How to Get to Know Your New Neighbors

by Lisa

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A reader recently posted this question on my blog after reading the post, “How to Make a Welcome Kit for a New Neighbor“… read below.

We recently moved and were thrilled to have one of our neighbors bring us cookies with a card with information about their family and contact numbers. What would you suggest for the new family in the area to take over to get to know their new neighbors?


How to get to know your neighbors

First off, I think that this is such a great question. I commend you on taking the initiative in getting to know your neighbors. You may be surprised at how many people have never spoken to their neighbors, a sad change of the times I suppose. While new neighbors may be familiar with the concept of being on the receiving end of generosity, I must admit, this idea is a different spin and your new neighbors will be pleasantly surprised by such a gesture. Here are some ideas for things you can bring to help get to know your new neighbors.


I still think that there is nothing like food to “break the ice” with someone. So, if you are moving in from another state or country consider buying a favorite snack from your town or state. Buy a few so that you are able to give generously to your neighbors located on either side or  above and below you. For example, if  you were moving from Pennsylvania you could bring some Hershey’s signature chocolate or if you were moving from New Orleans, pralines may be a good idea.


Buy several microwavable popcorn packets and tie each one with colorful string. Attach a business card-sized note that says, “I thought we would pop in to introduce ourselves”. This simple gesture is sure to be an ice breaker.


Depending on where you are moving to, flower seeds can be an inexpensive and easy way to impress your new neighbors. Buy several seed packets of your favorite native or regional flower and hand deliver them to your new neighbors. Do your research. Be sure to determine whether the plant will grow in your new climate ahead of time. For example, blue bonnets are native to Texas but may do fine growing in Virginia too. Remember to be warm, be friendly and enjoy your new neighbors!


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