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First Aid Quiz — Part Two

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Here are the answers to our First Aid Quiz — Part 2

1. A car accident victim is in serious shock and complains of being thirsty. Help should arrive in 15 minutes. Which SHOULD you do?
Answer – Offer nothing to eat or drink.

2. A victim’s arm is bleeding, which step should you NOT take?
Answer – Keep the arm level. The arm should be elevated about the heart to slow the flow of blood.

3. To treat a burned arm, which step SHOULD you take?
Answer – Hold the arm under running cool water.

4. What does the acronym EMT stand for?
Answer – Emergency Medical Technician

5. What three-word command is helpful in extinguishing a clothing fire?
Answer – Stop, drop and roll

6. Your child is stung in the arm by a bee, which step should you NOT take?
Answer – Slowly move the arm in a up and down motion. (You should NOT move the arm up and down. Instead you should remain as calm and quiet as possible. Movement will increase the spread of venom in your bloodstream.)

First Aid Quiz — Part One

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Here are the answers to our First Aid Quiz

1. What first aid kit item will help protect you from diseases that can be transmitted from bodily fluids?
Answer – Latex gloves

2. When you are faced with a bleeding injury, when should you replace blood soaked gauze?
Answer – Never. Do not remove blood soaked dressings, as you should place new dressings over the blood soaked ones. Leaving these in place will help “clot” the wound and control bleeding. It’s natural to think that once a gauze dressing becomes blood soaked it needs to be removed, but doing so will only start the bleeding again and bring you back to square one.

3. What is the most common household injury among children?
Answer – Falls are the leading cause of nonfatal home injuries across all childhood age groups, accounting for an average of nearly 1.3 million injuries each year.

4. When faced with an eye injury, where should you place bandages after flushing the injured eye out with water?
Answer – Cover both eyes with eye pads, since it is important to keep the injured eye still as the eyes work in unison.

5. What popular 70s disco song’s chorus follows the exact beats per minute recommended for chest compressions during CPR?
Answer – Bee Gees’ Stayin’ Alive

6. What does “ABC” stand for in a choking situation?
Answer – Airway, breathing, circulation

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