!

  4. says

    oops I messed up my first try and I don’t know how to fix it! Can you delete it for me? I excited about this party! Looks like you guys are already having a lot of fun!

  5. says

    My first UBP post is up and there are lollies on my blog for all to share (or candies if you’re from the USA and sweeties if you’re from the UK).

  6. says

    Look at those little hambones! Those chefs outfits are too cute!

    This blog party looks like great fun! I’m off to go party hop and meet new people!

    See you all around!

    Sarah :)

  7. says

    My post is up, ya’ll come on by now ya hear? :-)

    On another note, I am disappointed in the fact that some of the folks who signed Mr Linky have no party post AND have not even updated their blogs in days NOR do a few of them even have a 5 Minutes For Mom Banner. Why did they sign Mr Link here? I am confused, lol. Nothing new about that though, I am always confused, tee hee hee.

  8. says

    I am excited about the party! Today is a travel day for us as we are here in the states for a short while to do some fund raising… but, in spite of that please know that my party hat is on!!!

  9. says

    You just don’t know how hard it was for me to wait until this morning to add myself to the Linky. (I gave up staying up past midnight for Lent. And I’m on Eastern time.) What a big party! I need to buy more food and beverages…..see you later!

  10. says

    The parties are started! Yeah! I love the pictures of the kids, they are so cute! How fun to have a party with the kids. And the chef outfits? Adorable!

  11. says

    The old saying goes that it’s not a party until someone is bleeding. Let’s skip that part and just have fun! Thanks for hosting.

  12. says

    Oh my goodness. I forgot to comment on your post! I loved the slide show and the photo’s. You gal’s kiddos are so adorable, now if I can just remember which kid belongs to which one of you!

  13. says

    I’m definitely missing out on the party! :( I just wanted to drop in and say what a great idea this is. I tried to get here the other day but I guess your site was too busy for one more person. ROFL 😀 Imagine that!!! You go girls! Have fun blog hopping! I might crash the party and visit people, hope that’s ok. *giggle*

  14. says

    WOW! Thanks so much for hosting! This is going to be a blast! LOVE those dance moves and spiffy outfits! I can’t wait to visit everyone. I hope you do this again!

  15. says

    I just changed how my name shows up… I hope that didn’t mess anything up! You can delete the one with my name… Alida and just use the blackpurl link!

  16. says

    I am dressed to the nines and ready for this party! I am still sprucing up my place and hope for it to get better as the week goes by!

    One question….How do you get the neat little party illustration like the one at the very top. I have the button on my sidebar but can not find where to get the html for the top blog party pic!??

  17. says

    thanks for doing this. I am still new to the blogging waters so am just doggie paddling. Thanks for letting me come to the party anyway. I’m like that weird kid in the corner that doesn’t really know anybody but came anyway!

  18. says

    Guess what! I realized while I was writing my party post that I’m going to have my 7th Blogiversary during the party on March 7th! On that day I plan to post an excerpt from my very first blog post, so be sure to come by!

  19. says

    GIRLS! So good to see you! I say you are decked out and ready to party. Thanks for having me over. Okay, Julia’s face turned to the side is the CUTEST!!! It screams cuteness.
    How are you both feeling?? You look well! We must chat more later. Much love.

  20. says

    Thanks for hosting this. You are obviously very busy ladies, so it is nice of you to help those of us just blogging for fun meet each other on your site. Keep up the good work!

  21. says

    I was a working mom but now I’m a self-employed stay-at-home grandma doing child care for my grandchildren. I hope I’m welcome to join your party! I will do a post tomorrow!

  22. says

    Happy Blog Party, everyone!!! What a great idea! Stop by and say hi sometime during the week! I’m going to try to make the rounds to as many of the other blogs as I can!

  23. says

    Here I am! I even have cool party music behind the video I put up (exploding soap bubbles chemistry experiment)!

    Now to get going to all of YOUR blogs…I wonder how many I’ll need to hit a day to get to them all!!

  24. says

    So many blogs, so little time! Somebody help me! :0 How am I going to get to all these parties? I’ve not had a social calendar this busy in …….. ok, EVER!!! What fun!

  25. says

    I’m here and its the first day but I STILL don’t know which or where Mr. Linky is to SIGN UNDER.

    Very confusing. It’s like being in High School again and hearing this is this great party – but then no one can tell you exactly where it is!

  26. says

    I just feel awful for y’all. You must be so disappointed in the turnout. LOL I’m number 258 for Pete’s sake! What a huge success. Way to go, girls. :-)

  27. says

    Hey…it’s still morning here on Maui, and I’m in my pj’s and just getting set up for the party! I’ll be ready shortly…yahoo!! Once I get my party going, I’ll go look over the long list of prizes to put in for my fav’s. I can’t wait to see who gets the one I’m contributing as there are zero accidents in this world. Blessings and Party-ON!

  28. says

    Wow! There’s a lot of people at this party. Just wanted to say thanks for hosting it. I’m having so much fun that I forgot to leave a comment here earlier.

  29. says

    Janice and Susan!

    You throw an amazing party!!!! WOW!!! It just keeps getting better and better!

    I sure hope no one else has any plans for the blogosphere this week….we’re busy! And our attention will not be available for any distractions….until, say the 11th…I’ll need a day to recuperate!

    thanks for planning, organizing, and hosting this grand event!


  30. says

    Wow, what a great success! I’ve already met so many great bloggers and it’s only the first day!

    To keep the party going at my place, I’m giving a away a free book every day during this shebang. I’m also hosting a photo contest (coming soon) with gift certificates as prizes. Come and check it out!

  31. says

    Great party gals!! I’m soo glad you did this! It’s been so much fun! I know you’re extremely busy being such fabulous hostesses, but I hope you get the chance to stop by our party! 😉

    Oh, and Susan….congrats on the pregnancy! Wahoooo!!

  32. says

    Thanks for giving us a chance to get to know one another.My sister Diane has been blogging a year,but Cecil and I are newby’s at it.This will give us a chance to get to know other friends and cultures.
    Thanks for everything!!!

  33. says

    Wow, in all the excitement I forgot to tell you that the two of you host an incredible party! Your little ones are adorable and look like they are having so much fun… They are really gettin’ down!!
    I’m off to visit some more parties! I don’t know where I would find the time to visit all of the wonderful bashes… There is just not enough time in the day!

  34. says

    Just a suggestion… is there any way to make the links show up as a different color after they have been clicked? I think I have visited some of the blogs 3 or 4 times because I keep forgetting where I am at on the list. I would like to see as many blogs as I can… but all the links are blue… even after I’ve clicked on them… does that make sense? lol Am I just crazy? I don’t even know if you will see this among the other 120 replies to this … but I thought I would put it out there… maybe it’s my computer… who knows? Thanks

  35. says

    I think I am going to need more than seven days to visit everyone’s party!

    I bet y’all never imagined how big this would get, and it is only the first day! Wowza!

  36. says

    I love the picture of Julia & Jackson in the chef outfits! Julia covering her eyes is just adorable too! I’m not sure if I’ll link up b/c I’ve recently privatized my blog but the one I use for an RSS feed has sample pages and some info about my blog. I’m just not sure how to do this. I couldn’t believe the numbers today. I’ll see if I can stop by some new blogs . . . just when I was trying to slow down on subscribing to blogs I might find many more to enjoy. LOL! Have a great party! :0)

  37. says

    Awesome Party! The slideshow was too cute and the chefs were the cutest I have ever seen. I can’t wait to meet some more bloggers and get some comments on my own! It’s party time!!

  38. says

    Ah , what a lovely welcome! And I loved the retro site. I didn’t know about it until today. Thank you for hosting the party. Great organizational skills, ladies.
    i hope you all have fun!

  39. says

    ok I’m really not sure if you are the ones I should tell but one #222’s page doesn’t work. I’m wondering if it is just my computer? I see everything except her posts…like the banner and sidebar is there????

  40. says

    Thank you for the great party idea! I’m looking forward to meeting new people. Each Friday I post “Five Favorites For Friday,” where I feature my most favorite posts for the week ending on Friday. Next week, I’ll be featuring five posts from those blogs I discover here at the party. This is going to be great!

  41. says

    My first introductory post is up, and I’m watching out my front window with my nose pressed against the glass, hoping for visitors to drop by.

  42. says

    WOO-HOO! What a shindig! 😉 FOUR HUNDRED AND FOURTEEN PEOPLE AND COUNTING!! That’s awesome. Mine’s up. It was my 100th post so I got to do something really fun. 😉

    Be blessed!!

  43. says

    I’m very sorry, I forgot to add the actual “party post” location to my Mr. Linky signature, so I’m putting it here, in case that helps at all.

    I’m nervous about this whole thing too…I’ve never really explored the blogosphere…eek! I am looking forward to it though!

  44. says

    My party post is up. And I signed the Linky. My number is 426. Now…it’s time to go wild :)! Uh…whom should I visit first? Decision…decision…decision…

  45. says

    I am on night shift this week, so hoping that I get a few quiet moments to curl up and visit some of these blogs! Thanks for hosting this.

  46. says

    Thanks girls for this awesome party idea, I have met so many wonderful people and found the most interesting blogs. Janice, Susan, you gals simply rock!

    NOTE: There is a great contest at my blog today with a pretty cool prize. So come on by and enter everyone.

  47. says

    Well ain’t this cooooool?! I hope to come back when I have a few HOURS (lol) to spend checking out these new “faces” and linking to some more cool blogs!
    I hope the “faces” do the same to me!
    God bless.
    And thanks for this.

  48. says

    Oh that slide show is marvelous!! It’s an excellent party you re hosting> Thank you! thank you!
    It’s a success wouldn’t you say? I see this as an annual event :) Aloha!

  49. says

    I can’t believe the amazing response this blog party has had. It’s such a great idea. Well done you guys for thinking it up, and thank you so much for letting us share it in with you :-)
    God Bless.

  50. says

    Thanks for the invite via friends’ blogs. Sometimes there are quiet periods in blogger-land, when friends move to new sites, people get too busy to visit, and the comments box lies unfilled. I’d love to meet new friends to encourage and be encouraged by. Blessings to you all!

  51. says

    I’m in… I’d also like to offer a prize… a night at our bed and breakfast in Montana … Fish Creek house. What say you?

    GP in Montana

  52. says

    This newbie has jumped on board the party train! Thanks for hosting this opportunity to get to know great ladies from all over the place.

  53. says

    I can’t believe I forgot to post about the party!!! We are so excited and have been celebrating here – with good food, awesome family, and prep for a new baby!!!

    Thanks for holding the party, we are so enjoying it!

  54. says

    I would loooove to join the party! Nothing like rousing up a little excitement and I love refreshments and games and prizes!! Count me in!!!

  55. says

    Wow, so many entrants! This is turning out to be a lot of fun! I don’t think I can even get through all of them. I’ve been having fun partying at random though! :)

  56. says

    Wow, what an amazing list of FANTABULOUS blogs! I just got my cup o’ tea….. I hope I did the whole Mr. Linky thing right… I got the code, registered for the account and came here :) Can’t wait to meet you all!

  57. says

    I am having fun. I just stopped by Mama Moon’s blog but there was something wrong with the comment box. Anyway…I would love to know her recipe for lumpias (egg rolls) if she has one. :-)

  58. says

    We love this party – what a great idea! Julia and Jackson’s photos – and the slideshow – are just ADORABLE.

    We have a lovely surprise for you all, which we’ll post in the prizes tomorrow, an awesome Affirmations CD for kids. Check out our blog on Tuesday to see Monicka’s story about how her little boy Justin did with this CD – it’s a real success story.

    Looking forward to visiting with all you bloggers!

    Happy Blog Party!

    Cassie and Monicka

  59. says

    To ALL of you! There is a party EVERY day at my blog with food, fun, and prizes to celebrate. If you haven’t saw my 5-Minutes-for Mom PARTY BOAT, get on over there and check it out. I am giving away soe VERY cool prizes several times this week! HURRY and get entered to win. :-)

  60. says

    What an incredibly successful party! Julia & Jackson look so cute in the little Chef outfits! I can’t wait to get things like that for Little Ben and his new sister that was just born last week! We are loving being Gparents! Thanks so much for hosting such a fun party, your trouble was very much appreciated!

  61. says

    I hope I’m making a fashionable entrance to this party! 😉 I enjoyed getting to know more about you two and I want to thank you soo much for hosting this brilliant idea! Whew, 750 people already? Ya’ll are amazing!

  62. says

    This is so cool. I read about it on my friend Sarah’s blog – now I’m off to hopefully find some more fun new blogs to read!

  63. says

    I was so busy I nearly forget the party started yet!!!!

    I hope I’m not too late…

    Please stop by my blog. I really like to meet some new people. It could help me..
    I just came back on my way….

    Hugs to all of you,
    Sweet like Kitty

  64. says

    I am SO in need of a party. I’ve already posted about it and I’m ready to go. Just wish I wasn’t joining in so late, but better late than never;) So excited to meet some new friends!

  65. says

    Hello! I just wanted to join in the fun. I’m a personal finance blogger who covers topics such as frugality, saving, shopping, investing and such. Thanks for letting me into your party!

  66. says

    Loving the party – met so many already! Would love to meet fellow bloggers in the UK if there are any lurking around…? Especially any with an interest in design and craft.
    Fab idea gals – party on!!

  67. says

    What a great idea! And my birthday was yesterday so I can throw myself a blogging birthday party!!! Come one, come all and check out my rockin’ sleepover!

  68. says

    Leaving a second comment. I started my way at about 90 and am now working my way through the 200’s with the goal of hitting everyone. What I’m finding is that above 210, people aren’t getting many visits, unless they are visiting others. So get out there and Partay~!

  69. says

    Wow! You girls really know how to throw a party! I came back from a vacation a few days ago and was floored when I saw how many people have signed up! How wonderful! I don’t think I will be able to get through them all, but I will try to get as much as I can! Thanks again for the hard work you two have put in this! And congrats for both your pregnancies!

  70. says

    I am so glad to see so many people participating in this Blog Party!!! What an inspiration!!! This has been exciting. Thanks for doing this and keep up the great work!

  71. says

    OMG, the list has suddnely GROWN! Whew, I am trying hard to get around to everyone but I may not make it now, lol. Thanks Janice and Susan for the most wonderful blog party ever. Party On Girls…….um and guys since I noticed we now have a few Mommy Men on the list, lol.

  72. says

    I tried so hard to get people to visit my site.. I must have visited 100 and I only got 2 posts :-(

    maybe next time It’ll be better for me…

  73. says

    This blog party was such a great idea! Thanks to all the women who pulled this thing together, from Susan and Janice, to all the women who gave away the awesome prizes! Let’s do this again next week! :) Just kidding!

  74. says

    Just a note, it would be SO much easier keeping track of where we’ve visited and where we haven’t if the “visited link” color (“alink” in the html code) was different.
    But guess we’ll just have to do it the old-fashioned way; a post-it note with the last # visited, hehe. :)

  75. says

    I just added my blog using My Linky! I’m excited to take a tour now of all the blogs. Please stop by and see me. My blog is new, but I’m looking forward to ‘meeting’ each of you. Many blessings!

  76. says

    OK, not sure if I did all this right! I hope so…thanks for inviting me to all the fun. This is my first year – looking forward to meeting some new girlfriends.


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  2. It’s a mad tea party over here at Duckland…….

    Welcome to Lil’ Duck Duck! We’re playing along with the Ultimate Blog Party this week, where everyone is invited & there are tons of prizes and even party favors!! Speaking of prizes, one of them is a free design-only service from our p…

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