Share Your Special Moments with Photo Mambo

5 Minutes for Mom contributor Bonnie Way shares her thoughts about Photo Mambo, the new online photo sharing frame.

When we moved 18 hours away from our parents to go to school, I tried to find ways to share our lives with them. My in-laws joined Facebook to keep up with us, but we don’t share pictures of our kids online. I bought my mom a photo frame, but then we never got around to updating it with more pictures. Emailing pictures meant they were looked at once and then stored in the computer, unless grandparents printed them.

So when I saw the Photo Mambo website, I thought this might be a great way to share our lives with our families. Photo Mambo is a photo frame that you can install on your computer, iPad, or iPhone. Simply download the free software and sign up for a free account, and then you can begin creating your photo frame. Photo Mambo allows you to choose decorative frames to put around your picture and to add captions (like names or dates or what’s happening in the picture) before sharing the photos.

I installed Photo Mambo on my laptop and uploaded a few pictures. One thing I found annoying was that, to add photos to my own Photo Mambo frame, I had to email the pictures to myself, rather than moving them straight from my computer to the frame on my computer. Photo Mambo also uploads the photos full-size, so that if the person you are sharing them with wants to print them, they can–but that means that it takes longer to upload the pictures.

Once the pictures were scrolling on the frame on my laptop, I was quite impressed. The frame I chose looked really cool with the pictures and it was fun to see. I did like the fact that it was easy to add photos to the frame, no matter what computer that frame is on. If I installed this on my parents’ computers, I could update their Photo Mambos (and mine!) with one quick email to everyone. Or I could put it on my mom’s phone and she could share pictures of her granddaughters with her co-workers and other friends. My sisters-in-law could also add pictures to Grandma’s photo frame using the same software.

Photo Mambo can also run like a screensaver on your computer. I thought, why not simply have your photos run as a screensaver on the computer? It’s the same thing without extra software. Photo Mambo, however, adds the nice frame and captions to the pictures and allows for easier sharing among multiple computers.

To find out more about Photo Mambo or download it, drop by the website. You can also download it from the app store. Photo Mambo is also on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube.


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