Halloween Costume Cuteness


Cute kids in Halloween costumes… photo op anyone?

Yes, we know you love taking pictures of your costumed kids just as much as we do! We are on the pacific coast, so at the moment the sun is still shining and the trick or treating hasn’t begun. But here are a few before shots.

Our girls are fittingly Princesses and Jackson is Captain Rex from the Clone Wars.




Jackson also had a piano recital today. He played Star Wars and did a great job!



  1. Carole says

    Thank goodness the weather ended up being nice, right Susan? Considering how miserable it was Friday night, Saturday was fantastic!

  2. Marj M. says

    Amazing Princess costumes for some special little girls. Jackson obviously does not like Star Wars at all. lol He has such a look of concentration while playing at his recital. Good job.

  3. says

    How can the girls be so big? They all look soooo cute in their princesses costumes. Jackson is getting so big as well. You can tell he really enjoyed his costume.

  4. says

    Those are the most delightful princess costumes I’ve ever seen! They look high-quality and sparkly and fancy! Thinking my NHV would make a great princess next year :)


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