New Way to Promote and Grow Your Blog

Have you checked out our 5 Minutes For Mom Community yet?

It’s a great place for all our wonderful readers to interact with and get to know each other. If you haven’t signed up to participate, it’s free and easy. Just go to our community and click sign up to start making new blog friends.

This community is powered by TheBlogFrog, and is just one of the tools they provide to help grow your blog. They also provide other free widgets you can put on your blog, like a widget that shows when your friends visit your blog.


In addition to these free features, they have just launched a new way to make your blog more successful. They just introduced a Premium Membership designed to help you grow your blog. You can see all the advantages here, but in short you get:

  1. Your blog promoted on thousands of other blogs in TheBlogFrog network.
  2. Statistics that tell you more about your readers so you can tailor your posts.
  3. More recognition in TheBlogFrog communities and on their home page.
  4. Access to a premium community filled with expert blog tips (coming soon).

You can actually try the premium membership out for free!

Anyone can upgrade free for 14 days. When you upgrade, you enter your billing information, but it doesn’t charge you your first month until 15 days later and you can cancel anytime. And people who sign up now get double the promotions each month for the life of your membership.

TheBlogFrog upgraded us to a premium membership so we could check out the program — and it looks great! I love all the features and stats they offer.

And, of course, I love the extra promotion and exposure my site is getting is through the membership.

You have nothing to lose and a better blog to gain! Click here to learn more.

Written by Mommy Blogger Janice Croze, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom. Remember to sign up for our RSS Feed.


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    We are so glad to be involved with The Blog Frog! – Thanks for everything Rusty!

    Adrienne – so glad you are enjoying it! :) It is fabulous isn’t it?

    Hope you love it too Cj! :)

  2. says

    i think i agee with mama, you know why because its free hahaha lol:-) btw maybe the trick is how to increase our page rank in google or something like that. is we have to make a commitment that every member have to came to visit to every blog and posting a comment cause that will be the evidence or some kind magnet for google bot to raise your rank. if you don’t believe you can visit to,because there is a project that a webmaster will pay you just for make a comment in his blog,or website and of course with good content and etc.thanks.LOl:-)

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