A Chance to Save $150 on Hooked on Phonics

Are you a bargain hunter? Does your heart start pounding at the chance to save?

I love sales ladies. I am so excited when I find a great deal.

And so the other day when I came across this crazy-good deal on Hooked on Phonics it made me stop in my tracks. Then, when I was chatting on a forum the other night, some ladies were discussing purchasing the program, and I thought “I should let you all know about this ridiculously great sale they are having on their cassette version.”

You can save $150.00!!

Here’s a chance to get a great deal on the Hooked on Phonics “Learn to Read” program.

If you get the cassette version you can save $150!

Hooked on Phonics has just released the new CD version of their “Get Ready to Read”, “Learn to Read” and “Master Reader” programs. The new CD version sounds fabulous…

This deluxe two-disc set contains every article from the print edition, plus thousands more! It also contains more than 9,400 illustrations, 1,200 maps, two hours of video and animations, over 700 CD-quality sounds, and a high-performance search engine, all in one great package. Add the World Book® Encyclopedia on CD-ROM to your family’s library and add a world of information and excitement!

But, if you’d like to get this award winning program for $99.99 instead of $249.99, then you can grab one of the older cassette versions. They are selling out these cassette editions of “Learn to Read”, “Hooked on Math” and “Hooked on School Success” until June 1st, 2006.

Go to Hooked on Phonics and check out their Products section. You’ll see a link at the bottom right to the Sale items where you can grab a copy of the $99.99 clearance editions.


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