Don’t Worry, Be Happy

This guest post was written by Genny Heikka.

Every survival kit should include a sense of humor. ~Author Unknown

We all know the truth in the saying, “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”

And any mom knows it’s not always easy to be happy, right?

We’ve all heard of moms (or maybe you’re one of them) who can tell horror stories about finding furniture smeared with Vaseline or walls marked with ink. And while I’m not saying you should throw your head back and laugh when these kinds of things happen (not that you would even if I suggested it!), I am saying that these kinds of moments come with motherhood and the more we can look at the lighter side and not worry, the better off we’ll be.

And so will our kids.

With each situation that happens and each challenge we face, we have a choice as moms to handle it positively or negatively.

We have a choice to stress out or take it in stride.

Our kids follow our lead, and when we embrace the adventures of motherhood and the mishaps that come with it, we’re not only more blissful, we set a positive example for our kids in handling the not-so-funny moments in their lives too.

And that may be the biggest benefit of all.

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-Genny Heikka

Genny is a mom, author, speaker and coffee lover. Stop by her blog and share a cup!

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