Wordless Wednesday – He Lost Another One!


P.S. And yes that snowball was intended for me and as soon as I snapped the picture, it hit me!

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    Very cute! My first son lost his tooth while he was in school…the teacher had made little tooth bags to give to the moms if and when our children lost a tooth at school. When I picked up my cutie, the teacher handed me an empty bag…my son then went on to explain to me that he had swallowed his tooth! lol!! Thanks for sharing this photo and bringing back memories!!
    Also…I’ve posted WW at two blogs this week so come see me at Gus’ Gang too!

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    I remember losing teeth, it was always so exciting and it made me feel like a grown up! :) I have two WW today, and they are both kind of silly.

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    Looks like Jackson is having a great time with the white stuff :). Nothing here in the valley – and I am glad we don’t have it. Although it has been cold, but no snow…
    Blessings to you and yours…

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    He’s so cute, and just a wee bit mischeivous looking in the grin!! You can almost tell that he was about to throw that snow at you…looks like you had a great day.

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    Haha!! CUTE! I was just looking at my son’s tooth that he lost at church. It’s still in the ziplock baggie with a CKIDZ coin (a fun currency they use to get cool prizes at the CKIDz store at church) they gave him with it!!


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